Bhagya Lakshmi 28 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update 28 November 2022

The Episode begins with Lakshmi requesting that Balwinder leave her. He limits her options and mouth and afterward blindfolds her, so she don’t see his face. He then, at that point, eliminates his veil. Guddu likewise eliminates his cover. Lakshmi yells for Rishi. Rishi second thoughts to chasten Ayush and figures I shouldn’t have admonished him. He thinks Lakshmi asked not to admonish him, and thinks he is more youthful sibling and will advance soon. He remembers to purchase something for Ayush. Ayush comes to Lakshmi’s room and calls her. He thinks where she went? Guddu is driving the vehicle and abruptly it stops. He gets down to check.

Written Update Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode

Rishi figures Ayush will be glad to see the gift and figures he will embrace him first and afterward will slap him. He then, at that point, figures he won’t slap Ayush, else Lakshmi will lash out. He thinks Ayush is fortunate to get such a bhabhi and I’m fortunate to get such spouse. Kiran stresses for Malishka. Abhay comes there and inquires as to whether Malishka is found. He inquires as to whether Lakshmi told where could Malishka be? Kiran expresses out loud whatever Lakshmi will say, she didn’t abduct Malishka. She tells taht Malishka has hijacked herself and did this wanting to trap Lakshmi and to isolate Rishi and Lakshmi. Abhay is shocked.Malishka figures she will get a weapon to kill Lakshmi and remembers to request that Balwinder bring something. She then, at that point, looks for the weapon and tracks down a sharp weapon. Abhay lets Kiran know that he can hardly imagine how this is finished by their little girl. Kiran says I attempted to make her comprehend, yet she is ongoing to play risky game. He inquires as to whether she understands what will be the outcomes. Kiran says I told her that Rishi and the family will leave her. Abhay says it is Rishi’s shortcoming as well, he constrained her to do this. Kiran lets him know something. Abhay says I will cause her to comprehend to avoid this in the future. Kiran says don’t have any idea what she thinks when alone. He says she has gone distraught to get Rishi and says why she didn’t bring her back home. Kiran tells that Virender came there, and tells that Malishka saved herself some way or another. Abhay asks what? Kiran says we as a whole got saved. Abhay says this may be Balwinder’s arrangement. Kiran says it is Malishka’s arrangement. Abhay says Lakshmi is guiltless and will effectively defend herself. Kiran says Malishka shalls ave herself. She says Neelam confides in her a ton and won’t leave Malishka assuming she comes to realize that she has destroyed her family’s regard. Abhay expresses how to shut down this. Kiran says God understands what she will do. Malishka takes a gander at the sharp weapon and thinks once it goes inside Lakshmi, she will have ‘the end’.

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Lakshmi supposes on the off chance that the vehicle isn’t working. She remembers to tap on the entryway. All at once entryway opens. Once more, guddu sits and drives. Shalu calls Lakshmi and tracks down her vehicle out and about. She gets down the auto and sees her telephone inside. She calls Ayush from her portable. Ayush ponders where did lakshmi go? He gets Shalu’s call and picks it. Shalu lets him know that Lakshmi’s vehicle is out and about and her telephone is likewise inside the vehicle. Ayush says he will come there. Guddu asks Balwinder what was the deal? Balwinder signs him not to talk and pat on his head.

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Ayush arrives at Shalu and gets Lakshmi’s telephone. He tracks down their calls as the last missed calls. Shalu stresses for Lakshmi. Ayush says we will look through her out and out and requests that she sit in his vehicle. He thinks where to look through Lakshmi Bhabhi, even I am concerned, don’t have the foggiest idea where could she be? He leaves.

Malishka thinks why Balwinder haven’t brought Lakshmi as of not long ago, it is past the point of no return. Balwinder lifts Lakshmi and carries her to the godown. Malishka opens her visually impaired overlay. Lakshmi is stunned to see Malishka. Malishka asks didn’t you distinguish me? Lakshmi says Malishka. Malishka says she is Malishka Rishi Oberoi. Lakshmi says you was seized. Malishka says OK, I’m seized and you are additionally abducted now. She says I have grabbed myself and you, I was defenseless and faults her for doing this. She says I remembered to send you to imprison, with the goal that Rishi returns to me. She says my mother said that I fouled up. I have faced a major challenge and did a major preparation, yet Virender uncle said that regardless of whether Malishka says then likewise they won’t completely accept that that Lakshmi seized her. She says I did a major gamble, however there is no benefit.

Lakshmi says I truly can hardly imagine how you have done this, and tells that her predetermination saved her, as Ayush called her. She says I will go out from here and will tell everything to everybody. She says I need to do this, to stop you. Malishka asks who are you and calls her ignorant town young lady. She says you will overcome me, did you fail to remember that you was Lakshmi Bajwa. She says I got you hitched to Rishi, else what your identity is? She says I thought you are honest young lady, yet you have changed seeing his cash, blamelessness and so forth. She says my adoration is my life, and inshort you needed to grab it. She says I will rebuff you today. She tells that Rishi adores just me and needs to get liberated from your grasp. She says I will liberate you from prison, and I will liberate you from your grasp, then, at that point, Rishi and I will wed and my fantasy will be satisfied at last. Lakshmi says this won’t occur and says this mangalsutra is my bhagya and no one but God can transform it, says she won’t let her mangalsutra go regardless of whether she passes on, tells that Rishi and her connection is for some births, it’s not possible for anyone to isolate us, as we are made for one another. Malishka says Rishi is mine, and I will make him mine, he was generally mine and will be mine as it were. Lakshmi says he was rarely yours. Malishka lifts her hand to slap her. Lakshmi holds her hand.

Precap: lakshmi lets Malishka know that you don’t adore Rishi, he is only your determination. Kiran is worried about the possibility that that Malishka could get found out and could demolish her life. Lakshmi expresses where there is no trust, there is no adoration. Malishka yells no and wounds herself or Lakshmi. The two of them fall down.

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