Bigg Boss 16 17 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 17 January 2023

Day 103
8 AM
Everybody awakens and sings the song of praise. Shalin embraces his mother. He says did you rest soundly? She says OK. She says you have the right to win. Tina hits the dance floor with her mother. Archana says Sul has a tattoo of abs. Everybody chuckles. Sul asks Stan you compose all the rap? He says OK I do it without anyone’s help. He expresses sing for me. He says I charge for it. Shalin says to Tina’s mother sorry I was unable to converse with you. She says it’s OK your mother is hanging around for a day. Tina did likewise. He says on the off chance that you want to anything you can. She says you’re all grown-ups. You realize what is correct or wrong. Try not to stress over the outside, individuals just saw what occurred here. I have no bad things to say from anybody. Do nothing that can cause you to feel remorseful later. You can cut others down yet that will cut you down. Sunita says valid. Shalin contacts her feet. Sunita says she’s spoken such countless awful things about you outside. They utilized your great heard. Shalin says I believe that she should go out in harmony. She says to utilize your heart somewhat less. She needs to insult you. I felt it. Shalin says it’s all fine. I don’t care.

Written Update Bigg Boss 16 Today Episode

12 PM
Abdu is in the towel. BBfreezes him. Everyoen snickers. Shiv says young ladies are seeing your fighter. Abdu says I want to change. He runs in. BB freezes him once more. Shiv says to show your abs. Abdu says BB, please. They remove his towel to make him change. BB freezes them. Sul changes Abdu’s garments. Shalin shares with Sunita I realize who is doing what. She says simply watch out. Shalin says I realize what’s happening with I. Abdu is frozen. Priyanka snickers. Shiv says would it be a good idea for me to change your fighter as well? BB discharges him Abdu runs inside.12:15 PM
Madhumita tells Tina stay blissful here. Try not to hurt anybody. BB requests that every one of the visitors leave. Tina’s mother tells Sumbul fail to remember what occurred here. It’s simply a game. Tina expresses so to Sunita sorry I am frozen. I can’t talk a lot. I will come to your place. She says I will anticipate that. We have shared a great time. She embraces Sumbul and says stay favored. Request that father not stress excessively. You’re areas of strength for so. You’re similar to my girl, I will continuously uphold you. tina embraces her mother. She says I will miss you. Shalin embraces his mother. She says to areas of strength for be. You are extremely strong. Tina contacts Sunita’s feet. She says to remain favored. Tina says I can’t cry in the passage. That is another person’s theatrics. Shalin says she insults me so much.

Bigg Boss 16 17 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

10:30 PM
Shiv asks Abdu did you see what I did? He says OK. Nimrit comes. They don’t say anything. Nimrit says your companion is exceptionally devious. Abdu says now Tina and Shalin are talking. Abdu says Nimrit and Shalin have become companions. They’re messed around. Shiv says Nimrit hit Shalin on the bum with a pad. Abdu says now. Nimrit says Archana was requesting me what kind from MIL I need. I said Shalin’s mother. One couldn’t want anything more than to have a MIL like that. Sajid says is that a proposition? Nimrit says no. However.. Sajid says she’s actual sweet. You ought to be pleased with her Shalin. Nimrit says she is astounding. he says I was assumed with Tina’s mother. I figured she would be very brand. They’ have differentiating characters. BB freezes everybody. BB invites Soundarya’s mother Usha. Soundarya cries. Sajid says don’t cry. She meets Archana. Usha embraces Archana. She sees Soundarya and embraces her. Soundarya cries to her and embraces them. Usha meets Nimrit. Archana contacts her feet.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Spoiler Alerts 17 January 2023

12:45 PM
Soundarya is as yet frozen. BB delivers her. She embraces him. Archana embraces her as well. BB freezes everybody. Sumbul’s uncle Iqbal comes. He meets Sumbul and gets out whatever occurred? She gets mournful. He says I can’t determine whether she’s crying or snickering. Sumbul says tears are not emerging. He says better believe it that crying sumbul ought to go. He meets Stan. Sajid meets him. He expresses gratitude for dealing with Sumbul. He says Abdu dad kehtay hain bara naam karega. Shalin meets him. Abdu embraces him and says salam. They sing the melody together. Nimrit meets. He meets Archana. He says we are anticipating your decisions. He embraces Sumbul and says dad sent chicken for you. Try not to cry. She’s frozen. Everybody snicker. Iqbal sings a sonnet. BB discharges. Sumbul. She embraces Iqbal. He says everybody is adoring the show.

1:45 PM
Iqbal shares with Shiv you’ve upheld her like a sibling. You’re astonishing. All of you gave her a ton of help. Sajid likewise shows you such countless things. They’re all your loved ones. On the off chance that Sajid jokes don’t care about it. She shows him around. Nimrit tells Soundarya Micheal is coming. Shiv expresses stay here on this seat. BB freezes halfway. BB invites Sreejita’s money, Micheal. They do his free, Pravesh. He embraces Sreejita. Tina says it’s being circulated. He meets everybody and embraces, Shiv. He says love you, brother. He embraces Abdu. He says I love you. Soundarya asks Usha did Gautam talk anything outside. She says no. Soundarya says did you peruse any meetings?? She says no. Micheal says discharge her, please. Archana says Sreejita’s life partner is so tall and fair. Their children would be so charming. Priyanka asks how tall would you say you are? He says 6.4. BB discharges Sreeita. She gets invigorated and embraces him.

2:15 PM
BB freezes Sreejita. Everybody ridicules her. Tina shares with Priyanka Archana was ridiculing my mother. On the off chance that she repeats the experience I will show her a thing or two. Stan requested that she stay inside the breaking point. She doesn’t have any idea. Archana shares with Iqbal she’s a youngster. It’s her tendency however in the event that you’re in a gathering you shouldn’t allow them to utilize you. They make her work day in and day out. She doesn’t have the foggiest idea. He says you’re correct. Soundarya says to restrict Usha isn’t letting me know a thing from outside Nimrit says it’s great for you. Sajid says she believes you should remain tranquil here. Usha says I’m cheerful you remained here so well.

Priyanka tells Shalin Sajid said you know my world Ankit told me. What’s going on here? I couldn’t care less. Shalin says he won’t tell. Priyanka says I need to know his response. Shalin says he would agree when did I say that? I don’t recollect. Sajid says she has such a good nature. Iqbal says OK she is extremely blameless. She gets little toys. Iqbal says we sent you here to allow you to grow up harsh. Sajid says she’s a youngster. Shiv says she can’t act like a 30-year-old. Sajid says then she ought to behave like a youngster, individuals will patronize her. He leaves. Shiv says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. It misfires on him. In the event that Abdu isn’t how he will be, he won’t look genuine. Sumbul is juvenile, it’s her age and her tendency. Iqbal says that individuals say outside that Sumbul’s gathering doesn’t allow her to do what she needs. Shiv says on the off chance that Abdu could do without something he says it. I told Sumbul the equivalent. Nimrit says OK take a stand.

Shiv says OK Sajid ought to likewise comprehend. Shiv comes to Sajid and says would you say you are frantic? He says her uncle could do without me messed with her. Shiv says he’s expression for your better. Nimrit tells Iqbal what do you believe is the principal issue? He says it’s being displayed as Abdu and Sumbul just take care of Sajid’s responsibilities. They don’t have their own viewpoints and errands. Abdu says OK individuals disdain it outside assuming you take care of others’ responsibilities. That you’re not somebody’s worker. You need to stand firm. Individuals let me know outside too to not be behind somebody. Iqbal says he said we need to keep Sumbul on the grounds that she cooks well. That she’s for? It seems as though you’re being utilized. Abdu says OK individuals could do without it. Nimrit says the birthday thing was couldn’t stand outside. For me it was entertaining. Abdu says it was extremely terrible for me. My group and guardians couldn’t stand it. Iqbal says his group got this point. They could have done without everything. Abdu says this image became famous online. Individuals outside say it’s bad to snicker at me. People are not a joke. Nimrit says individuals could do without things like those. Sumbul embraces Nimrit. Iqbal says that the response likewise Nirmit when you yelled at him Abdu one moment. It was shown severely. Abdu expresses yes in room 2. Abdu makes statements like these become enormous outside. Nimrit says I’m upset for my birthday. I had no such aim. He says I know.

5:45 PM
Shiv tells Stan Sajid is distraught. He isn’t talking.
Stan comes to Sajid and gets out whatever’s off-base? He says Shiv was crossing me. He said Sumbul is a youngster, let her be youthful. I could do without being crossed that way. I would rather not make all of you counterfeit. That is not the very thing that I am doing. Sajid says he’s acting this way since Shekhar called you every one of my spoons. Stna says no. Sajid says you’re excessively youthful to see it. Since that day Shiv avoids me. It’s OK nobody needs the character of a spoon however it was s a joke. I could have done without it by the same token. You’re every one of my siblings. Stan says he was saying individuals like her being youthful. That is her reality, that is her age. Sajid says I won’t say anything.

6:30 PM
Micheal sits close to Archana. She gets timid. Everybody snickers. He says she’s actual timid. Archana says I needed to play with an outsider. Sreejita says your dream worked out. Everybody giggles. Archana asks where are you from? He says I’m from Germany. She says is excessively cool there. He says it’s fine, not unreasonably cold. She says I will come to your wedding. He says she was miserable when you pointed her. You were old buddies with her. Archana says we are cool at this point. Micheal says she let me know she adored investing energy with you. Archana says she’s actual great yet her organization isn’t generally excellent. Priyanka and Tina. She says my exchange is well known. He talks her exchange I will make you peacock in the wake of hitting. Archana says see what he is talking about, Sreejita. Sreejita says don’t ruin him.

Sajid tells Shiv sorry you could have done without it. Shiv says how could I. I was expressing that to you. I said individuals need to see her actual side. Sajid says her uncle said exactly the same thing that she’s excessively youthful. Shiv says he additionally said you’re looking awful outside for attempting to change her. Sajid says then Sumbul ought to say it right? He asks Sumbul would we say we are looking bad guy outside for you? Sumbul gets out whatever? She says no. He says could you say that? Sumbul says you are my companions. Uncle could have done without certain things. He didn’t l

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