Bhagya Lakshmi 19 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update 19 December 2022

The Episode begins with Virender asking Neelam not to make his child stand on different sides, and says if you need to challenge him then challenge him to help his better half. Neelam says my adoration is such and on the off chance that I needed remuneration, I would have tossed this young lady out of the house long back. She says he is my child and that is the reason I don’t believe he should remain with any unfavorable and criminal young lady. She keeps Rishi’s hand on her head and says give me swear else I will figure what to do. Rishi is in the fix. Malishka asks Kiran not to over-indulge her game. Kiran asks would you like to kill Lakshmi once more and says I will come clean with her. Malishka causes her to sit and requests that she unwind and rests on the bed. She goes to call specialist. Sonal thinks I came for her advancement and she is accusing me. She says she isn’t figuring out her girl. Malishka emerges and says Mother got awareness. Sonal asks truly? Malishka says she is furious and needs to tell truth to lakshmi. Sonal says Aunt will agree with Lakshmi’s position even after her own little girl bite the dust or live. Malishka says my mother is great and that is the reason ponders me. She says you have no clue about what she did and bear for me. She requests that she say prior to expressing anything against her Mother. Sonal says we will figure what to do. Lakshmi attempts to make Rishi remove his hand from Neelam’s hand. Neelam asks her not to try to do this. Lakshmi says I don’t believe Mother and Child should get separated and says she gives her swear that on the off chance that Kiran aunt gives proclamation against her, she will take off from this house. Neelam inquires as to whether you will give you swear and inquires as to whether you are reasonable to give me guarantee. She requests that Rishi guarantee her. Rishi guarantees Neelam that in the event that Kiran takes Lakshmi’s name, I will toss Lakshmi out of the house and from everybody. Neelam says it is a connection to me, and in the event that swear breaks, connection will break. She goes. Virender and Dadi ask Rishi for what reason did he give the commitment? Rishi says very much like Mother is certain, I’m additionally certain that Lakshmi can’t do this. He says he is with lakshmi and won’t let anything happen.

Written Update Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode

Kiran thinks once Lakshmi comes here, I will tell her beginning and end. She sees somebody coming and believes Lakshmi’s came. She advises her that the arrangement was to kill her, however rather she got hit by the vehicle. She says Malishka is guiltless and that Sonal has done this. Light returns. She says I’m cautioning you. Kiran sees Sonal. Sonal says on the off chance that Lakshmi would have been here, you would have told her beginning and end. She says I did this Malishka and you are accusing me. Malishka comes there and locks the entryway. Kiran says Malishka, you are with her even at this point. Rishi, Neelam and others come there and find the entryway locked.Kiran inquires as to why the entryway is locked. Sonal rushes to Kiran and shuts her mouth. She compromises her colloquialism in the event that she gets caught, she will trap Malishka moreover. Rishi thumps on the entryway. Sonal says even I stress for Malishka, however I’m not perfect to trap myself for her. She takes steps to show the evidences to Rishi against Malishka, to uncover all her off-base doings infront of Oberois, requests that she conclude what she needs to do. Rishi opens the entryway and comes inside. Lakshmi requests that Specialist actually take a look at Kiran aunt. Specialist checks her and says she is fine, yet significantly affecting brain because of mishap. He says she can have torment in her mind and says they can bring her back home. Neelam lets Kiran know that she will take her to her home. Kiran expresses gratitude toward Neelam and says she will be more agreeable in her home. Rishi and Lakshmi inquire as to why the entryway was shut. Sonal says aunt was demanding to return home, and that is the reason Malishka shut the entryway. The Monitor asks Kiran how did this mishap occurred? She says I will come clean. Sonal says she will destroy me and afterward I won’t leave her girl too. Malishka thinks I know Sonal, she will choke out my neck, in the event that I hold her neck. Sonal undermines Malishka. Malishka figures Virender and Neelam will think me most awful than Lakshmi and Rishi will remove me from his life.

Bhagya Lakshmi 14Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Kiran tells that the vehicle was coming in speed, I thought Lakshmi came to save me, yet she was furious, she held my hand and pushed me towards the vehicle. She says the vehicle hit me and ran. Monitor says you need to say that Lakshmi is liable and not vehicle driver. Kiran says OK. Shalu lets Ayush know that she trusts that their apprehension refutes. Ayush says nothing will happen amiss with your Di. Dadi asks Kiran what you are talking about? Kiran says Lakshmi did this, to get payback from me, which she needed to take from Malishka. Sonal says Aunt saved you, presently Lakshmi will go to prison and will get spoiled there. Lakshmi says this isn’t truth, I sat idle. Neelam asks you intend to say Kiran is lying. Lakshmi says OK, and afterward requests that Kiran recollect that she attempted to hold her hands, yet couldn’t hold it. Malishka says how dare you, My mother is in this condition as a result of you and you are blaming her for lying. Lakshmi says no, yet I’m saying truth. She inquires as to whether she needed to kill Aunt why she would have really focused on her. Sonal says you have imagine with the goal that no one questions you. Neelam inquires as to whether he heard what Kiran said. Rishi says Aunt has a misconception and says I have perceived how Lakshmi was assisting you and begging the vehicles for help so she can bring you here and can save you. Malishka says you are accusing my mother. Rishi says I’m damn certain that you are having a misconception. He says infact Malishka had informed that you had misconception. Sonal expresses out loud whatever happened was with Aunt. Kiran says I realize well who has done this with me. Virender says once in a while what we see isn’t truth. Sonal attempts to say. Virender requests that she shut up. Rishi inquires as to why you are accusing Lakshmi. Kiran says in the event that you need, I will reclaim the grievance against her. She says Auditor. Auditor says you can’t reclaim the grievance back and requests that she sign on her explanation. Karishma says she got found in the act this time. Monitor says you will be locked up. Rishi says we are examining. Virender says Lakshmi can’t do this. Overseer requests that they demonstrate in court as the casualty has given the statement.

Bhagya Lakshmi Latest Spoiler Alerts 19 December 2022

Precap: Kiran lets Malishka know that she has lied large because of her and her untruth can be gotten at whenever. Neelam reminds Rishi that tomorrow is his separation last hearing and says I will totally finish this young lady. Sonal tells Malishka that Rishi and Lakshmi’s connection will be finished. Neelam says your connection will break tomorrow. Sonal says this time we will go after Rishi.

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