Bhagya Lakshmi 26 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update 26 December 2022

The Episode begins with Dadi asking Judge for what good reason she needs to ask them. Judge says you are family and figures out the issues between them. She says she needs their viewpoint and requests that Neelam say. Neelam says this young lady Lakshmi has placed Rishi in a difficult situation and Rishi has consistently neglected her concerns. Virender says Lakshmi had saved Rishi everytime. Rano says OK, she ponders others before herself, it is great fate to get such a bahu. Karishma says she is unfavorable. Dadi reprimands her. Neelam says now you have perceived our opinion on her. Virender says even our viewpoint. Neelam asks Rishi not to fail to remember the commitment, which he made to her. Ayush requests that Rishi say I love you, then marriage and love is guaranteed. Dadi requests that Lakshmi say reality as she has favors bloom with her. Judge inquires as to whether I will be aware? Dadi says you will be aware. Everybody leaves. Judge inquires as to whether they need to take separate from even at this point. Virender flies off the handle with Karishma to telling lakshmi as unpropitious and unlucky.

Written Update Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode

Judge emerges after at some point. Dadi says Judge Saheb, you have given your decision so early. Judge asks what all of you are doing here, they have gone long back. Virender asks what did you give decision. Rishi and lakshmi are in the vehicle. Their heads crash into one another. Neelam inquires as to whether the separation is finished, in the event that Rishi requested separate. Virender asks Judge what she has chosen. Judge says I’m an Appointed authority and has done what they needed, I concurred and stepped their choice. Neelam inquires as to whether separation occurred or not. She lets Karishma know that he has guaranteed her. Judge says I needed to be aware from them that they don’t need separation, and that is the reason I asked them. A fb is shown, Judge requests that they determine what they have chosen, in the wake of expenditure such countless days with one another, subsequent to knowing one another and so on. Rishi gets out whatever Lakshmi needs and lakshmi expresses out loud whatever Rishi needs. Judge requests that they tell obviously. Rishi thinks about his commitment made to Neelam. Lakshmi ponders seeing him with Malishka. They express separation simultaneously. Judge inquires as to whether I heard right, would you say you are certain? She inquires as to whether this choice is conclusive. Rishi and Lakshmi are weepy eyes and say OK. Judge says alright. She inquires as to whether she needed provision. Lakshmi says she needn’t bother with anything and says she asked from God, however this was written in predetermination. Judge says I concur, however you can inquire. She requests that Lakshmi stay in a similar house until she makes game plans for her visit. Rishi says it is her home, she can remain there, I will deal with everything. Judge says you are expressing this subsequent to separating from her. Rishi says he is separating from her for her desire. fb closes. Judge illuminates them that they had chosen for separate so I need to concluded it, I need to concede it. Malishka embraces Sonal cheerfully. Neelam grins with her mouth wide. karishma well done her. Dadi says how did this occur? Ayush requests that Dadi ask Rishi and Lakshmi. Dadi says I will inquire. Every one of the wrongs smile.Rishi inquires as to whether they can’t alter their perspective. He says I realize that I broke your trust and double-crossed you, however I can’t survive without you. He says I will win your trust in the future. Lakshmi inquires as to whether you can wipe that treachery of that evening and says she can’t live being sold out. He says don’t separate me from you. Lakshmi says don’t cause me to recall that evening, everything is finished. He asks will you excuse me. Lakshmi wipes her tears.

Bhagya Lakshmi 21St December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Malishka is driving the vehicle and lets Sonal know that at long last they requested separate, I am so cheerful. Sonal says we really want to celebrate and host gathering. Malishka says primary show will occur, they need to tell at home, why they needed divorce.

Bhagya Lakshmi Latest Spoiler Alerts 26 December 2022

Sonal says all the credit goes to me, else you would have been with Balwinder and blasting little wafers. She expresses out loud whatever I did, a major impact and Rishi and Lakshmi are isolated. She says Rishi will tell else Lakshmi will say. Malishka says Lakshmi won’t say. Sonal says then we will say, who has locked our mouth.

Lakshmi returns home with Rishi. She thinks about Rishi’s guarantee to her that they won’t ever different. Dori tutgayya plays. Rishi comes there and cries seeing her crying. He was unable to bear and goes to washroom. He reviews their minutes. Rishi cries and wipes his tears. He reviews Lakshmi’s words and cries more.

Precap: Rishi asks Lakshmi not to go. Lakshmi comes ground floor. Dadi offers something significant has happened that they have taken this choice. Rishi remembers to stop her and asks Lakshmi not to go.

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