Bhagya Lakshmi 11 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update 11 January 2023

The Episode begins with Neelam saying ‘sorry’ to Malishka and says this thing won’t ever occur from now onward and requests that she guarantee that she won’t endeavor this once more. She says I generally maintained that you should be our bahu. She says she will rebuff Rishi and requests him to bear the discipline from this transgression, else don’t call her a mother. Yet again she lets Lakshmi know that she has demonstrated that she is ominous and unfortunate for her child. She says you have consistently harmed him and returned now to bring more issues for him. She says I didn’t see such an ominous young lady in my life. Lakshmi looks on.

Written Update Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode

Neelam is in the vehicle and thinks about Lakshmi’s words. Lakshmi feels frustrated about Rishi and tells that she didn’t come there to tell this to anybody, and tells that she simply believed him should wed malishka.Neelam gets back home crying and embraces Dadi. Dadi asks what occurred. Neelam says Rishi. Dadi asks what has been going on with him. Neelam cries. Virender, Ayush and Karishma come there. Devika gives her water. Neelam hydrates. Virender requests that she unwind. Dadi gets some information about Rishi. Neelam says this time our family got such a stained, couldn’t say whether it will clear out or not. Virender says you have a misconception. Neelam says I wish it was not truth. She says Rishi has demolished all that and made our head down. She says he has crossed all cutoff points with Malishka.

Bhagya Lakshmi 11 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Rishi is strolling out and about and figures I can’t deceive anybody. He says you have endeavored self destruction for me, Lakshmi loathes me, I have harmed Mother as well. Dadi asks what is she talking about? Neelam says my child, how might he do this, how could my childhood be so awful. Ayush says this is beyond the realm of possibilities, I don’t trust this. Neelam says Rishi has acknowledged that he has crossed limits with Malishka and says he has done a major sin. Ayush says this is unimaginable. Neelam expresses along these lines, Malishka endeavored self destruction. Karishma gets stressed and asks how is she? Neelam says she got saved from death. She expresses how to apologize to Kiran.

Bhagya Lakshmi Latest Spoiler Alerts 11 January 2023

Virender says Rishi has destroyed our regard, pride and esteem and he won’t excuse him. Karishma requests that he quiet down and says we realize that they love one another, might be they crossed limits in adoration. Virender inquires as to whether this is love. Ayush says he isn’t picking the call. Virender says don’t take his approval, and says he will rebuff him.

Rishi sits out and about and cries, contemplating Neelam’s words. He says if it’s not too much trouble, pardon me, I did nothing purposefully, I did an error and not a transgression. He cries and says in the event that you don’t converse with me, then, at that point, with whom I will converse with, and where will I go. He cries.

Dadi tells that this aggravation has come, as they tossed Lakshmi out and hurt her and her spirit. She says in the event that she was here, this could not have possibly occurred. Neelam says I came to know this, because of her. She says she had come to Malishka’s home. Dadi says Lakshmi knows. Virender inquires as to whether Lakshmi knows. Neelam says OK, she told us.

Kiran embraces Malishka and inquires as to why she needs to kill self, and inquires as to whether Rishi constrained you. She says you are similarly blameworthy and says you could have let him, on the off chance that you could then you would have halted him. She says you will get a similar discipline as Rishi. Malishka says we love one another and couldn’t stop ourselves. Sonal thinks you have tricked your Mother, everything is fair infatuated and war. Neelam says Lakshmi had come to meet Rishi there. Dadi says that is the reason she got separated from him, yet didn’t tell the explanation. Neelam says she needed to become extraordinary like generally and destroyed our child’s life. Virender says our child has fouled up with Lakshmi and Malishka, don’t fault Lakshmi. He says Rishi will be rebuffed for this.

Sonal requests that Kiran comprehend and says you realize that Malishka loves Rishi and felt feeble at one second. She says she confides in him so much, however he made use benefit and presently declining to wed her, yet we need to ensure that Rishi and Malishka’s marriage will happen certainly. She expresses such things can’t be concealed for a really long time and says on the off chance that this thing emerges, who will wed Malishka. She powers Kiran to concur. Kiran says I need to do something.

Rishi sits on the seat and cries. Kiran says Rishi would rather not wed you and says in the event that he truly cherishes you or not. She says I couldn’t say whether he will keep you blissful or not. Sonal says in the event that I was on your place, I would have rebuff him to wed Malishka at the earliest. Kiran says I maintain that my girl should be blissful consistently. Sonal thinks she is an unusual mother, and suspecting something. Malishka says either get me hitched to him or end my life. Kiran says I need just your satisfaction. Shalu says why di haven’t come till now. She figures she has zero faith in Sonal yet di believes anybody quick. Lakshmi gets back home. Shalu asks what was the deal? She asks where did Sonal take you and what work she has with you. Lakshmi embraces her and cries.

Precap: Shalu requests that Lakshmi comprehend that certainly there is some connivance behind the happenings. Malishka lets Sonal know that she won’t leave Rishi, regardless of whether she needs to address any cost. Balwinder says he will utilize all means, yet will get Rishi. Ayush finds Rishi sitting under the tree holding the wine bottle, on side of street. Rishi lets him know that he doesn’t have any idea how and when this thing have occurred. He inquires as to whether I can do this. Ayush lets Shalu know that he will demonstrate that he will demonstrate that this is off-base. Kiran says she has chosen. Sonal inquires as to whether marriage will occur. Kiran says no.

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