Bhagya Lakshmi 28 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update 28 December 2022

The Episode begins with Lakshmi hearing Rishi saying don’t go, Lakshmi. She turns and thinks back. Karishma holds her hand and asks her not to sit tight for mahurat, as it is best for Rishi and us. Virender yells Karishma. Dadi says she is bahu of the house, you will be rebuffed for tossing her out. Karishma says discipline, my foot. She says no one will be rebuffed, as she isn’t our bahu, her days are here and requests that she leave. She requests that she leave once more. Ayush thinks where could Bhai be? He cries and wipes his tears, and goes to call Rishi. Rishi tells that he will stop Lakshmi and will persuade Mother. He says he won’t let her go and finds the entryway locked. Malishka is remaining outside and says she locked the entryway. She says on the off chance that he stops Lakshmi and she truly stops. Rishi attempts to open the entryway and figures Lakshmi will leave prior to meeting him. His innerself tells that Lakshmi needs no connection between them, she believe nothing should occur between you both. Rishi says it is all my error, she is going a direct result of me. His innerself says you have sold out her, and presently will be rebuffed. Malishka says you are in Malishka Bhagya and not in Lakshmi Bhagya. She says no one will arrive at stop you. She sees Ayush and stows away. Ayush supposes on the off chance that Rishi had halted her, she would have truly halted. Malishka believes in the event that he sees me here, will comprehend that I have locked the entryway. She thinks I disdain you Ayush, Lakshmi needs to leave before Rishi comes. Ayush finds Rishi’s entryway locked and thinks who has locked the entryway. Lakshmi is going to venture out, figuring Rishi didn’t arrive at stop her even once. Dadi yells Lakshmi and falls. Lakshmi heads inside and holds Dadi. Dadi says they can’t survive without her and says in the event that you stay, we will have breath. Sonal and Malishka think all their hardwork will go waste. Neelam says everybody will deal with you like previously. Virender says family was set in light of Lakshmi, she has placed life into this house, else this house was dormant. Neelam says dormant, and says you go through your time on earth at this very moment feeling that this house was dead. She says you will hurt me more with your words. She says might be this young lady had dealt with you much, yet she will leave.

Written Update Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode

Lakshmi lets Dadi know that time and breath don’t end assuming anybody goes. She says nothing has any meaning assuming that I leave from here. Dadi cries. Lakshmi says on the off chance that it makes a difference then Rishi could never have done such an error. She says all that will be great. Dadi cries.Ayush asks Rishi for what valid reason did you separate from Lakshmi Bhabhi? Rishi says our connection was till here. He says everything is finished. Ayush is stunned. Rishi thinks he has sold out Lakshmi and can’t drive her to remain with me. He says he can’t rebuff her by driving her to remain with him. Ayush requests that he come. Rishi requests that he go to Lakshmi and deal with her. He says I realize you will take care ofv her quite well. Lakshmi figures you won’t come, as you realizes that we won’t stop. She reviews her grah pravesh and goes out. She sees the diya in the tulsi plant glimmering because of wind, and holds it with her hand. Malishka says at long last Lakshmi is gone, and I will enter as Lakshmi of the house and my grah pravesh will occur. She says she has finished everything and presently her Rishi will have returned to her.

Bhagya Lakshmi 23Rd December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

She comes to Karishma and grins. Karishma shuts the entryway. Ayush lets Rishi know that he needs to come and stop Lakshmi. Rishi says my connection is done with Lakshmi. Ayush says if it’s not too much trouble, stop her. He says she is pausing, if it’s not too much trouble, stop her before it is past the point of no return. He brings Rishi first floor. Karishma lets Neelam know that she will request that Mukesh make a few desserts for the huge work today. Dadi cries. Virender requests that Dadi have strength and says she is tossed from home, however not from our souls. He goes. Sonal inquires as to whether Lakshmi will return. Karishma brings gangajal and sprinkle in the house. Sonal asks what’s going on with she? Karishma says she is averting every one of the unfavorable impacts from the house. Ayush and Rishi come ground floor. Ayush asks where could Bhabhi be? Karishma says she is proceeded to request that he see gangajal. Rishi thinks he has harmed her such a lot of that she left. Karishma insults Rishi saying Lakshmi left. Rishi says Lakshmi sat idle. Malishka says once his headache goes, he will be hers. Virender emerges and lets Lakshmi know that he let her go, last time, however what happened this time that she is silent.

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Precap: Virender lets Lakshmi know that one day he will take her back to her home. Ayush tells Rishi that Lakshmi didn’t close the entryway, however it was somebody’s modest scheme. Sonal lets Kiran know that she has tossed Lakshmi out of Rishi’s life,now he is only yours. Kiran slaps her hard.

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