Bhagya Lakshmi 30 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update 30 November 2022

The Episode begins with Lakshmi acquiring awareness and calls Rishi. Dadi says it appears she got cognizance. Rishi comes there and asks Lakshmi where did she go? He says when I saw you, you was running out and about and had blacked out. Lakshmi says she didn’t go without help from anyone else. She tells that she got the call from disco, that they are familiar Malishka’s whereabouts. She says when she had gone out, she tracked down somebody out and about. A fb is shown, Balwinder gets Lakshmi and visually impaired folds her. At the point when their vehicle stops out and about, and Balwinder get down to fix it, Lakshmi remembers to get away. She escapes from the vehicle. Guddu sees her taking off and tells Balwinder. They run behind Lakshmi. Lakshmi runs and tumbles down on the stone. She blacks out. Rishi sees her and gets down from his vehicle. Balwinder and Guddu quit seeing Rishi. fb closes. Rishi took Lakshmi to emergency clinic. Lakshmi lets Rishi know that they were not talking, might be with the apprehension about getting caught.

Written Update Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode

She tells that they have blindfolded her and they were wearing veil. Ayush says no one will face challenge, I have to take a hard pass. Rishi says might be Lakshmi is correct. Virender inquires as to whether she is alright. Dadi requests that Rishi deal with her generally. Virender asks Lakshmi not to go to such places alone. Lakshmi says OK. Dadi favors Lakshmi and says you will constantly accompany Rishi and you. Neelam blows up and requests that Rishi deal with himself first as this house and family is a result of him. Ayush requests that Lakshmi recall that he is with her generally, and furthermore Rishi. He goes. Rishi lets Lakshmi know that he came to save her at the incredible luck. Lakshmi says you are my soul mate and asks who could save me than you. Rishi tells that he will effectively defend herself in Malishka’s seizing and will likewise save Malishka. Lakshmi requests that he guarantee that he won’t take any allegation on his head. He says concrete commitment. They have an embrace. Balwinder thinks what is going to Malishka, she was unable to bring Lakshmi here, she is upto some dhamaka. Malishka blows up on him. Balwinder gets frightened and asks her not to lash out on him. She yells Balwinder and attempts to wound the weapon in him. Balwinder inquires as to whether she has gone mad?Rishi comes to the PS and lets Monitor know that his better half is wrongly blamed for Malishka’s abduct and infact Lakshmi was going to get grabbed by somebody. He lets him know everything. Investigator says so she saw nothing being blindfolded. Rishi says OK and afterward gets some information about Malishka’s case. He says nothing out of sorts will occur with Malishka. Investigator says our unique group is examining and looking through Malishka. Rishi by and by tells that Lakshmi is honest and goes. Auditor tells the constable that the suspect was going to get captured, this case isn’t easy.

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Malishka inquires as to whether he saved Lakshmi as he adores her, and misled her about Rishi. She says you will pass on rather than Lakshmi. Balwinder says it was my mix-up, that I was unable to bring Lakshmi here, as Rishi came. He requests that she figure what to do, and tells that this matter will go long, as they attempted to seize Lakshmi. Malishka requests that he seize Lakshmi once more. Balwinder says you will pass on and will kill me moreover. He says Rishi is with Lakshmi. He asks how will I manage the cash, assuming laurel comes on my photograph. Malishka tells that she will kill Lakshmi and put-downs him. He flies off the handle. Malishka requests that he leave. He leaves. Malishka figures today will be the last day of your life.

Bhagya Lakshmi Latest Spoiler Alerts 30 November 2022

Lakshmi lets Rishi know that less time is remaining. Rishi asks her not to stress. Ayush comes there and says sorry. Rishi says I need to express upset for yelling and admonishing at you. Ayush requests that he say. Rishi says you said sorry. They embrace and say sorry. Balwinder returns to Malishka and tells that he had gone out to have food, however came to bring vada pav for her. Malishka thinks she needs to eat vada pav because of Lakshmi.

Rishi gives the gift box and says sorry and pardons him as well. He requests that he deal with him while going out in night. Ayush embraces him, says I love you bhai, you are awesome. Rishi says you are awesome. He tells that Malishka is hijacked, yet the genuine objective is Lakshmi. He tells that the criminal needed to trap Lakshmi, yet she got saved. With the goal that individual wanted to seize Lakshmi. He tells that he is thinking Balwinder has hijacked Malishka to target Lakshmi. Ayush says he has an odd idea and tells that couldn’t say whether it is correct or not. Kiran calls Malishka and tells that Rishi has slipped from her hands. Malishka asks what? Kiran says Rishi had come and undermined her to reclaim the body of evidence against Lakshmi. Malishka asks did you reclaim the case. Kiran says it was clear by his words that you aren’t anything to him. Ayush tells Rishi that Malishka’s objective is likewise Lakshmi, on the off chance that Lakshmi gets away from her way, she can wed you. He says might be she arranged her grabbing to toss Lakshmi out. Lakshmi hears them.

Precap: Rishi lets Ayush know that marriage is far away, I won’t ever take a gander at Malishka’s face from now onward. Malishka lets Kiran know that she won’t ever go to prison. She says I won’t allow Lakshmi to win. Lakshmi comes to the godown. Malishka is in burqa and takes the weapon to kill her.

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