Bigg Boss 16 7 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 7 January 2023

Day 94
8 AM
Everybody awakens and sings the song of devotion. Shalin and Tina talk. Tina says give me cleanser. He doesn’t actually. Tina says certain individuals are so mean. Shalin checks her out. Tina grins. She says you’re such a liar. According to he, OK aunt. She says your neighbor would be an aunty.

Written Update Bigg Boss 16 Today Episode

Archana says Priyanka has such countless natural products she didn’t provide for anybody. Tina says Archana we need to make breakfast too. Others need to eat too. Archana says you were occupied with your sentiment. She says everybody embraces here don’t call it sentiment. Modest mindset. Soundayra likewise embraces individuals. Soundarya says don’t get me it. Archana gets out whatever fellowship is this. Tina says you have no class, so modest. Soundarya says she gets so cautious to save her deeds.10:15 AM
Tina says they would do anything for votes. They are so terrified of votes. Archana kicks the bucket for the number game. Nimrit says Archana has meddled with their brain. shiv says yet it’s Archana’s error as well. Sajid says it’s making her a greater star. Sajid says to think according to the crowd’s viewpoint. Archana plays with Maheen. she says Maheen do you adore me? Maheen leaves.

Bigg Boss 16 7 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

11:45 AM
Shalin shares with Tina Archana does not merit conversing with you. Nobody converses with her. She incites individuals for not an obvious explanation. Soundarya is addressing us truly? She was with Gautam in the washroom. Everybody understand what she was doing. Abdu and sajid play with water. Abdu says don’t be terrified of water. Come here. Abdu searches for sajid. Sajid hides.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Spoiler Alerts 7 January 2023

2 PM
Priyanka says Shiv daal chawal is being made. I don’t eat it. Nobody asks us. we will prepare our food. Nimrit says there’s vegetable left from yesterday. Priyanka says I’m not in any event, conversing with you. Priyanka says don’t do this for consideration. Soundarya says she’s not a princess here. Nimrit says she was preparing when it was inquired. Sajid says they have a bloom and a blade in one hand.

Shalin prepares. Bigg Manager says currently you’re prepared come to the living region. He says we should play chance week once more. All non-named competitors get an opportunity to become chiefs. There will be horns in the house. A ball would fall. Any remaining hopefuls will get it and placed their preferred ball in the competitor. On the off chance that the ball contacts the ground it will be disposed of. You need to safeguard the balls while assigned competitors will get the ball. Sajid will be the umpire.

3:30 PM
Tina tells Priyanka I will play for you. Sajid says competitors can select every others’ balls no others. The ball falls the initial time. Shalin and Tina murmur. Bigg Manager inquires as to whether they can’t partake in this round. Ball falls. Sreejita falls. The ball falls. Soundarya gets the ball and gives it to Abdu goes inside the bin to safeguard it. Shalin gets the ball in the following round and gives it to Priyanka. Tina says Bigg Supervisor you didn’t call me into an admission room. He says Tina you murmur to Shalin. Archana says she can’t discuss front of everybody. Tina says I want to converse with you one on one Bigg Chief. Ball falls. Soundarya picks it. Sajid tosses it and says it fell. Be fair. Once more, the ball falls. Shalin gets it and gives it to Shalin. Bigg Supervisor says Tina you mightn’t? Everybody giggles. Shalin says better believe it she can’t get. Bigg Supervisor says to stay on course. Everybody snickers. Once more, the ball falls. Shiv gets it. He gives it to Abdu. Sajid says there will be a rivalry among Shalin and Shiv. Sumbul is investing sufficient effort. The ball falls, and Shalin gets it. Sajid says he has a level advantage.

4:15 PM
Stan says Abdu is in the bin. Sajid says Priyanka and Abdu step out. She says it’s anything but a standard. you can’t make your own standard. Once more, the ball falls. Priyanka says I won’t venture out. Sajid says I will exclude. Priyanka says how might you make another standard. You didn’t ask Abdu. This is excessively. Priyanka says for what reason didn’t you express it previously? Priyanka says you generally cheat Sajid. Sajid says on the off chance that any other person contacts the ball I will exclude. Nimrit says who needs to safeguard then, at that point? Shalin says stay out of other people’s affairs Nimrit. Nimrit says I wasn’t conversing with you. She expresses out loud whatever’s the issue with you? Ball falls. Soundarya gives it to Abdu.

4:30 PM
Sumbul gets the ball and gives it to Abdu. Priyanka says undertakings are dependably uncalled for as a result of such umpires. He says I can exclude you. Priyanka says to make it happen. Try not to undermine me. Tina says everybody can see what you are doing. Try not to undermine us. Tina expresses out loud whatever you’re doing is off-base. Abdu can sit inside, yet Priyanka can’t. Nimrit says don’t weep for captaincy. Priyanka says don’t converse with me. Sajid asks tina what have I done he says I won’t ever swindle. Tina says you generally do it whenever the timing is ideal. He says you can’t converse with me like that. She says I can. You can’t converse with me like that. I will likewise speak loudly. She says everybody can see your covetousness for the game. Sajid says I was overall fair. When was I unreasonable? She says you take steps to preclude for not a great explanation. Bigg Supervisor says this will be the last ball. The undertaking bell will choose the finish of the assignment. The ball tumbles to the ground. Sajid says Shiv and Shalin won’t grab. Priyanka says it doesn’t make any difference. Priyanka says Sajid generally compromises us. Soundarya says disregard Tina. Ringer blasts. The assignment closes, and the says Id I don’t need to cheat for my skipper. Abdu is the new chief. Priyanka salutes Abdu.

Nimrit says you know why she got it done, Sajid. Sajid says she will come and express sorry following an hour now. Sajid asks Abdu you realize who save from selection? He says OK. Tina shares with Sajid I was frantic at you for compromising us. Sajid says they say I’m somewhat unreasonable. Tina says on one can get down on him. He was yelling himself. You are yelling, I will not tune in. I’m not terrified of you.

7 PM
Archana says Abdu’ washroom isn’t perfect and the powder room isn’t spotless by the same token. Shuv says when did you clean it? She says I did it threefold. Shiv says it will be done then, at that point. Shiv says you’re pointless yourself. She says you’re a weakling. They battle. Sreejita says would it be advisable for us to say currently she’s doing it since she’s selected? Shiv says have water. Sreejita says needs film in light of the fact that named. Archana says you’re likewise named. Sreejita says I’m not terrified like you. you hurry to gatherings. Shalin says she freaks out. Tina says the manner in which you addressed me. He says you’re insane. She expresses check your language out. He says I can’t fix each word. Tina says you don’t need to. He says you’ve wrecked my brain. He says you a say anything and you would see any problems each word.

Archana says Abdu it’s your obligation, it’s excessively filthy. Abdu says proceed to clean at this point. She says for what reason would it be advisable for me I. Shalin tells Tian you simply need an issue constantly. Priyanka says I’m going, to talk one on one. Shalin says it’s fine. Tina tosses a container and leaves out of frustration. Priyanka says it was my jug. Tina cries in the washroom.

7:30 PM
Nimrit says why si she making this issue now. Shiv says sI will tell Archana now. Archana says Stan used to rest day in and day out. Nimrit says then converse with Stan. Archana says Shiv you’re not the chief at this point. I will converse with the chief. Shiv says proceed to converse with Stan. Could it be said that you are frightened? Archana says the crowd could do without appalling individuals like you Stan. Stan says get lost. I realize how nauseating you are. She says he doesn’t perfect, is fans see. Stan says I’m not your father’s worker. Archana says don’t acquire my father it, Bigg Supervisor is my father. Stan says your mother would be aware. He says don’t act modest with me I will as well. This isn’t your mother’s home. Archana says have some disgrace. Do you have a mother? Figure out how to regard others’ mothers as well. Stna says you said Bigg Manager is your father. Priyanka shares with Shiv this is what I generally said in her language. She stoops so low. All of you empowered her. Stna says you’re not a young lady, they’re all young ladies. You are a diffusing lady. She says you are appalling. You can’t regard my mother. The says I know who to regard. Stan says don’t play these cards with me. Archana says see your face. He says my face is superior to yours. She says you will continuously pursue them. Archana yells and misuses. Stan says perceive how she mishandles. She said Bigg Manager is her dad.

Shalin tells Archana for what reason did you need to jab? Stan says don’t get my fans it. Sajid agrees with Stan to a particular position. Stna says she’s telling my fans I’m nauseating. I have one father in particular. Archana says get lost. I will show you how to function. Archana says you will continuously be a follower.

8 PM
Archana says I won’t cook till the washroom is cleaned. Shiv says you need to take care of your responsibilities. She says you will see what I can do. Shiv says I’ve seen many like you. I know how to bring you on the web. Archana says I will do nothing. Shiv says you can’t instruct others. Stan says she needs to get film. She will get on television with my assistance. Sumbul is resting. Alert booms. Sajid says Sumbul awaken. Archana says to figure out how to regard guardians. Stan says do you regard others’ folks. She says I do. She says Salman requested that I control if not I would make you cry. He says you bonehead. She says your gf is inept. Stan says basically I’m one father’s child. Archana says now I will tell Salman I remained quiet for you. Shiv takes Stan inside. Archana inquires as to whether was he not off-base. Soundarya says Salman requested that you be quiet. Archana says di you see what he said? Shiv says she incites individuals. Soundarya says end it. Archana says I won’t work either now. She yells. She says have some disgrace, Stan. He says you insane lady. Go on the pathway. She says your junk. Archana tells Sajid I will converse with Salman. I would have broken his face. Sajid says quiet down.

Nimrit says for what reason didn’t she begin yesterday? Shiv says she needs to do this show. Archana says everybody gets after me. Shiv kicked me outside. They tossed my garments outside. Nimrit says she freaks out. Stan says she can

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