Bigg Boss 16 31 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 31 December 2022

Day 87
8 AM
Everybody awakens and sings the song of praise.
Archana says they ought to keep milk in like manner. Shalin says you ought to ask Soundarya. She says you keep it. Sreejita says she began disturbing early morning. Sreejita says I’m not conversing with you. Nirmit says they ought to allow individuals to experience some harmony in the first part of the day. Sreejita expresses go from here. Shalin says presently individuals will battle about milk. Shiv shares with Archana room of 6 has more individuals. She says I’m saying leave one milk for tea. Shalin says Archana lady is saying nobody ought to drink milk in the event that she isn’t. Archan says this is my home. Sreejita says I’m not terrified of you.

Written Update Bigg Boss 16 Today Episode

9:15 AM
Sumbul shares with Sajid you didn’t take Ankit’s name. He says I wouldn’t. Sumbul says I generally approved of him. Vikas says Sumbul is saying I don’t have food. Sajid says quit battling in the first part of the day. Sumbul says you don’t let me know Vikas where would it be advisable for me I keep my staple. Vikas says she’s such a liar. He expresses on account of you we lost our groceries.9:30 PM
Shalin says don’t take things to your heart. She says I couldn’t care less. Stan says I told Vikas she’s a youngster. Sajid says he is provoking. Archana says I would be so cheerful seeing this Priyanka clean the nursery. Soundarya says she figures she won’t work. Sajid asks Sumbul would you say you were crying? She says he was provoking me. He says you ought to settle with him. Sumbul says I will slap him.

Bigg Boss 16 27Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

11 AM
Archana says I took just a single egg. Vikas says where did others go then, at that point? Vikas picks Maheen from the store. Everybody plays with her. Archana inquires as to whether individuals like individuals who represent themselves. He says your fellowships are genuine and others are phony. He says you ought to get down on your companions when they’re off-base. He s says you’re distant from everyone else as am I. Nobody battles for me. He says you, Tina. Shalin says we don’t have anything. He says so Sreejita and Shiv have a thing as well? Archana says she’s trying.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Spoiler Alerts 31 December 2022

Tina cooks. She says I made chicken. Vikas said to make me a roll. I said I can’t continue to cook for everybody. Archana embraces Maheen. Vikas says I can’t demand food. There’s something off about this. Tina says she is making an issue out of everything. Shalin says let her eat. Tina says Shalin I’m never right to you.

12 PM
Archana says individuals like these don’t work. I will likewise rest now. Shiv asks Maheen will you go out on the town with me? Tina tells Maheen I’m named. I am so miserable. They target me consistently. It’s been consistently. Shalin is a stain on companionship. He plays the casualty card and confounds me. Everybody thinks Tina is an obvious objective. You invigorate me Maheen. I was extremely garrulous in adolescence. Presently I don’t talk.

Abdu goes out. Shiv says would you say you are terrified of Maheen? He says no. Abdu plays with Maheen but on the other hand is somewhat terrified. Soundarya expresses come to bed. She holds Maheen. They play with Maheen. Archana says she said others can’t cook. She does nothing herself. Priyanka says let her yell. Archana says she truly do nothing right. She is so sluggish. How might she reside in Ankit’s home? Priyanka says she has no point. Priyanka says continue to cry, I won’t cook for you.

Sreejita says appears as though I will end up being the kitchen sovereign. I cook so well. Priyanka snickers. Archana yells. She says these individuals can’t converse with me straightforwardly. Sreejita says who needs to be like Archana. Sajid says she brought Priyanka back into the house. Soundarya says she doesn’t require companions. Sajid says individuals disliking her boisterous way of behaving. Soundarya says Sreejita is additionally replicating her. Shalin tells Maheen you are beautiful. Tina says she is like quieted down. Bigg Manager says Priyanka, her new companions Sreejita and everybody come to the living region. Archana giggles. Priyanka says basically I will not assign her like you. Soundarya says don’t drag me. Priyanka says who is talking from your point of view? Bigg Supervisor requests that Shalin send Maheen to the store room. He says a many individuals have numerous errors here. Archana thinks everything occurs here for her. She thinks we play frightened for her as it were. Archana says you do. If it’s not too much trouble, see the recordings. He says you’re not my chief. Bigg Manager says today is a captaincy task. Shalin’s #1 signal is no more. Shalin expresses rest in peace.

Bigg Supervisor says now we will have just 1 skipper. You need to pick 3 competitors from non-assigned candidates. Shiv says I would rather not be the chief. She lifts a hand for Archana. Archana says I don’t require captaincy. It is fearless alone. She says Sajid for what reason would you say you are quiet? You’re not uttering a word? He expresses out loud whatever do I need to do on the off chance that others are picking hands for you. Nobody lifts their hands for Archana. Everybody lifts hands for Abdu and Stan. Sreejita says for what reason did you lift your hands for Archana. He says I will uphold her. Priyanka says Stan, Shiv, and Abdu are the contenders.

4:15 PM
Sajid shares with Archana I lifted my hands for Abdu. She expresses gratitude for lifting her hands. Sajid tells Priyanka for what reason did you uphold Shiv? She says my desire. Nimrit says I needed to help my companion Archana. When did you uphold me? She says are you terrified of Priyanka. Soundarya says she did what she needed to. Shiv says stop fighting.

Tina says Sajid is exceptionally one-sided and he doesn’t allow captaincy to leave his gathering’s hands. Priyanka says Sajid generally has an end-all strategy. He’s extremely one-sided. Sreejita says precisely. Tina says you need to save Sumbul? Shalin says she really wants to go. She gets more slow. Sajid says young ladies like bushy young ladies. Archana says I like folks with a touch of hair. Shiv says I get it. Bigg Supervisor asks what are you cooking? She says gulgulay.

5 PM
Bigg Manager says how is Archana’s food? Tina says quite well. Priyanka says I’ve not eaten. Bigg Manager expresses time for the challenge between Stan, Abdu, and Shiv. Your fans will get back home this week. There will be a political race in eh house. The crowd will cast a ballot and pick the following commander. Your genuine fans will come to the house to cast a ballot. The competitor will give addresses about themselves and against the other competitor. You can take help from different hopefuls to do an exhibition and get your votes. Sajid shares with Abdu tell individuals I’m the cutest. I need to be the captain.

5:45 PM
Bigg Manager expresses out loud whatever are the competitor’s images? Shiv picks a pony, Abdu is a hare, and Stan is a giraffe. The crowd comes in. Abdu comes on the stage and says won’t you invite me (his tune line). He says I’m a charming individual and a fair commander. I came here for my language. I love all of you. You folks are very chalak. Everybody applauds him. He sings his melody chota bhaijaan. Shiv comes straightaway. He talks in Marathi. He says I don’t have any idea where this pony will go. Be that as it may, I had dreams like you. I came here from all of you. I don’t have the foggiest idea who will win yet your vote will give us certainty. Stan goes straightaway. He makes proper acquaintance. He says I was chief last week yet in 3 individuals. I don’t want to surrender. I want to lose yet in the wake of winning. He raps. Shiv says our family would win.

The crowd comes to the station to cast a ballot. Archana says seems as though Stan and Abdu have more possibilities. The whole family is a competitor. The gathering sidelines individuals. Shiv says she thinks I get no opportunity except for I allowed numerous opportunities. Priyanka says don’t cry rather attempt. She says am the genuine commander. Priyanka says see her crying. Shalin comes to the stage to move. Bigg Supervisor says you dance the best in a way that would sound natural to Tina. Everybody snickers. Bigg Manager says we have every one of the votes. Gratitude for coming guests.

6:30 PM
Sajid inquires as to whether she can make tea. Shalin tells Abdu you have worked with Salman. You have accomplished such a great deal more than them. You have many focuses to say. Archana and Vikas battle. She says you came here late. He says you won’t tell me. She says move. You can’t make tea. Priyanka reaches stop Vikas. Archana tosses bubbling water. Priyanka says would you say you are insane? you could consume me. Priyanka says she’s insane. Archana says I was making tea. Priyanka says she tossed bubbling water on me. Archana says nothing occurred. Vikas says on me as well. Archana says I don’t lie. I was cooking here. Shalin says would you say you are insane? You could consume them. Archana says did they consume? Abdu says she tossed water. That is extremely startling. Archana says I just moved it. I didn’t toss. Priyanka says everybody saw what you did. Vikas says it’s all around the floor and she moved it. Archana shouts. Soundarya says for what reason did you come to her Vikas? he says quit guarding her. Soundaryas says you can’t yell like this. He tosses the pot. Soundarya says Ia m here. For what reason did you toss? He tells me directly. Sreejita and Shalin quiet down Vikas. Archana says he won’t allow me to cook. Vikas says she incites individuals. He says she tossed bubbling water on Priyanka.

Nimrit says he’s named. He is searching because of reasons. Sumbul says Priyanka additionally pushed Archana. Shiv says yet she could hurt somebody. Vikas says you saw what she did Sajid. Sajid says to control your annoyance. Shalin asks Priyanka would you say you are alright? She tells me directly. Shalin says don’t do things like this. Archana says ask your companions. He says it was you who tossed it. Archana says I was cooking. Vikas eliminated my pot.

6 PM
The subsequent round begins when they need to criticize one another. Abdu starts things out. He says love, you all. He says they are my siblings. I would rather not denounce them. Assuming that I become skipper I will be cheerful. Assuming they become commanders, I will be really cheerful. Vote in favor of anybody. Love you folks. Shiv says Abdu and Stan merit it. At the point when Abdu becomes commander he doesn’t allow us to ask any young lady to focus for a moment and Stan was a skipper of 3 individuals. We will see him in full power when he turns into the commander. Stan says I can’t criticize my siblings. I will be cheerful assuming they’re commanders. They will be glad for me. our bond is exceptionally unadulterated. We are family, I surrender it to you who you vote in favor of. Tina says Stan will win. The crowd votes. They request that Shiv dance. This takes Priyanka and hits the dance floor with her. Bi

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