Bhagya Lakshmi 16 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update 16 December 2022

The Episode begins with Malishka crying sitting at Kiran’s bedside requesting that she open her eyes for her. Rishi comes there and sees her crying. He proceeds to sit on the seat outside. Nurture requests that he bring prescriptions. He goes. Malishka gets up and goes. Ashish lets Sonal know that he will leave. Sonal embraces him. He is going to go, when Malishka comes and hits pole on his head. She hits him once more. Ashish holds her hand and asks how challenge you to hit me. Malishka says you will bear a similar inclination as my Mother. Ashish says on the off chance that you was not Sonal’s companion then I would have shown you. Malishka faults Ashish and afterward Sonal. She is going to hit Sonal with her hand when Ashish holds her hand and asks her to avoid this. Sonal attempts to cause her to comprehend that everything occurred in a rush, Inflatable came and afterward aunt. Rishi brings the medication and looks inside. He doesn’t see Malishka there. Sonal requests that Ashish bring water and inquires as to whether they will do this with Aunt. Malishka will not hydrate. Sonal says we are your wellwisher and you are accusing us. Rishi comes inside and gets some information about Malishka. Nurture says she doesn’t have any idea. Rishi thinks where did she go leaving Aunt. Sonal tells Malishka that Ashish would have ended her life for lifting her hand on her, yet he didn’t as they are her well wisher. She says Aunt’s mishap happened in view of Lakshmi and not as a result of us. She says Aunt had come to save her. Malishka says she came to be aware of our arrangement. Ashish says that implies that she is next to Lakshmi. Malishka says you fool, she had gone there to save me, figuring I will get imprisoned. Sonal says Aunt realizes that we made it happen, it is affirmed. She inquires as to whether she told anybody. Malishka says she won’t tell. Ashish says in the event that she tells. Sonal says Aunt won’t say, on the off chance that she takes our name, we will take Malishka’s name, so relax.

Written Update Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode

Ayush lets Lakshmi know that something isn’t quite right about this, and tells that the vehicle was on maximum speed, why it was close to the trail. He says the vehicle driver doesn’t realize that Kiran aunt will come out of nowhere infront of the vehicle. He says the vehicle should hit you and not Kiran aunt. Rishi takes a gander at Kiran and thinks where did Malishka go? Neelam calls Rishi and gets some information about Kiran. Rishi says she didn’t come in that frame of mind till now. Neelam requests that he deal with Malishka and asks how is she? Rishi says she hasn’t arrived. Neelam says I will come there and requests that he be there. Lakshmi says me? She says for my mishap, and says I don’t believe that anybody will believe that should do my mishap, says you are thinking incorrectly. Ayush says alright, in the event that you are saying as much. She tells that Malishka was crying seriously, she is her mom and says she knows the aggravation of losing guardians. She cries contemplating her folks’ demise. She says I bear this aggravation and don’t believe Malishka should bear this aggravation. Ayush says you are the main Lakshmi and that Malishka and Kiran have disdain for yourself and ponders you, faulted you for abducting and insults you so much, yet you are stressing for Kiran Aunt and malishka. He says you are only one, nothing will happen to Kiran aunt. Rishi actually ponders where is Malishka. Malishka returns after graciously compromised by Sonal. She inquires as to whether their friends and family commit a wrongdoing, then on the off chance that they will leave them or get them rebuffed. Rishi says sin will be sin, and the blameworthy will be punished.Ashish lets Sonal know that nothing will happen to them. He goes. Sonal figures she will accomplish something which she would rather not. Rishi inquires as to whether you realizes who did the mishap. Malishka says I know. Rishi says I will call Police so you can illuminate them.

Bhagya Lakshmi 12Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Malishka reviews and a fb is shown, Ashish tells Sonal that Malishka would benefit with the arrangement. Malishka says I was involved, yet it was for Lakshmi and you attempted to kill my Mother. Sonal says it was a mishap and asks what I will get by hurting aunt. Ashish requests that she proceed to tell Police, however we had wanted to kill Lakshmi, it was Malishka’s arrangement. Malishka flies off the handle. Sonal says we can isolate Rishi from Lakshmi, and requests that she let Police know that Lakshmi pushed Aunt intentionally infront of the vehicle. She says you will say that you are observer. Malishka asks how we will demonstrate? Sonal requests that she choose if she has any desire to win. Malishka asks everything that will I say assuming Police asks what was her rationale. Sonal says retribution, as Lakshmi loathes her and is envious. She requests that she tell that Lakshmi needed to look for her retribution from Kiran. fb ends.

Bhagya Lakshmi Latest Spoiler Alerts 16 December 2022

Rishi tells Malishka that Police is coming and says you will let them know now. Neelam comes there and asks where did you go. She invigorates her and inquires as to why you was quiet. She says I will rebuff the liable rebuffed. Rishi says I will send that individual to imprison for all life. Neelam says simply tell her name. Malishka asks truly, in the event that you will uphold me. Neelam says OK and says I won’t pardon. Malishka says I don’t have any idea how to say. Neelam says I will perceive how to get the blameworthy rebuffed. Rishi requests that she tell the name. Lakshmi supposes assuming Ayush was correct, on the off chance that this is what Priyanka said. Shalu comes there and inquires as to why you are stressed. Lakshmi tells about Kiran’s mishap. Shalu says all will be great, we will implore Baba ji for Kiran aunt. She gets some information about Rishi. Lakshmi says he is with Malishka, conditions is such, he will accompany her. She goes to bring juice for her. Shalu figures she has no faith in Malishka. The Reviewer asks Rishi. Rishi says she is Malishka, Kiran Aunt’s girl. Malishka says sorry Rishi, presently I need to tell Police. She says as Neelam aunt and you are with me, I will tell the Police. They inquire as to why you are grieved. The Investigator requests that she tell. Malishka says I was away and when, I arrive at there that individual… .She embraces Neelam and cries. Neelam asks whom you have seen. Malishka says that individual was Lakshmi. Rishi is shocked.

Precap: Rishi lets Sonal know that he won’t hear a word against Lakshmi. Neelam says the blameworthy will be rebuffed and says I will get her rebuffed. Rishi lets Neelam know that they will sit tight for Kiran aunt’s assertion. Neelam says I have a condition and says in the event that Kiran gives the explanation that Lakshmi is the justification for the mishap, then, at that point, you will toss Lakshmi out. She requests that he swear on her. Kiran tells Malishka that Sonal did her mishap with her boyfriend.

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