Bhagya Lakshmi 14 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update 14 December 2022

The Episode begins with Rishi requesting that Lakshmi sit and requests that she determine what is wrong? Lakshmi says there isn’t anything. Rishi says I know you and feels that you are truly stressed. He asks her to let for know valid reason she stressed. He says in the event that you don’t let me know then I will be stressed the entire evening and can’t rest. Lakshmi thinks about Priyanka’s words. Sonal lets Malishka know that they used to move and appreciate before like today. Malishka thinks back hitting the dance floor with Rishi and grins. Sonal asks what was the deal? malishka says she cherishes Rishi so much and have same sentiments. She wishes to get hitched to him soon. Rishi requests that Lakshmi say. Lakshmi says Priyanka. Rishi asks what has been going on with her? He asks do you know her. Lakshmi says no. Rishi says Priyanka is learning tarot card perusing. Lakshmi supposes assuming that she said right or wrong, in the event that I will trust on it or not. Rishi inquires as to why you was concerned. Lakshmi says I didn’t converse with Shalu and Bani since morning and was concerned for them. Rishi requests that she take the telephone and call them. Shalu remembers to converse with Lakshmi.

Written Update Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode

Lakshmi calls Shalu all at once. Shalu tells Bani. Bani says there is an association of candid conversation. Shalu tells exactly the same thing to Lakshmi and expresses similarly as I took the telephone to call you, you called me. Lakshmi says a few visitors had come and that is the reason she was occupied. She inquires as to whether Bani is on telephone. Bani says she is resting and rests. Lakshmi requests that they rest and closures the call. Bani lets Shalu know that she will gripe to Lakshmi about her, that Ayush will work for you. Shalu thinks Ayush was occupied as well and that is the reason didn’t call. Lakshmi petitions God and says she couldn’t say whether anything that Priyanka says was correct and says no issue will come on my loved ones. She says I can bear any issue and requests that God get her family far from every one of the difficulties. The diya get sets off in the temple.Ashishc omes to meet Sonal. Sonal embraces him. Ashish embraces her firmly. She says this isn’t room. He says that is the reason just embraced you. Malishka says I’m Malishka. He inquires as to whether you left me since 3 days due to her. Sonal says this is Ashish. Malishka says your better half. Sonal says no, my sweetheart adn says he will take care of your responsibilities. Ashish embraces Sonal and says 100%. Sonal shows Lakshmi’s pic to Ashish. Ashish says she is an easy prey. He requests that Sonal meet him. Sonal says we will meet soon. She embraces Malishka and request that she request that Aunt take out mahurat for your marriage. They see Kiran standing.

Bhagya Lakshmi 9Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Dadi inquires as to whether she will accompany her. Lakshmi requests that she request her. Dadi orders her affectionately. Lakshmi asks her to orders her rigorously. Dadi orders her the manner in which Lakshmi told her. Lakshmi says I comprehended and chuckles, says you can’t say rigorously. She says you are awesome. Dadi says you are awesome. Kiran asks what is happening? Sonal says there isn’t anything. Kiran requests that they eat. Malishka says I believed assuming that Mother heard everything. She says this is off-base, we will not do this. Sonal inquires as to whether you need Rishi or not, and requests that she tell, what they will do then. She says I have done this with my companion and wedded her better half for cash. She says she gets cash from her better half and love from Ashish. She requests that she choose if she needs Rishi or not, and thinks Malishka is stupid and doesn’t comprehend that they need to grab the adoration. Karishma offers Dadi to accompany her and says she will drop her. Malishka figures she will stop Lakshmi as Ashish is sitting tight for her, and requests that Lakshmi request that Dadi go with Karishma. Lakshmi requests that Dadi go with Karishma and tells that she really wants to make food. Dadi lets Lakshmi know that it is enough that she said. Lakshmi requests that she go as Bua needed. Karishma gets incensed with Lakshmi and lets that don’t know when they dispose of her. Malishka says very soon. Dadi inquires as to whether they are finished abusing about Lakshmi then come.

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Lakshmi comes to the room. Rishi tells her that when she battles with him or contend, then, at that point, he feels better. He requests that she grin like this, and grins. Lakshmi says my grin is great than you. Rishi says I will get phony teeth like you. She chuckles and requests that he take tiffin from kitchen. He says I thought you called me for an embrace or kiss, however you said tiffin. He says he will leave. Lakshmi requests that he say that he will come. He approaches him and says you have become naughty. He says he is conceived naughty. Lakshmi requests that he go to office and waves her hand.

Precap: Rishi takes lunch box with him. Malishka sees him and says, presently Lakshmi needs to go out too for Rishi. Lakshmi didn’t see the lunch box and says, he took void lunch box with him, I’ll give this to him as shock. Lakshmi is out on a road conveying the lunch box. A truck from behind approaches her.

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