Bigg Boss 16 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 6 January 2023

Scene 1
Nimrit says it was Stan’s second, Shalin and Tina were attempting to grab it. Sajid says one day you’re the most terrible individual and afterward I love you. Nimrit says her track is finished. Archana says they did everything before general society. Soundarya says Tina just said I can’t stand him. Sajid comes. Archana expresses out loud whatever was this sir. Soundarya says she consumed his photograph. Archana says such a show. Archana says the crowd can see. They have no disgrace. Soundarya inquires as to whether her folks are not watching. Nimrit says Shiv has another dearest companion. Priyanka. He was hitting the dance floor with her. He embraces her and says never.

Written Update Bigg Boss 16 Today Episode

1 AM
Shalin embraces Priyanka and says a blissful new year. Priyanka embraces tina. Sajid says Shalin is a particularly phony man. Priyanka generally said that. Shiv says it’s excessively phony. Stan says they’re demolishing affection’s name. Sajid says they’re the two entertainers. Sumbul says that is the reason my father called them snakes.1:15 AM
Archana says they’ve made me evil. I was rarely this way. She chuckles. Archana says cheerful new year Bigg Chief. I have named your Bugoy now. I will not say anything negative to you any longer. Archana says the crowd was chuckling at Shalin and Tina. Soundarya says it was all phony. Tina says the party shouldn’t have occurred. We come near it. I was doing fine. Shalin says you’re dependably discourteous. She says you never at any point express sorry to me. He says for what? Shalin expresses sorry for everything. Archana and Soundarya look into their room. Archana says Zuzu will kill him. Soundarya says poor Zuzu. They ridicule them. Archana, I can’t survive without you, Shah… Soundarya says you play with Shiv and Stan however we will stand out enough to be noticed along these lines. Nimrit says she said he gets oppressive and forceful and I want to stand and set a model and see what is she doing now. She’s consuming her own picture. Archana says Soundarya you likewise don’t do back to Gautam. Nimrit says it was better for you that he left. Archana says you’re playing all alone now.

Bigg Boss 16 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

day 93
8 AM
Everybody awakens and sings the hymn. Abdy embraces Shalin and Tina and wishes them a cheerful new year. Abdu says both of you generally embrace now. Tina says it was for the new year as it were. Abdu says both of you are insane. Sajid says Priyanka is playing them all. Archana says they will get cozy before their in-laws.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Spoiler Alerts 6 January 2023

9:45 AM
Tina says Nimrit is saying Sreejita cut the onions and left them here. Priyanka says individuals are becoming investigators now. Ask Sreejita straightforwardly. Tina says definitely don’t awaken us. Tina says don’t come and screw with me now. Nirmit says don’t get firey. Tina says she just awakened after the end of the week. Nimrit says basically I don’t make counterfeit connections like you. Tina says definitely everybody knows your phony companions and don’t behave like Archana 2. Tina shares with Shiv for what reason is she conversing with me. Shiv says I can’t prevent individuals from conversing with others.

10:30 AM
Sajid tells Archana Priyanka overlooked her dish. Ask her, would you say you are frightened of her? Shalin sus it was mine. I’ve cleaned it. Archana says I won’t give them any recording now. Shalin says they will all attempt to include. Nimrit is so regrettable, she’s compelling her association. Tina says we will overlook them. Nimrit lets Sreejita know how Shalin left the food and was quiet when there was a battle. Priyanka tells Shalin and Tina figure out how to be together if you both like one another. Gain from one another. Sreejita tells Tina Nimrit let me know you put fault on me. Tina says she’s lying. Priyanka says she came to you alone to incite you.

11:45 AM
Sumbul asks Abdu and Shiv what are you both doing. Abdu says he’s speaking profanely. They giggle. Abdu says I’m fine. Abdu says my garments are short. Shiv says to pull the tracks down like Stan. He laughs.

Shalin shares with Tina you make a big difference to me. Tina says in the event that I make a difference to you it ought to be elite. He says I will attempt. Sumbul brings Maheen inside. Tina plays with her. Sajid asks Sumbul for what reason did you go there. She says it was Maheen. Soundarya says Sreejita gets insane over the nomination.

2:30 PM
Archana and Shiv are in the admission room. Bigg Manager asks how was the occasion. Archana says it was enjoyable. I didn’t see its vast majority. Bigg Manager expresses was there anything unique? Shiv says he’s talking regarding Shalin and Tina. Archana says w were stunned. Shiv says their adoration awakened immediately before the group. Archana says nobody offered them consideration. Tina did this for consideration. It’s the ideal opportunity for the proposition. He will do that show now. Bigg Manager asks what’s the truth. Shiv says they’re the two fakes. Archana says she will propose in the following two days. Bigg Supervisor says it’s all pre-arranged? Archana says they had common plans. They composed this whole story. Shiv says Tina has a sweetheart outside. Archana says she probably let him know it’s a plot. Shiv says everybody saw they despised one another and afterward unexpectedly all the love.

3:15 PM
Stan says Bigg Manager was asking what’s going on with they. Soundarya says why they call each other companions. Nimrit says they were not in any event, talking before the occasion. They come close like Shalin and Tina. Stan gets out whatever sort of companions are they. Sajid says you could get private in the room.

Bigg Manager calls everybody in the nursery. Everybody sits in places of their names and Shiv in a glass room. He says you are experiencing your excursion here. He says this week is for your opportunity and karma. Today is assignments day. You are in the place of your name. There will stack shed. Just 4 houses will have the light. The houses without light, eventually, will be selected. He requests that Shiv tell his 7 names first. He says Tina, she’s not involved. He takes out her circuit. He says the second is Shalin, he isn’t genuine to me. he says the third is Priyanka, she’s major areas of strength for exceptionally her. Next is Archana, she’s areas of strength for likewise. He says Soundarya is straightaway, she seems to be Archana’s ally. Soundarya says I have my own game yet I support my companion. As you do. He expresses my next name is Sreejita. She incites things. Archana says this will be entertaining. Priyanka says prepare companions. He expresses my next name is Sumbul. Sajid says take my name. He says no sir. Shiv says her karma would work. Bigg Manager says that is not an explanation. He says she needs to stand firm. Archana says Sumbul is there to just cook. Bigg Manager says you’re all at serious risk and you get an opportunity to save yourself.

Shiv will turn a wheel. The individual whose name comes on the board will turn into an official of the power office. You will cut the illumination of a house that has a light and give it to a dim house. You can save one and choose another. After 4 rounds, houses that have light will be saved. Archana laughs.

4:45 AM
Nimrit’s name comes on the board. Nimrit gives light to Sumbul and takes from Sajid. She says Sumbul ought to get one more opportunity. Bigg Supervisor says she’s more grounded than Sajid Nirmit says no sir except for she ought to be allowed an opportunity. Priyanka says the number of additional possibilities. Bigg Supervisor says this was Sajid’s choice. Sajid says I’ve confidence in my crowd. Bigg Supervisor says a not in Sumbul’s fans? he says she resembles my little girl. I will make her the finalist. Priyanka says definitely fine.

Shiv turns straightaway. It stops on Sreejita. Sreejita says cuts Sumbul’s power and gives Priyanka light. She says Sumbul has no mission here and Priyanka has the will to win. Sumbul says you get individual. Priyanka says they will continue to do counterfeit kinships. Sumbul says we’re not conversing with you. Priyanka says she’s my companion. Shiv turns the wheel once more. It stops on Shalin. Bigg Supervisor says who will you save? Archana says Tina is protected. He saves Tina and cuts Nimrit’s light. He says Tina is solid without yelling. Nirmit isn’t associated with any way. Sumbul says Tina has such a lot of contribution. Bigg Manager says your fellowship saved you, Tina. Tina says essentially we are predictable. Once more, shiv turns. It stops on Abdu. He says I don’t have the foggiest idea. He says I need off Tina’s light and saves Nimrit. Their fellowship is phony. Bigg Manager says Nimrit, Priyanka, Abdu, and Stan are protected. Bigg Manager says Shalin’s work wasn’t genuine maybe.

Bigg Supervisor says Tina, Shalin, Soundarya, Archana, Sreejita, and Sumbul are selected. Archana is miserable. Shalin embraces Tina and says I attempted. Priyanka says it was so fair. Bigg Supervisor says I’m sorrowful Priyanka. You’re protected so it’s fair? Sreejita says it was fun.

6:45 PM
Said says I am so terrified I’m named. Sajid says you said I get terrified. Sreejita says I never said it. He says Soundarya tells her. Sreejit says I just said it influences him. Sajid says assuming that it did how could I relinquish my captaincy? Sreejita says you fault after you’re designated. He says I couldn’t care less. Sreejita says Soundarya you incite individuals. Soundarya says you said it not me. You’re not excessively significant. Sreejita says I’m significant. Try not to yell. Sajid says she said I get frightened. Sreejit says I never said it. Sajid says I didn’t take Ankit’s name that is my fellowship. Indeed, even Priyanka took time. Priyanka says don’t contrast it and mine. It doesn’t have anything to do with today.

Soundarya says Sreejita needs consideration now. Sajid says Shalin said Tina is more required than Nimrit. Sumbul says more associated with Shalin. Sajid says Priyanka despises me in light of the fact that Ankit let me know a ton of things. Nimrit says I know.

7 PM
Bigg Manager asks Priyanka did you like the occasion? She says OK a great deal. He asks was a strange thing. She says Shalin and Tinam. They were battling and unexpectedly they were so close. I don’t get it. Bigg Manager says so it’s phony? She says I thought Tina fakes it however Shalin is an extremely befuddled individual. They’re totally different individuals. There are no certifiable connections. Bigg Manager says we simply don’t believe that you should become Nimrit in Gautam andSoundarya. Could Shalin save you over her? She says no he would save Tina except for that is clear. It’s acknowledgment. I got the point. He says basically your enmity is genuine. Archana said her kinship with you was genuine. Are Tina and Shalin genuine?

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