Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 12 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 12 february 2023

Anu perusing magzine. Vibhu strolls to her and says I truly can’t trust this. Anu ask what occur, did you rehash anything. Vibhu says you understand what Tiwari don’t clean up regular, he shower two times or threefold per week. Anu says gracious god he is so gross. Tiwari welcome Anu and strolls toward her. Anu says Vibhu was letting me know you don’t shower everyday and I’m not intrigued to converse with individuals who are not sterile. Tiwari tells Anu, redesign work is happening in my home, work is working that is the reason I couldn’t clean up. Vibhu says yet Angoori cleaned up, how can that be. Tiwari saya she cleaned up before work came in to our home. Vibhu says alright why did you neglect to wash up. Tiwari says I’ll clean up when I wish as well. Vibhu recommend him to shower in there washroom and request that Anu if it’s not too much trouble, advise him to scrub down. Anu request that Tiwari clean up or probably I won’t converse with you. Vibhu taunts Tiwari and aak him to take shower.

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Commissioner cleaning up external his home. Investigator Happu and Manohar watching official from distance. Magistrate feeling cold due to cold water. Happu request that Manohar get liquor for him to feel good.Anu chipping away at PC. Angoori strolls to her and get some information about Tiwari. Anu says he is cleaning up higher up. Anu shares with Angoori let me know one thing does Tiwari don’t clean up for a long time. Angoori says no main today he couldn’t shower since work is working in our bathroom.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Vibhu taking a gander at Tiwari from key opening when he was washing. Vibhu says how moronic he is washing without taking off garments. Angoori strolls in room and see Vibhu peering inside washroom. Angoori says for what reason is he seeing Tiwari while he is washing, same way Vibhu was taking a gander at Teeka too when he was washing, something is the matter with him. Angoori disappear. Vibhu thumps on entryway expresses out loud whatever is this babble you are washing without taking off your garments. Tiwari get’s frightened says for what reason are you checking me out. Vibhu says my restroom is smelling so I figured you didn’t take off your garments so eliminate it and clean up. Tiwari says I can’t eliminate and scrub down and I feel peculiar while washing in another person’s restroom. Vibhu says think of it as your washroom and attempt to make him take off his all garments. Tiwari says alright I’ll do as you say.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 12 february 2023

Angoori hurry to Anu and says Vibhu is taking a gander at Tiwari while he was cleaning up, prior he was checking out at Expert and Teeka. Anu says how can that be the case and the two of them stroll towards room. Vibhu checking out at Tiwari from key opening. Anu and Angoori checking Vibhu out. Angoori tells Anu I don’t have the foggiest idea what he is attempting to see. Vibhu says where is horse I need to see.

Teeka and Tillu calling Rusa. Tillu see Official shuddering and ask Teeka who is he. Teeka see his face and salute him. Happu yells at them says he is on a mission right presently don’t upset him and request that they leave. Teeka inquire as to for what reason are you checking out at him when he is washing. Happu says we are going about our responsibilities and request that they leave. Teeka says we are attempting to help him. Tillu signal Teeka to pick liquor and leave.

Angoori, Anu, Tiwari nad Gupta together in Anita’s room. Tiwari express out loud’s whatever Vibhu was taking a gander at me while I was washing. Angoori says OK I saw him and you realize he was expressing something while at the same time taking a gander at you and request that Anu tell further. Anu text Tiwari. Tiwari in shock subsequent to understanding message. Anu shares with Gupta I don’t have the foggiest idea what befall Vibhu if it’s not too much trouble, fix him. Gupta says don’t stress he will be fine and in some cases things happen in light of being separated from everyone else or because of substance aggravation in cerebrum. Tiwari get some information about this. Gupta says I know about it since one time I use to do same. Angoori request that let me know how fix him. Gupta shares with Angoori in this condition you need to help him and comprehend the reason why he gaze men when they are washing, we want to converse with him to change his condition and take circumstance taken care of. Angoori says this implies we need to control him. Gupta says however recall two things no body will yell at him and second nobody will reprove him, now is the ideal time to be strong to fix his condition. Anu says this is first time I’m dazzled from you. Gupta says apply this Bhabhoot twice on his temple, this will fix his condition.

Tiwari remaining external house calls Anita. Anita in overhang signal Tiwari to come higher up. Anu tells Tiwari I want to talk something essential to you, I have taken a hard choice in my life to keep separation with Vibhu. Tiwari giggle and praises for her says at last you made a stride for your life. Anu says do you even have some familiarity with my choice. Tiwari says OK you have chosen to separate from Vibhu. Anu says are you frantic and derides him and says I want an assistance from you, this evening you will welcome me and Vibhu for supper and make sense of him about her arrangement. Tiwari value Anu for her arrangement and says how about we meet this evening for dinner.

Anu, Angoor, Tiwari nad Vibhu in Angoori’s kitchen. Tiwari ask Anu how is your companions spouse Anurag’s head and leg are? Vibhu ask what befall him. Anu says sorry I neglected to tell you, scarcely any individuals hit him gravely today in market. Angoori ask Anu how did he respond? Anu says Anurag is having an issue to see men. Vibhu this implies Anurag is additionally unwanted voyeur. Tiwari ask Vibhu what do you mean by Anurag is additionally unwanted voyeur. Angoori says OK Vibhu is additionally unwelcome voyeur. Vibhu says no infact I speak loudly against this, I regard everybody’s security. Tiwari says I wish to beat individuals who are unwanted voyeur. Anu says you are correct Tiwari we ought to embarrass them. Vibhu says I’m truly astonished to ponder Anurag. Angoori expresses ponder Meenal she should be humiliated as a result of him. Anu says OK she was vexed. Vibhu gets lost and says I’m feeling exceptionally awful in the wake of tuning in about Anurag. Tiwari says don’t stress we should go out and drink, this will encourage you. Vibhu says that is a decent idea.

Vibhu and Tiwari drinking liquor together. Anu and Angoori checking out at them through window. Tiwari tells Vibhu today I’ll impart confidential to you however guarantee me you won’t impart this to anybody. Vibhu ridicules him and ask let me know what is it that you need to say. Tiwari says I’m unwanted voyeur. Vibhu in shock.

Tiwari shares with Vibhu tomorrow 2000 individuals are coming to shower in Kanpur’s lake and my way of behaving of unwanted voyeur is on its pinnacle, I can’t handle it. Vibhu says kill it. Tiwari says I can’t make it happen.
Tiwari shares with Angoori don’t you stress I’ll arrive on out of control. Angoori says OK and switch off light. Tiwari yells in torment and Angoori find him sitting on bed in pain.

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