Bigg Boss 16 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 14 January 2023

Day 100
7 PM
BB asks Sajid how could you feel Farah came here? He says I felt exceptionally profound. I was a sculpture, I was unable to try and move. I hand clothing in my grasp. It was amusing yet I got real. Much thanks to you for bringing her here. BB says she knows you quite well. He says I never figured I would be here with her. I couldn’t want anything more than to commend her birthday. Bigg Manager says to do a long child short child show with her and show her character to the world as well.

Written Update Bigg Boss 16 Today Episode

9 PM
Shiv asks Archana what’s going on with you? She says making paratha for aai. She says I will make a new one for you. She gives it to aai. Archana says I like cooking. She serves aai. Aai says it’s generally excellent. BB says Sajid and Farah come to the action region. Rest comes to the parlor. They go to the admission room Bigg Supervisor says on your birthday Sajid will do your meeting. Sajid says Farah is turning 80 today. Is Farah a decent man? She says you’re 75 on the off chance that I am 80. She asks would you say you are a man? Sajid says did you hit me with a griddle? She says you asked me not to hit all over. He says my face was my fortune. Farah says you likewise secured me in a case. Sajid says you are a BB fan. She says everybody knows, I come consistently. This year in light of you I needed to come free of charge. Everybody snickers. Sajid says your cake. She says it would be cut from your cash. He says Farah is a dark belt. The one she’s wearing at present. Farah says you are babbling. Sajid says a few artists hit me once they came to my place. Farah says me and my companion went there. We took his bicycle and broke it. Sajid says how can it feel to meet me following 100 days? She says I’ve never lived 100 days without meeting you. It was such a lot of tomfoolery, remain here for an additional 100 days. He says she’s my loved ones. All hopefuls are around her. She is likewise occupied with them and not conversing with me. She says I can meet you at home. He asks how is Abdu. She says he’s my dear. He’s excessively great. You’re so maternal to Abdu. he says I love him like a sibling. Farah says how about we keep him. Shiv, Stan, and Abdu are my siblings now. I’ve never seen a fellowship like all of you. BB says we figured it would be a close to home meeting however these are your genuine feelings, your good times. Farah says thank you BB. We were frightened. IT has provided Sajid with a ton of adoration. Sajid says it was an extraordinary choice to come here. He says I could never have requested better individuals. Farah says they all regard him. Sajid says I’ve them my shirts as a pay off. She says nobody needs your modest shirts. BB says Farah you’ve been here ordinarily. We have numerous recollections connected with you. He requests that Sajid pick the cake.Sajid takes the cake out. Nimrit says you are such charming kin. Sajid says everything for the camera. Everybody giggles. Farah cuts the cake. They all cause her to eat the cake. BB expresses gratitude toward Farah for coming. She embraces everybody. He freezes everybody except discharges Sajid. Farah embraces everybody. he delivers Shiv. They all embrace him. Farah embraces Archana. She meets everybody. BB discharges Tina. Farah leaves. BB freezes everybody again.

Bigg Boss 16 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

10:45 PM
Aai embraces Abdu. She says he’s a particularly charming youngster. I love him. He says you’re similar to my mother. He says Shiv is my brother. We will go to BB UK from here. Aai requests to carry your folks to our home, he says I will.
Sajid tells Sumbul Tauqeer sahab is coming. He will hit Shalin. Everybody giggles. Sajid says it would be entertaining. Your father would declare a capital punishment for him. Stan giggles. Sajid says he’s been here as of now. Shiv says I’m certain Shalin is scared.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Spoiler Alerts 14 January 2023

Day 101
8 AM
Aai awakens. She awakens Shalin. She expresses awaken all of you. I wandered around the entire house. Everybody sings the hymn. Sajid asks where could espresso be? Stan says Priyanka and Tina took one. Sajid says bring it. Aari says don’t focus on her. Let her become commander as well. Shiv says aai is excessively great. Soundarya asks Tina for espresso. She says we are 8 individuals. Tina says I won’t give it. Sumbul doesn’t drink it. Tina says we need to share it and they took theirs. Priyanka says how could espresso be separated into 12. Assuming that is the case we will likewise partition veggie lover into 12. Soundarya says that is explicit. Then partition the chicken too. Priyanka says everybody doesn’t drink espresso. I will pick vegetarian and split it between 12 individuals. Soundarya says you’ve such a little heart. Priyanka says everybody will eat almond margarine now. Priyanka picks veggie lover. Soundarya says you’ve such a little heart. She took veggie lover. Eat it, we have a ton. Priyanka says much obliged. Soundarya says to bring it back home. Priyanka says I will have almond milk now. Yogesh and aai giggle. He says it will occur with me in the house now. Shiv says there are visitors here. Nimrit says Tina doesn’t contend, she carries Priyanka to battle on her behalf.

11:30 AM
Yogesh asks Sumbul do you generally talk less? She says I talk a ton yet I don’t have any idea what to say here. nobody figures out me here. He says I had minimal connection with you. She says I don’t battle here. Aai asks Shalin everybody battles here? He says I battle the least. She says you battled as well. You battled for the cycle you were trapped in. Priyanka says my sibling was calling you genuine Sumbul. She says truly? Priyanka chuckles. Aai says you get exceptionally forceful. Shalin says I won’t battle any longer. Salman lashes out at me. He does my class consistently. Shalin says my Kundli has Salman dosh.

11:45 AM
Aai advises Shiv to keep his garments arranged. He snickers. She says you likewise target Shalin. You have done unscripted TV dramas. You know. Try not to target Priyanka. Shiv says Shalin acts a ton. She says he is an entertainer, everybody is acting here. Try not to target him to an extreme. Try not to hurt him. Make him chief. Shiv giggles and says alright. BB freezes everybody. He expresses gratitude toward Aasha and Yogesh for coming. She says this is my maika. BB discharges Shiv and Priyanka. Shiv embraces his mother. BB says Yogesh adheres to Priyanka’s guidelines. He chuckles. Aai embraces Sajid. He contacts her feet. She embraces Shalina dn says deal with yourself. He embraces her and says much thanks. He says I will meet you outside. She embraces Archana and says continue to fly. BB freezes everybody and acknowledges Priyanka and Shiv as it were. Aai leaves. Priyanka embraces her brother.

1 PM
Sumbul and Abdu rap on Stan’s melodies. Priyanka tells Tina they generally told Abdu to not converse with her. They are so sickening. Who does that? I never said about Nimrit she addresses Abdu for footage.

Abdu is dozing. Caution blasts. BB Freezes everybody. BB invites Vahida, Stan’s mom. She embraces Stan and cries. Stan gets sorrowful. She embraces Stan and cries. She says I missed you, my child. He asks how is everybody? She says I didn’t see you for a really long time. She says to be stong. Stan says I didn’t realize I would experience this long. She says you’re playing quite well. individuals are living you. He embraces her and cries. She says to remain positive. Try not to cry. He says I miss you here. She says individuals are providing you with a great deal of adoration and regard. Shiv is delivered. He meets Vahida. She says thank you for continuously dealing with him. BB discharges Sajid. He embraces her and says salam. Abdu embraces her. Archana races to embrace her. She says simply don’t get oppressive. She says don’t drag guardians. It looks awful on both of you. Archana says I will watch out. He’s a youthful sibling. Shalin expresses sorry to her. She says to regard each other’s folks. BB discharges everybody. Sumbul expresses salam to her. She says you’re extremely beautiful. Stan asks show is Boba? Everybody giggles. She slaps him. She says Boba’s garments. She is great. She returned home that day. Archana says I feel exceptionally terrible. I expressed terrible things. Soundarya says you said sorry. Shalin says how would we as a whole look? She says all of you battle a ton yet it looks fun. Shalin says Stan and I won’t ever battle. She chuckles. Nimrit asks did you see her show?

2:15 PM
BB freezes everybody. He says who has grievances with Archana? Her sibling is coming, you can whine to her. Archana gets mournful. He says Archana your mother isn’t coming. Gulshan comes in. Archana cries. BB invites Gulshan. He embraces Archana. She cries. He says don’t cry. Presently you love me. He giggles. She says for what reason didn’t mummy come. He says mummy is in Meerut. I came. She says I will slap you. BB reales Abdu. He meets Abdu. Nimrit meets him. BB doesn’t deliver Archana yet everybody. She cries. Everybody giggles. Gulshan ridicules her. BB delivers her. She pursues him and hits him and says for what reason didn’t you send mummy? I’m certain you said you needed to come. He runs, and everybody snickers. Shalin gets out whatever is occurring there. Stan says I want to see. BB freezes Archana. BB says mummy and I are exactly the same thing. She says no. Sajid, Stan, Shalin, and Stan meet Gulshan. Priyanka meets Gulshan. She says your sister talks a great deal. He says she doesn’t quiet down in the house by the same token. Everybody snickers. Archana shares with Gulshan for what reason didn’t mummy come? I told her she needed to come; I’m certain she needed to come here to be on screen. You did this right? She hits him. Everybody snickers. She says this Priyanka is my companion. Abdu runs from her. Vahida says he’s vivacious like his sister. Priyanka says now we have two Archana.

230 PM
Archana shares with Gulshan mummy needed to come. I told her. I advised her to wear that suit. She guaranteed me. He says mummy isn’t well overall. It’s virus. She says you came in light of the fact that you needed to meet Salman. She says I ought to have let you know prior to coming here to not allow you to come. Gulshan tells how are her folks. They giggle around. Shalin asks Stan’s mother Ammi did you see his show? New year one? Nimrit says she saw your dance as well. everybody giggles. She says I saw everybody. Shalin says my mother would kill me. Sreejita says he’s considerably more hyper than Archana. He ought to have been here. Archana says I’m certain here came her to be on screen. Hd didn’t allow mummy to come. Shiv giggles. Vahida asks Abdu do you feel OK here? She says OK. Gulshan says I will cook today. Archana says no I will not. He says Archana used to ride the bicycle when we were kids. Shalin says do you want to turn into an

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