Bigg Boss 16 4 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 4 January 2023

Weekend ka vaar
Salman invites everybody. He says it’s the last end of the week in 2022. The candidates had a basic undertaking today. They needed to tell about the individual whose wrongdoings are spilling over. Priyanka says Archana is my name. She doesn’t esteem food and makes it awful for other people. She is certainly not a steadfast companion. She tells individuals you won’t work and reviles individuals. She tosses water on her. Shalin says it’s Archana. Her language is really awful. She has a filthy heart. She can hurt individuals. She talks merciless soil. She doesn’t regard Bigg Chief or Salman. She’s a filthy human. Tina comes. She says now she will call my heart dull. Tina says she moves when individuals go. She was crying when she needed to go. We were not moving. She bodies disgracing and reviles individuals. Archana says to see Priyanka’s secretary talking. Sreejita says she’s harmed me a ton since I confided in her. Vikas likewise calls Archana. He says she doesn’t regard her own folks. Her jokes are a veil. She utilizes things you share with her against you. Sajid additionally takes Archana’s name. He says nobody is a delinquent except for I concur with Shalin. She harms individuals and attempts to individuals be our manager. Abdu calls Vikas. He says he figures I don’t grasp things however I do. Stan likewise calls Archana. She says I just dried myself. See at any rate. He says it’s the undertaking. You can’t tell Bigg Chief. Vikas says it’s an errand. Archana says now when I talk about your significant other you will cry. Priyanka says this is your world. Stan says don’t show me mankind I’ve made a collection on it. Sit quietly now. He says she harms individuals. She’s harmed Sumbul. She tore down her face. She talks about individuals’ families. Your folks are additionally watching. She says I have a family. Stan says others do also. He says she asked me for what reason am I well known. Archana says I didn’t have any idea what your identity is. Shiv comes. He says Shalin. I don’t figure out his focuses. He talks about things from an external perspective. He goes to individuals and talks despite my good faith. Shalin says I have not. Soundarya says I heard you addressing Priyanka also. Priyanka says don’t drag me, Soundarya. Shiv says you talk behind the backs of Abdu, Sumbul, Nimrit, met, and stan. Don’t lie.

Written Update Bigg Boss 16 Today Episode

Nimrit says it’s Shalin. His kinship is phony. He isn’t even genuine to Tina. Shalin says that is your viewpoint. She says no doubt it must be mine. Nimrit says he has an excessive amount of carelessness. He believes he’s Bigg Chief. According to sumbul, Tina. She talked such seriously against my father. Tina says your father said you will win. Sumbul says she said I will go to your father also. Tina says that is not what I said. Sumbul says then she cries when Archana does likewise. Sumbul calls Shalin next. Tina says see you were feeling awful for her. She says this man says you stand firm and afterward calls me powerless. He has no stand. e Why should you choose frail and solid? The crowd will choose it. I’m still here. Try not to choose for others. Zero in on yourself.Soundarya says initially is Shalin. He harms individuals. We’re in a show where our character shows. He assumes he knows it all. The Varieties group is after him. He realizes who will go and when. For his purposes, this show may be a joke. Soundarya says he gets individual and goes disgraceful. He said he’s not my father’s worker. He doesn’t meet all requirements to be. Shalin says to keep an eye on. Archana says you mind. Tina says I can deal with myself. Soundarya says he has the most twofold norms. He’s exceptionally befuddled. Tina says don’t involve ladies as an overly critical term. Soundarya says he has spoken the most obviously awful things about Tina which I won’t rehash. Shalin says I can say a great deal regarding you as well. She says better believe it say it. Tina asks Nimrit what did he say? Nimrit says you know the sort of things he says. Archana comes straightaway. She calls Vikas. She says he incites individuals. Vikas expresses better believe it as though you really want anybody to incite you. She says don’t bark. He says to converse with your folks like this. Archana says sit. Vikas says I will not. Archana says OK I am staying here. Bigg Supervisor says to proceed with the errand. Archana tosses water on him. Archana calls Tina next. She says she undermines me Zuzu will deal with her. Tina says in the event that you settle things don’t hold it to your heart. Priyanka says she doesn’t have anything to say. Archana says she figures she will win with her phony love point. Tina says you don’t have a solitary companion. She calls Shalin next. She says Shallin thinks he knows it all. He thinks everybody is uninformed. Just he has cash and he is instructed. Nimrit says she believes she’s exceptional. She calls Priyanka eventually. Archana says to make companionships with heart. Priyanka says as you did and moves on Ankit leaving. Archana says Salmanwon’t even converse with you assuming you talk this boisterously. Priyanka says you better not discuss companionship. Archana says this is my task.

Bigg Boss 16 4 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Archana battles with Vikas over the washroom. Sajid says everybody was calling Archana. Stan likewise flew off the handle at me. Stan says sir you can sit with Archana. Nimrit says they focus on her. Sajid says it must be somewhat adjusted. The assignment I disagree with the. It’s cold and filthy water. She was shuddering. Nimrit says we are additionally cleaning up with cold water. Archana says Vikas takes such a long time to shower. Stan tells Shiv Sajid saying mankind. Try not to instruct it to me. I can have my viewpoint. I could do without her.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Spoiler Alerts 4 January 2023

Shalin requests that Soundarya let Tina know what he said. Soundarya says he addressed me on the seventeenth development and requested that I vow to never tell you. He said I was put resources into all of this and she played me. She did it for the camera. Tina says I asked him what did they discuss and he said I talked about Gautam. Soundarya says we talked about that too. Archana says have some disgrace. Emerge. Tina says I won’t buy any avocation. You can’t agree with his position Sajid sir. Sajid expresses not my issue to worry about. Sajid says I’ve heard you saying multiple times I have zero faith in Shalin. Tina says I express that right in front of him. Tina says according to the game point of view. He’s playing these games. Sajid says then don’t converse with him. Sreejit says stand firm. Sajid says don’t come like Shaaaah tea, Shaah espresso. Sajid says don’t do this. Archana says three individuals shower and you didn’t emerge. He says I will take however long I need. Tina says I told you plainly I have trust issues. Shalin says you expressed it before also. Tina says you do manipulate me. Shalin says prior to leaving did you never oppose me? She says I pick things for you in the staple. Sreejita says truth be told. She picks your decision the initial time. Tina says get lost. She says never address me saying sorry. He says get lost. Tina says this is your character and reality. Tina says this man can never be faithful to anybody. Expressed tells Shiv this is to allow them one more week’s life.

Archana says the washroom is so filthy. Soundarya says he cleans it. She expresses Priyankashowered here. Priyanka says Tina likewise showered after me. Archana says those are your garments. Priyanka says in the event that you have an issue clean it. Archana says I’m not your worker. Priyanka says this isn’t your work. she says I washed it. Priyanka says I would rather not. Archana says your future parents in law are watching. She says you shouldn’t stress over that. Who will wed you? Shiv tells Shalin you ought to have addressed me straightforwardly. Shalin says I just told her I could have done without her being additional near you. Shiv says you might have expressed it to me as opposed to calling me a womanizer to Sajid. Shalin says it wasn’t my intention.

Salman says they’ve all tossed filthy water on Archana. A few privileged insights have come out as well. Poor Shalin. Tina, Chicken, Tauqeer Sahab, and afterward signal. Salman invites everybody. He says how are you Abdu? Abdu says I miss you Abdu. Salman says you have changed after you returned. He says no sir. Salman says you ought to. You look exceptionally pleasant. Abdu says you look hot. Salman says much obliged. Salman says Sajid and Stan when Sumbul was moving before electors, what were you both doing? Sajid says she’s a piece like Govinda, Ranveer Singh, and Dharam jee. Her appearances are exceptionally entertaining. Sumbul chuckles. Salman asks Tina if it’s not too much trouble, quit calling Stan Stana. You can call him Stand all things considered. He says Sumbul you share your perceptions about everybody with Shiv. Could you at any point educate perceptions regarding yourself? She says all is great. I’m opening up at this point. I get terrified toward the beginning. Salman says you made most companions in the beginning. Salman says Sajid you made Humshakal. How might Tauqeer and his doppelganger answer it? Sajid says beti your response was intricate. We will request that your electors send you to the last. Stan talks a sonnet. Everybody giggles. Sajid says it’s for no particular reason. Salman says to sit tight for his call.

Salman says all of you have numerous perceptions like we support this individual since they are variety’s face. However, whenever it first was said she’s Variety’s face and we will uphold her. So all of you figure we will uphold Archana? Right, Shalin? He says OK. Salman says Priyanka and Tina were discussing variety faces who have both done variety shows Shalin who’s accessible at a half markdown and Sajid who did his show on Tones. Nimrit said we won’t throw out Archana. She says I didn’t say that. Salman says all of you figure I won’t converse with Archana yet I need to converse with Archana alone. Every one of you head inside. They head inside. Salman says Archana in the event that you want to express whatever you might be thinking. Shalin says I want to believe that he shows her a thing or two. Vikas says she won’t actually comprehend. Tina says she’s extremely sharp. Salman says you want to control your language. Assuming you want to drag anybody’s family you will be valued? You have tainted your own appearance with all of this however you said you couldn’t care less about your picture. Individuals are despising you for this language. You cross the cutoff. Archana says I will fix it. She says they target me. Salman says your focuses are correct however you utilize foul language. What you said a

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