Bigg Boss 16 10 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 10 January 2023

Day 96
8 AM
Everybody awakens and sings the song of devotion. Stan says I had such a terrible dream. Archana says who took the steam iron? Shiv says Tina took it. Shlain says you didn’t involve it for quite a long time. Soundarya says you can’t keep it. Tina says you can get it on the off chance that you need. Archana says we are not your workers. Keep it in its place. Shalin says everybody utilized it. She says I’m not insane. Shalin says in the event that you’re not insane you ought to pick it. Tina says you are a particularly grimy lady. You revile individuals. Archana says everybody knows you’re a hoodlum. you won’t come to my room. Sajid says it’s finished. She says I have an issue. Tina says she generally reviles individuals. Archana says does she take in her home as well? Tina expresses converse with my hand.

Written Update Bigg Boss 16 Today Episode

9:30 AM
Tina says she has no habits. She reviles individuals constantly. Might it be said that she is some help on Varieties by being here? Archana says I said I’m certain you take from your beaus as well. Soundarya says I don’t express things like this. Archana says she behaves like a 15-year-old. Individuals realize how she’s involving Shalin as well.2:30 PM
Sajid inquires as to whether your father gets hitched? Sumbul says it’s fine. Sajid gets out whatever assuming she is 22 years of age? She says it would be peculiar. Sajid says you can be companions with her. She says he’s my father, it would be unusual. He says your father is your father, you’re not his father. Sajid expresses out loud whatever assuming he prefers somebody? Sumbul says it can’t be just youthful. On the off chance that you love somebody you can unlove them. Sajid expresses out loud whatever are you in any event, saying. He giggles. Sajid says you are preventing a man from his sentiments? She says it will hurt him eventually. He says then, at that point, prevent him from smoking. She says they’re various things. I’m expressing it on purpose. She leaves in anger.

Bigg Boss 16 10 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

2:45 PM
Sajid says you made me a lowlife. Nimrit asks what occurred. What would you try and have cared? Sumbul says I’m saying this on purpose. Sajid says alright I was off-base.
Shalin addresses Tina. Bigg Supervisor says at any point address us too? He says to call everybody in the living region. They generally come to the living region. Nimrit says it should intrigue. Everybody comes to the action region. Soundarya says it’s a lovely arrangement. He says any two assigned hopefuls can be saved today. Every one of you stand behind the work area. He says there’s a trunk before you. It would have the nameplate of one more assigned hopeful. Your destiny will be in one another’s hands. You will toss the storage compartment in the assignment pit. There will be 5 rounds. So the 5 names that go in there will stay designated and two will be saved. Assuming you assign one individual you will get one staple container. Tina opens the storage compartment. She says Shalin. Shalin has Tina’s name. Sumbul has Archana. Sreejita has Soundarya. Archana has Sajid. Sajid has Sreejita and Soundarya has Sumbul. Archana says I could save Soundarya. Bigg Manager says and you could relinquish basic food item? She says OK. Tina says and would kill others assuming they do the same.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Spoiler Alerts 10 January 2023

Sreeijta says Tina and Shalin are protected. Archana and Sumbul attempt to make an arrangement. Bigg Supervisor says anybody can toss anybody’s Bigg Manager Sreejita. She says OK. He says this was mockery. You can toss yours.

4 PM
Bigg Manager asks who is tossing their trunk in the pit. Soundarya says I have Sumbuls. I will toss it in the pit. It’s gathered exertion on the staple assignment that she neglected to do. So I’m tossing it. Soundarya gets the staple bushel. Archana tells Sajid I won’t toss your container. Abdu says chicken. They give their basket.

4:30 PM
Sumbul designates Archana. She says we could get more food. They get another bushel. shalin tells Tina we need to save Sreejita. She says in the event that you want to toss my name for food, you can do that. He says staple isn’t a higher priority than you. Sreejita tosses Soundarya’s name in the pit. She says she thinks I believe I’m vital. She thinks others are very lower than her. She gets her staple. Archana says Shlain will go straightaway. Tina says when did we declare? Represent yourself. Sajid says in the event that nobody goes what might occur? he says I will get every one of some food back. Priyanka says how we will get by. Nimrit says Tina and Shalin can comprehend also right? For what reason would it be advisable for others to just contain? Sajid says I will toss Sreejita’s. I have nothing against her except for we need to get food. He tosses Sreejita’s.

Priyanka addresses Tina and says we need to allow one to be designated. We can’t be so unreasonable. Shalin says it’s our point. Priyanka says everybody’s point is yours. Tina says I’m conversing with her. Allow me to talk. He leaves. Tina expresses out loud whatever did he try and mean? He removes my words from me. Priyanka says you can do what you need. Shalin asks Sajid do you definitely dislike the selection? He says I couldn’t care less in the event that you want to make it happen. Shiv says how might he live without regular food items now? He can’t survive without chicken. Shalin says I will not be named. I can stay here for ran 60 minutes. Sumbul says to be somewhat fair. He says I’m not conversing with you. Sumbul says don’t yell at me. Archana says would you say you are terrified of designation? You had a screenplay? He says so Sajid is powerless? Tina says I will save him. You can’t provide me a request. Shalin tells Sajid you’re solid you know that. Archana says I won’t toss his trunk. Priyanka says Shalin and Sajid say the most that designation doesn’t make any difference to him and they dread it the most. Abdu says I need chicken, please. Shalin says I will let every one of some basic foods go. Sajid says would you say you are insane? Soundarya says bad sports. Priyanka says don’t return without groceries.

4:45 PM
Shiv says his falsehoods are demonstrated. He said he can bite the dust without chicken now designation is more significant? Tina says I don’t lie and that it doesn’t make any difference to me. I’m terrified. Priyanka attempts to tune in. Bigg Manager says I can perceive you, they’re actually contending. Set every one of some food back in the store room. Priyanka says choose, please. Nimrit says Shalin assuming that you need chicken make it happen. Tina says I will stay hungry. Priyanka says to make it happen, Tina. They begin placing the staple in the chicken. Sumbul says now your Priyanka has likewise requested you. Tina says don’t cry. Shalin says don’t do this measure with me. Bigg Manager says all basic foods gather outside the store room. Shalin shares with Sajid it’s your issue. Sajid says it’s your issue. Tina says I could do without being selected. Sumbul says apprehensive. Tina expresses shut up. Shalin says Sajid, we can save it. It’s very simple.

Sajid goes out. Sajid says he’s expression it’s my issue. Sumbul says all staple is no more. Nimrit says it’s not your issue. Archana says I generally dislike you. Priyanka says they three are answerable for it. Nimrit says you’re not answerable for it. They continue to contend. According to sumbul, such eager individuals. Shalin says you are going yourself. Tina says on the off chance that Sajid has no issue for what reason would she say she is not tossing it? Each of them three say they’re not placing it in the pit. Priyanka says each of them three are to be accused. Shalin says allow me a moment. Tina says we will settle on our trunks. Bigg Supervisor closes the undertaking. Everybody stays named and all the basic food item is reclaimed. Archana expresses screw with me once more. You needed to save your Tina ji.

Sumbul says defeatists lost all the food. Shalin says go cry. She says proceed to converse with Tina. Archana says I will deal with it. Archana says they’re so frightened for themselves. Sumbul says we joyfully requested to toss our cases. Tina says this Archana can never play alone. She’s their slave. Shalin tells Archana you made Gautam’s life damnation for food. We got to know your genuine. Archana says I got to know yours as well. Nimrit says Shalin has no self-respect.

6 PM
Priyanka comes to the admission room. He asks what occurred. She says every one of them three were stuck so we lost the basic food item. Shalin said he was not terrified. He says to remain with reality this time. Archana forfeited herself for food and said Sajid ought to be saved. Tina or Shalin ought to have done one. Priyanka says Shalin generally says he’s not frightened. He can’t go. Then Tina could toss Shalin’s. Shalin likewise constrained her. Bigg Manager says we will perceive the way you question Shalin.

Sumbul says we could save food. They could save one of them. Sumbul says he ought to be given no chicken this week. Might it be said that he is a ruler here? We will cook water today. Bigg Manager toss them in the oil. Sumbul says I will toss them who I’m. Archana says he concealed sheep in the ice chest. Sumbul takes it out and tosses it in the store. Priyanka tells Shalin the advantage eventually. Everybody stayed selected. The food is gone., Tina isn’t protected by the same token. You could allow yourself to be selected and save her. Shalin says she’s terrified of designation as am I. Priyanka says you generally say I’m not terrified. You could basically save tina. She’s undependable either now. Tina says he asked me not to name him. Priyanka says you offer something else consistently. You’re accusing others. Shalin says you don’t yell at me. She says I’m not yelling you’re talking. He says everybody can be terrified of designation. Priyanka says for what reason did you lie and befuddle others? He says who did I befuddle? According to priyanka, everybody. Shalin yells and says you go then. She says for what reason would it be a good idea for me? He says get lost. Priyanka says don’t converse with me like that. Try not to do this show that you care for Tina. You were terrified of yourself. Shalin tossed things out of resentment. Priyanka says don’t show me this animosity., You can’t drive me mad. I wot’ take this. You befuddle and cherish. See your habits, Tina would endure this. I will not. She says if both of us did, we would be blameworthy. we’re both assigned. She says you said chicken can kill you. He says Archana is to be faulted for that. Tina says you’re additionally terrified then, at that point? He says you’re bending my words. Priyanka is blending it. Tina says she’s finished nothing. You befuddled everybody. Priyanka says you picked designation over your health.

Sumbul says we forfeited one another? Shiv says Bigg Manager calls

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