Bigg Boss 16 3 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 3 february 2023

Weekend ka vaar
Farah welcomes everyone to the weekend ka vaar. She says four people are nominated today and one of them will leave. Let’s continue the discussion from yesterday. Farah calls Tina on a stool. She says ma’am I thought I won’t get scolded this week. Farah says all that you did last week there will be scolding. We are all your tools. You use us. tina is the queen here, Bigg Boss, all doctors from Bandra, BB staff, doctors, Priyanka, Shalin, Stan, and Maheen are all tools. She uses them from content. I can say we should all learn from her how to use others and live like a queen, for your benefit or use them like tissue paper. She says Archana, Priyanka, and Shiv, you all fought for bedrooms and said things. Did you get the bed you wanted? She says no madam. She says in all this fight there was one person who did not fight, Shiv was talking to her too. She got a solo bed. Tina says there was no point to fight. It was Priyanka’s point. Farah says the queen is sleeping on a solo bed. Tina says I can sleep in a shared bed too. Priyanka says we said it to her. Farah says Tina gets so much privilege, Tina will get her favorite duvet, and she will get doctors from a certain hospital only. She can mock Shalin’s disease all day but her dental surgery can only be done by a famous dentist from Bandra. She asked BB for room service and soup. Tina says I broke my tooth. I couldn’t eat. Bigg Boss could tell me he can’t get my dentist. I could have gone out. Farah says you started packing already. Tina says it’s being portrayed wrong. Farah says we can watch. Tina says, Priyanka. Priyanka says she had a concern that she broke a tooth. Her tooth is sensitive. She said it can’t be fixed. Farah say you thought she would be kicked out because of a tooth? Is it a big enough medical concern that you pack your things? And you were crying like he had a terminal illness. Priyanka says I thought she would leave. Farah says tooth breaking was such a big issue that she could leave the house. And Shalin’s mental state was mocked at, all this time. I can’t tell how angry we all are. Whether he is faking it or not, whether he is copying Shahrukh Khan how can you judge him? tina says we didn’t know. Priyanka says I told Tina as well that he’s sick. Nirmit says they were taunting him near the bathroom as well. Farah says we all saw the entire week. It’s called bullying. She says Shalin I want to slap you. Give it back. He says ma’am I do. She says don’t act like a good man. Shalin says they fire it back on me, they bring my past.

Written Update Bigg Boss 16 Today Episode

Farah says Priyanka when you came you were heroin, you have become a vamp now. open your eyes, because of who?? Tina says because of Tina? okay fine. Farah says this is why people have a problem. You can have that attitude. You have a victim complex. tina says I have never used Priyanka. Farah says we watch the show. Shalin says can I say something? Farah says when you should have said, you don’t. Shalin says they bring my character. Farah says the audience has seen everything. Farah says Tina show BB that you’re ready to leave and have bags packed. This is the trump card. Tina says I broke my front tooth. Farah says you all use the word depression in the house so lightly. Farah says my front tooth broke. It takes time to be fixed. It takes time, I thought that surgery can’t be done here. I can’t be in the show with a broken tooth. I told Priyanka it was not possible, so I might pack my things. Farah says you think I am an idiot? We have seen the show, you’re so great. you would leave the show? They put on a temporary tooth, I’ve had the same procedure. Tina says I didn’t know about it. Farah says Priyanka you thought she would leave? Priyanka says it’s like a nightmare for me to have a tooth broken. I thought surgery might take time, she can’t be in front of the camera like that. Farha says and non-stop you both have taunted Shalin for his nightmare. You hoot at him. Imagine if he did that. Priyanka says we didn’t know what was going on with him. We all know. Farah says yes that he acts. Priyanka says when I spoke to him, I told Tina we should keep that in mind. Farah says you said it after 5 days of torture. Nimrit says Shalin was given an activity to keep himself busy and they made fun of that too. Priyanka says we didn’t know either. Farah says Shalin, you will still go there and call Tina your ladder. She says Tian your tooth injury is so serious but let’s make fun of Shalin’s condition. Tina says I didn’t know. Farah says Tina are you gonna listen or should I walk out? Tina says sorry ma’am. Farah says you and Priyanka are the two most hated contestants. You only talk about shalin non-stop. You are obsessed with Shalin. Then you asked BB for chicken soup. Why would chicken soup, how are they connected with tooth injury? tina says I talk to BB and say my things for the fun. BB also sent khichdi for me when I had an upset stomach. She says Archana questioned but she didn’t get an answer, she let it go because Tina is her friend. She says Priyanka you’re so innocent that you thought Tina would leave due to a tooth injury. Priyanka says I thought it was for protein only. Farah says you can’t see what’s happening. Farah says I take friendships very seriously. Farah says when you both sit together it becomes very weird. Your bubble to look perfect on the show has burst. Priyanka says I can guide her but I can’t change anyone. Farah says you’re supporting that. Priyanka says I didn’t know about Shalin’s condition. I spoke to shalin 4 days ago. Farah says tina asked for chicken soup. Tina said she doesn’t want Shalin’s chicken. And Priyanka’s lovely tone. Priyanka says I talk like that until people gang up on me. Farah says when you had to return the chicken, did you listen to Tina’s tone? Was that respectful? Priyanka says that’s why I gave it back. It’s their problem. I can’t change anything which includes her tone too. She’s my friend. Farah says you always stood with the truth now that’s derailing. You always speak on things. Farah says I do ask her to guide. I can’t rule her. I am not trying to change someone. I told Shalin I am giving it to you respectfully. Farah says you looked very wrong when you didn’t ask Tina to not mock. You were liked for your quality of taking a stand. She says how many times have you been scolded? Priyanka says many times. Farah says did anyone take a stand for you? Nidge you? Shalin says I did when we were friends. Farah says you sit silently now. You don’t say things when you have to. Farah says Priyanka Tina does wrong things and someone else has to take the burden of repercussions and this week you will. First, it was Shalin. You didn’t stand for right and that’s why you’ve been looking even more negative this week. Salman gave you a hint too last week. Priyanka says I am sorry. She’s my friend, I couldn’t leave her alone. Farah says I don’t target anyone. It’s your choice how to take it forward.Farah says there is the cutest contestant in the house who gives everyone love. She doesn’t fight and always listens to everyone. I am talking about Maheen. Tina, you said you’re a pet parent. You said you love pets like kids. She says so many pet lovers hated when you said BB send someone I can’t clean the litter of Maheen. Tina says I can’t do that one thing. I said it. Farah says if you have a child and that baby poops, you’re gonna throw it out and say someone else does it? If you love someone you can’t say such things. Tina says I give her food, I clean her dishes. Farah says if it’s your baby it’s your baby. You didn’t even thank Nimrit and said it’s her choice. Both of you said it. It went very wrong. Tina says sorry ma’am. Farah says we are all at the service of the queen.

Bigg Boss 16 3 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Shiv says she was so rude to Farah ma’am as well. Shalin says they’re not scared of her like Salman. Nimrit says they’re all seniors and respectful. Shalin says at least Farah taught her a lesson. Tina cries and says I can’t explain things. Priyanka says when something is taught to you try to implement it. Archana says to Nimrit I tried to be your friend because of your dad only. I had another interest. Nimrit says thank you. Archana says you called me a joker. Tina says we won’t sit together. My actions have repercussions on my friends. Priyanka says it’s not that way. Tina says I want you in the top 2. We will be good friends outside. Nimrit says ma’am said they are the two most hated contestants. Archana says right now. This is why always play alone. Archana says to Tina at least it was Farah, not Salman. When Salman scolds it’s like God scolding you. Nimrit tells mandali what Archana said. Priyanka says to Tina I know you didn’t have the intention to go if your doctor came. Tina says that’s why I asked them to call my doctor. Tina says they said I manipulated and demanded that doctor. Priyanka says it’s just about the action. Farah says all doctors are the same. Priyanka says you should understand what she said. Everyone can give excuses. Tina says it’s my mistake. Farah says it was one action, just fix it. It looked like they were biased. Tina says I am particular about my face. I have spent money on you. Nimrit says she said BB will send someone. I told her it is very hypocritical you can call her your baby and not clean.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Spoiler Alerts 3 february 2023

Farah says let’s invite the hero of the movie Shehzada Kartik. Kartik does some actions for her. Kartik goes inside the house and meets everyone. He gives Archana a bouquet of roses. He gives one to Tina and Priyanka too. Farah says thank him in English. Farah says you are my favorite actor. Thank you for the flowers. No boy gave me any roses before coming here. I feel very good, thank you. Kartik hugs her. Kartik says Stan you are ravas. Stan says let’s rap in Tauqeer’s uncle’s voice. Stan raps in his voice. Everyone laughs. Sumbul says 10/10. Kartik says di you make body? Farah says see his diamond bracelets. He shows his abs. They do acts with all the contestants. Farah says Archana is in the kitchen, and Kartik is an MP. He comes from the backdoor. It’s her fantasy. Archana makes tea. Kartik hugs her, she says which gate did you come from Bhaiya? Everyone laughs. Tina comes next. She says Monjolica should purpose Kartik. Sumbul goes next. Sumbul acts like her. Priyanka goes on stage. She says do love aj kal too. Priyanka says to stay away, you have started bothering me a lot. The song Shayad plays. Priyanka and Kartik dance. Nimrit goes again and does a scene from kuch kuch hota hai. Archana stands in front of them. Kartik says she came to save her brother.

Farah says now a task. You all care how is your image looking outside. You will be an image consultant and tell me who needs image consultancy from me. Shalin says, Priyanka. Farah says not Tina. Shalin says I don’t wanna meet again. Shalin says Priyanka has too much ego and she makes perceptions of people; Shalin gives him an image consultant card to Priyanka. Shiv says I want to give it to Archana. She has no humanity in her sometimes. She brings people down. Archana says okay fine. Stan comes, he says Archana. Stan says I would give it to Archana. He says Archana brings people down. She talks about faces and plays woman’s cards. Archana says I am not scared of you, you won’t decide if I would become MP or not. Sumbul says I wanna call Priyanka. She talks a lot but doesn’t let other people talk either as well. Priyanka says you all gang up on people. You have to be loud to be heard. Sumubl says you ignore Nimrit. Priyanka says I don’t like her. That’s very clear. Sumbul says does she avoid you? Priyanka says she does. Nimrit says you are so disrespectful and you turn your face away. Priyanka says she doesn’t even ask me about food, we don’t like each other, it’s very clear. Sumbul says you did the same and left the place when Nimrit was eating when the same happened with you didn’t like it. Nimrit comes next. She says please come, Tina. She is very arrogant, we can’t tolerate her queen behavior. We all are equal here. She says next is Priyanka. We have personal differences and she says stuff like you. I don’t like to see your face. You don’t look at people like we are beneath you. If you treat us ill I can’t even ask you stuff. Priyanka says what did I even say? Nimrit says your body language. We’re not as amazing as you are. Priyanka says I keep myself grounded. Tina says if you sit with her for an hour you would know. Priyanka comes next. She says I wanna call Nimirt. I like to avoid her. I have never given her attitude. She also talks to me in a rude tone. What you did in nomination, you did a personal attack, you brought my personal life and Ankit. Nimrit says I don’t care about your personal life. Priyanka says then better not to do personal attacks, you will get attitude in return. Shiv next. Nimrit says I wanna talk. Priyanka says it’s my place. She says Shiv, your game is good. But yes, you leave when I come there with food. You have done it many times. I don’t like it myself if someone has to leave.

Tina comes and calls Nimrit. She says I’ve never been rude to her. Her body language has been very rude to me. Archana comes and says I wanna call Shiv. Everyone can see he’s shaken. Be a good human first before questioning others. He gets so greedy over milk. He makes points out of nothing. Kartik says time to dance now. He dances with all the contestants.

Archana says he said I can’t be an MP. Who is he to do such personal attacks? Priyanka says they can do that. Others can’t. Stan says they don’t even let us talk. Shiv says Priyanka keeps saying I play alone. Who was Ankit? Who is Archana? Tina? Farah goes back to the house. She asks who is nominated. Tina, Shalin, Priyanka, and Shiv. I know you all want to get to finale week. It wasn’t easy to get here either. You also know who made it most difficult for you. Who was the speed breaker of your car? There are skills there. You have to put a sticker of that person’s name on the skull and break it with the hammer. Priyanka says it’s been Nimrit. I was happy that I know at least someone who is from the industry. I thought we could be friends. it’s fine we had some differences but now I got to know it stems from an old shoot that we did. I don’t even remember it, she has been holding some grudges from there. She targets and pokes me. Nimrit doesn’t let her friends talk to me. She has created this image of myself too. Nimrit says we did the big-picture shoot. It was for 3 hours only. I thought my vibe doesn’t match. Which is fine, we can’t be friends with everyone. Priyanka says it’s fine to judge people in 3 hours and have preconceived notions. Farah says people judge in 3 minutes. Farah says did you try to be friends? Nimrit says I can’t be a hypocrite. Priyanka says she has spoken to Tina about me too. Nimrit says people have had personal experiences with her. Priyanka says Tina and Shalin were also told things by her. Shalin comes next. He says my image has been tainted because Tina has set a narrative about me. It would have been smooth if she wasn’t here. He smashes the skull. Tina says I rest my case. She comes next and says my journey has been Shalin. We were good friends, but he keeps me confused a lot. I couldn’t take a stand for myself. Shalin says I don’t trust her. I don’t even know if she was real. Tina drops the skull Farah says she dropped you like a hot potato. Tina says I had no reason to use you. Farah says it has benefitted you both. Sumbul comes next. She says for me it’s been Tina and Shalin. Tina called me obsessive. Shalin was my friend. I care about my friends. She also labeled me that I cry. I was dragged for no reason. Tina says Salman said on the weekend that you are obsessive. Sumbul says if I take a stand for Nimrit as a friend, would I be in love and obsessed with her? Stan says for me, it’s Archana. She puts blames me for no reason. He smashes the skull. Archana says for me it’s Shiv and Stan. Stan knows how to fight and Shiv pokes people. Stan says she judged me when I came here. She asked me thrice about a rapper I did a show with. How did she know if she didn’t know I came here? Archana says I didn’t know him at all. Shiv comes next. He says for me it’s Priyanka. She has said many things about me, she has her friends for her use only. She keeps saying that I do planning. Priyanka says you do that. Shiv says their next name is Archana. She is very loud. She plays girl cards. She said I don’t have a good eye. I don’t have a small mentality like her. Nimrit says I am an emotional fool. I got so attached to Tina. I didn’t understand that I was getting used. I was always with her. She wasn’t there when I needed her. Tina says I was there. She didn’t want to talk to me. Nimrit says she was so crazy about captaincy that she felt that jolt. I lost faith in friendship after that. And next is Priyanka. She repeated this line about me that I’ve never played alone. She has created this narrative about me that I haven’t played. If she can discuss nominations and fights for one reason so that’s playing for her. Tina says you all have discussed nominations as well. Farah says you all had speed breakers but you’re still here. Have a round of applause.

Farah says now one car will go home. The two safe nominees are, Priyanka. Priyanka says thank you, ma’am. She says the next safe person is Shiv. Tina and Shalin are in danger. You both if the other wasn’t there your journey would have been better. The person who will leave today due to votes is. Shalin or Tina. One of you. Shalin says why. She says now the name. It’s tina Datta. Come out, Tina. All the best. There’s something much better waiting for you out there. She says thank you. Sumbul says will we see her in the confession room tomorrow? She will come back crying. Nirmit laughs. Shalin says you can say. Tina says to Priyanka they will come on you. You will have all my support from outside. Tina hugs her. Priyanka says I will miss you. Archana hugs her. Tina meets everyone. Archana says to meet Shalin. Tina says I don’t want to. She leaves. Shalin says I kept my decency and stood here. Tina hugs Archana. She meets Stan. Shiv says don’t say anything Shalin. Tina leaves. Farah says Tina has left the house. The finale is only 2 weeks away. Good night.

Episode ends

Precap-Archana says one person ruined the image of two girls and sent them out. It’s Shalin. He did the same to Soundarya when she left and came to Tina. He is acting all good man here. We have all seen what he has done here. Archana says they have one soul. Shiv says you have sold your soul. Stan says you better not talk to us. Archana says he’s here because of Sajid. Get lost. Stan says I don’t need to ask you. Priyanka says you accuse people. Don’t mess with me.

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