Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 9 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 9 february 2023

Vibhu, Tiwari, Anu and Angoori are getting a charge out of frozen yogurt. According to anu, for what reason is it so hot in winters, basically they have frozen yogurt. Anu recollects her days of yore when Vibhu and her used to go on night strolls and have frozen yogurt. Tiwari ridicules Vibhu by saying that he just have financial plan for frozen yogurts. Vibhu answers, essentially he takes Anu some, dislike him, who penitentiaries Angoori inside the house. Angoori concurs with Vibhu and says, Tiwari never takes her anyplace. Tiwari says that he took her to the market yesterday. According to angoori, they just went to purchase vegetables. Tiwari gets embarrassed. Vibhu asks Tiwari that did he even wedded Angoori, when he didn’t had any desire to deal with her. Tiwari and Vibhu begins dreaming about Anu and Angoori. Vibhu and Tiwari gets entranced in the wake of seeing Angoori and Anu.

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Commissioner and his significant other are sitting in their room. Chief is kneading her legs and frightened of her. His is conversing with companion on a call. Chief asks her that to whom she was conversing with? His better half lets him know that she was giving encourage to her companion, about how assume command over their spouses. Some puzzling man comes to the window and starts watching them. Magistrate says that he’s extremely thankful for having her in his life, simply don’t come in his next life. His better half shouts at him. Official sees the individual looking through his window and goes to get him.Tiwari asks the frozen yogurt dealer that how much is the bill? He answers, 420 rupees. Tiwari really takes a look at his wallet, and says that he coincidentally left his wallet at home. Vibhu takes out his satchel, and inquires as to whether he can pay on the web? The frozen yogurt merchant says that he knew, Vibhu will not have in excess of 10 rupees in his wallet. Angoori lets Vibhu know that if he could have simply them ice at their home, it would have been sufficient. Anu lets Vibhu know that she’s likewise getting affronted as a result of him. Tiwari tells the frozen yogurt vender that he will pay for the frozen yogurt tomorrow. He accepts on Tiwari and says that Vibhu is eating frozen yogurt free of charge since a month. Vibhu says that he’s lying. Tiwari says that he’s coming clean and inquires as to whether believes more frozen yogurt should taunt him?

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Commissioner goes to the police headquarters and sees that Happu and Manohar are resting on their obligation. Magistrate pours water on their appearances to awaken them. Happu and Manohar gets frightened. Happu and Manohar welcomes magistrate. Magistrate inquires as to whether they got the lawbreaker “Pipping Tom”? Happu lets him know that they are looking for him. Official asks, by dozing? Official lets Happu know that he was looking inside his room through the window. Happu says that they likewise got news that he generally looks inside rooms. Official lets Happu and Manohar know that he’s allowing them 2 days to get him. Manohar lets Magistrate know that he additionally makes video from the window and transfers it via online entertainment. Official gets frightened and lets Happu and Manohar know that he was rubbing his significant other’s legs, and assuming he have recorded and transfers it via web-based entertainment, he will takes their garbs off.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 9 february 2023

Vibhu goes to the sanctuary and contends with god. Vibhu asks god that for what valid reason is he so vexed from him, he didn’t even had cash to pay for the frozen yogurt. Vibhu advises god to take him from this world. An elderly person comes to the Vibhu and lets him know that he can give him 5 crore rupees in the event that he can take care of his responsibilities. Vibhu actually looks at his garments and advises him to invest some on himself. He lets Vibhu know that his name is “Chimpu Das” a major financial specialist from Bengal. Vibhu asks him that what is it that he need? Chimpu tells Vibhu he need to find his tragically missing sibling who lives in Present day state. Vibhu doesn’t trusts him. Chimpu lets Vibhu know that his sibling has a pony tattoo on him. Vibhu disregards him. Chimpu takes out some money and Vibhu consents to him.

Tiwari and Anu are getting back from their morning walk. Tiwari asks Anu that for what reason is she so quiet, begins valuing her. Anu lets Tiwari know that she’s simply a typical woman. Tiwari denies. Angoori emerges and welcomes Anu. Anu welcomes her back and apologizes for the previous evening. Angoori advises Anu to request that Vibhu secure some position. Happu appears and lets everybody know that there’s a crook name Pipping Tom who’s looking inside rooms. Anu gets terrified. Angoori advises Happu to proceed to get him. Tiwari asks Happu that what’s happening with he? Happu lets him know that he’s functioning anxiously constantly to get him. Tiwari says that he will do nothing. Happu leaves. Anu says that her washroom’s window is broken. Tiwari gets terrified and tells her that he will send a laborer to fix it and tells her not to stress. Anu thanks her.

Teeka, Tillu and Rusa are sitting together. Teeka asks Rusa that, what is she upto tomorrow? Rusa lets them know that she’s exceptionally bustling tomorrow. Tillu asks Rusa that where is she occupied? Rusa lets them know that she doesn’t has any desire to reveal that. Teeka hollers at Tillu and advises him to appropriately act. Teeka inquires as to whether she needs to head out to watch a film with them? Rusa denies and leaves. Teeka and Tillu gets miserable. Vibhu appears and asks Teeka and Tillu that what’s going on with they? Tillu lets Vibhu know that when they asked Rusa for film, she denied and left. Vibhu lets them know that Rusa should not be keen on them. Vibhu gives them advices.

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