Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update 6 December 2022

Tiwari carries Vibhu inside and sits with him. Vibhu advises him to quit contacting him. Tiwari inquires as to whether David will likewise come as an endowment? According to anu, no. Tiwari says that it’s great, since he felt that David will come as they Vibhu and David share an incredible bond. Angoori advises Tiwari to finish all the desk work left. Tiwari calls Saxena. Saxena offers Tiwari a paper to hint. Tiwari and Vibhu sign on it to finish the system. Tiwari draws near to Vibhu and begins kissing Vibhu. Vibhu blows up and advises him to quit contacting him once more. Saxena lets them know that he likewise needs two observers to sign. Tiwari says that David is there. Saxena advises David to sign the papers. Angoori begins taking care of Vibhu some frozen yogurt. Saxens presently says that Anu likewise need to sign the agreement. Anu signs it. Vibhu says that will just remain here at condition. Anu additionally says that he Vibhu needs to lets them know something, yet it won’t annoy them that much. Tiwari asks Vibhu, what’s the condition? Vibhu says he not say “B” letter in words and Angoori can’t says “M” letter, with the goal that she can’t refer to him as “Beta” and he can’t refer to her as “Mother”. Angoori says she don’t mind since she got a child. Tiwari likewise begins kissing Vibhu continually, and lets him know that he cherishes him.

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Today Episode

Anu is conversing with her companion on stand by. Tiwari appears and comes inside her home. Anu asks Tiwari that for what good reason would he say he is here? Tiwari advises her that he needs to welcome her and David for supper. Anu says that she will come, however tells him to not kiss Vibhu, she doesn’t likes it. Tiwari gets embarrassed. Tiwari says that he adores his child without a doubt. Anu says that the he was kissing him was humiliating. Tiwari says that he will presently keep control on his feelings. Anu gets some information about the development. Tiwari tells her that she can send her record subtleties and he will send cash. Anu asks, how much would he say he will pay progress? Tiwari says that he can send 10. Anu advises him to make it 20 lakhs. Tiwari gets stunned and begins faltering. Anu says that she isn’t doing any friendly help and advises him to send good amount.Everyone is eating together. Angoori asks Vibhu that for what reason would he say he is not eating anything? Vibhu says that he isn’t eager. Angoori advises him to eat. Vibhu again says that he isn’t eager. Anu asks Vibhu that for what good reason is he not eating anything when Angoori is considerately telling him to. Vibhu hollers at Anu, and tells her not to provide him orders. Tiwari gets incensed and he’s yells at Vibhu and begins chiding him. Anu advises Tiwari to be quiet. Tiwari lets Anu know that he won’t endure this conduct since he is a severe dad. Tiwari orders Vibhu to apologize from Anu. Vibhu denies. Angoori says for what reason will Vibhu apologize? According to tiwari, on the grounds that he disregarded Anu, and he can’t endure that. Tiwari again arranges Vibhu to apologize. Vibhu blows up and begins yelling at Tiwari. Angoori tells Vibhu quiet down. Tiwari begins slapping Vibhu and lets him know that he’s his dad. Vibhu gets up and leaves. Anu lets Tiwari know that whatever occurs straightaway, she won’t be responsible.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Today’s Episode Online

Angoori is looking through Vibhu in the state. Tiwari appears. Angoori inquires as to whether he tracked down Vibhu. According to tiwari, no. Angoori lets Tiwari know that it’s all his issue. Tiwari and Angoori again passes on to track down Vibhu. Angoori goes to Dominate Ji’s home and asks him, in the event that he knows where Vibhu is? MasterJi says that he doesn’t have any idea where Vibhu is. Angoori passes on and keeps on finding him again.

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Teeka and Tillu are sitting together and drinking costly alcohol. Vibhu appears and grabs the container from Tillu’s hand and beverages every last bit of it. Tillu begins crying and lets Vibhu know that they needs to go through a great deal of lack of regard to get this jug. Teeka additionally begins crying. Vibhu says that they are just crying over a modest container of alcohol, and he went through a great deal of lack of respect. Tillu asks Vibhu that who disregarded him? According to vibhu, Tiwari, and he even slapped him before Angoori and Anu. Tillu says that Tiwari is his dad. Teeka additionally concurs with him, and tells Vibhu that Saxena even showed them records in which he has named of his property to him. Vibhu says that it’s all dark cash. Teeka and Tillu recommends Vibhu to spend everything and inquires as to whether they can be his workers? Vibhu shakes their hands. Tiwari appears and begins kissing Vibhu. Vibhu advises Tiwari to leave since he is sitting with his companions. Tiwari says that he committed a bug error. Vibhu lets Tiwari know that he will just excuse him, assuming he give cash of the alcohol he drank Tillu. Tiwari takes out 200 rupees from his pocket, and gives it to Tillu. Vibhu lets Tiwari know that the alcohol he drank from Tillu was worth 5000 rupees. Tiwari says that they doesn’t have status for that. Tillu says that their companion gifted them. Tiwari takes out cash and Vibhu takes every last bit of it and leaves with Tillu and Teeka.

Angoori brings tea for Tiwari calls him. Tiwari descends and lets Angoori know that 50k rupees is absent from their safe. Angoori let him know that she didn’t took anything. Vibhu is looking good, and have cash in the entirety of his pocket. Vibhu comes down the stairs while moving and lets Tiwari know that he took that cash. Tiwari asks Vibhu, how could he considered taking out his cash? Vibhu says that he’s his lone kid, and can do that. Tiwari advises him to be in his cutoff points. Vibhu lets Tiwari know that it’s his property as well. Tiwari says that he just gave his property for a week and he can’t do that. Vibhu says that he will burn through all the cash and disperse it among destitute individuals. Tiwari says that he brought in all the cash by difficult work. Vibhu lets Tiwari know that presently it’s his cash too.

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