Bigg Boss 16 9 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update 9 January 2023

Day 94
9:45 PM
Stan says I want to take volunteer exit. Nimrit says would you say you are insane? Sajid says go slap her, you will be out. He says I’m going. Shiv stops him. He says I’m going seriously. Shiv says stop it. Sajid says you will take the exit in light of her. We will go to the last. Try not to be a youngster. Shiv says she incites you don’t allow it to get to you. Stan says everybody is her ally. Shiv says her mix-ups aren’t engaged. Sajid says I say that day from one.

Written Update Bigg Boss 16 Today Episode

10 PM
Nimrit says kindly eat Stan. He says I would rather not eat. Shiv says to eat for Boba and mother. Soundarya says he’s frantic at you from the day you said you sit idle. Shiv says don’t be feeble on account of her. Open the entryway. Abdu says she’s bad at Bigg Chief. Sajid says kindly eat. Stan says on the off chance that she wasn’t a young lady, I would drag her with her hair. Shiv makes him eat. Abdu says she has no cerebrum. Stna goes out. He kicks the seat. Sajid says we’re your companions, not a sitters. We love you when you perform, however there’s something wrong with this. Individuals love you that is the reason they believe you should succeed. Stan says for what reason were you saying you want to leave. He says I said yet I settled right? Stan says it happens consistently. Sajid says alright it’s my issue. Sajid tells Abdu you’re hot. Abdu says I’m cute.6 AM
Archana says these individuals attempt to battle with me like clockwork. They’re hauling guardians into this. This is excessively. I am so drained. I was a particularly fun young lady. Soundarya says they’ve made your picture forceful at this point. She says Abdu was overlooking me when I said the washroom isn’t perfect. I will rest day in and day out. She cries and says my mother left her better half for me, she had two choices, children or spouse. She picked me. I can’t endure this. I don’t want to battle anymore.

Bigg Boss 16 9 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Day 95
8 AM
Everybody awakens and sings the song of devotion. Soundarya embraces Archana. Abdu says I am so tired. Sajid and Abdu play high-five games. Sajid says we want to take eggs. Sumbul says I will track down them. Nimrit expresses out loud whatever an arrangement. She says can’t take hearts. Nobody is worth the effort. Sajid says nobody is keen on your exchanges. Soundarya lets Nimrit and Sajid know what Archana said. Nimrit says she generally abuses. She makes consistently about her. Sajid says she must be controlled. Stan is in a shell due to her. Soundarya says I attempted to make sense of for her. Nimrit says Archana is after Stan. Sajid says it since he’s popular.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Spoiler Alerts 9 January 2023

Shiv attempts to encourage Stan. He says you’re showing they can make you frail. She’s doing this to send you back to the shell. How about we go out. Soundarya shares with Shalin you said you kept me in limit. He says we had limits. Shalin says you expressed numerous things regarding me. I never let out the slightest peep about you to anybody. I swear on my child. Priyanka and Tina see them. Tina says I won’t let out the slightest peep. He thinks I disapprove of her. Sumbul shares with Shalin, I’m going. He says sluggishly. She says yes.

1:30 PM
Sreejita tells Shalin will you wed her? He says assuming that she figures out how to endure me. Sreeijta expresses you’ve to endure her too. She can be the best housewife. We will move at your wedding. He says we’re companions. She says all couples ought to be friends.

Abdu claims to be a young lady and goes on a bicycle ride with Shiv. They mess around. Shiv says you’re delightful. Abdu pushes him. Abdu says I’m a man. shiv says I’ve been tricked. Abdu tells Stan come we should have a good time. We can’t be miserable due to her. you’re great, she incites everyone.

2:15 PM
Shalin says please chicken for me. I picked balls for you. Priyanka says you shouldn’t give me those blessings. Tina says this is what I say. Priyanka says he drives all young ladies crazy. Maheen additionally lashes out at him., Tina says you drive all young ladies crazy. Priyanka says assuming that you come on target, you will be arranged. He says will you be my sweetheart then, at that point? She says high expectations? She snickers. He asks Maheen, and Maheen leaves. Priyanka laughs.

2:45 PM
Sajid tells Sumbiul you ruler is her. He will carry your proposition to Tauqeer. Sumbul says my father would beat Shalin so severely. Sreejita asks each and every individual who took the eggs.

Soundarya tells AArchana that Stan is extremely impacted. I want to leave here. Archana says he said such a terrible word. Ladies would hit him when he go out. Abdu asks Sumbul did you clean the nursery? He tells Tina her back is harming. Tina says I can’t carry out twofold responsibility. The kitchen is extremely filthy. She can demand her companions. Sajid says for what reason is she making an issue. Shiv says I will make it happen. Sreejita shares with Abdu could you at any point change my obligation? My knee harms. He says I can’t change. You can demand your companions. Tina says he will not. Let him know you can’t really care for Sumbul.

4:45 PM
Bigg Manager says Maheen you generally pay attention to me. Carry all candidates to the living region. Sajid says I’m frightened of her. Maheen goes to the store room. Bigg Manager asks how are all of you? Since asks have all of you been to a fair? Priyanka says OK. He says OK it’s fair. He says there’s a BB charge in the nursery. Everybody goes there and plays games.

5 PM
Bigg Supervisor says we have many games and I will be fair today Priyanka. We should associate it to your week by week staple. Sajid says destiny matters as it were. Everybody says no difficult work matters as well. Bigg Supervisor says the present game will be about both. You will play a game and the victor will open one entryway. It will be your staple behind the entryway. One entryway has food, the second has cold beverages and the last one would not have anything. The victor of the game will pick the entryway. Abdu will be an umpire and can take anything from the victors. Bigg Supervisor says the primary game is an inflatable game. Each inflatable has a clear chit with the exception of one. One gets its opportunity composed. You will be the champ assuming you track down that chit. One individual will play from each room. Priyanka, Sreejita, Archana, and Shiv play. Everybody blows the inflatables. Sreejita tracks down the chit. Shalin embraces her. Sreejita says I pick entryway 1. She opens it and it is clear. Bigg Supervisor says the remainder of the family can take what’s in different entryways. Everybody picks it.

6 PM
Bigg Supervisor says slow down 2 has a ton of grass and it has numerous candies. Just a single candy is white and orange. Assuming you find it you will be the champ. Tina, Shalin, Nimrit, and Soundarya play. Tina sees as her. She opens entryway 1. There’s nothing in it. Bigg Supervisor says there’s no staple for anybody. Every one of you will just eat candy.

Bigg Supervisor says the slow down of three has a container of fortune. Every one of you would sit and pivot it. Whoever it stops on will win. Abdu turns the jug. It stops on Archana. Everybody says it didn’t move with speed.d He tries again later. Archana leaves out of resentment. She says it halted on me. Try not to be so unreasonable. Abdu turns it, it stops on Stan. Archana says they need to make their gathering win like clockwork. Stan picks 1. There’s a virus drink in it.

5:45 PM
Bigg supervisor says there are vehicles on slow down 4. Pick yours and put your name on it. You pull it back and the vehicle that goes too far will win. Tina., Shalin, Sumbul and Soundarya play. Sumbul wins. She picks 3, which have a virus drink. Archana takes the virus drink. Sajid says it’s room 6. She says I asked Sumbul. Archana tells Soundarya he’s so modest. Sajid says your language was off-base. Archana says all of you depict me wrong. Nimrit says the manner in which Tina addresses Bigg Supervisor it’s so annoying.

6:15 Pm
Bigg Supervisor says the assignment has finished. This is the most exhausting fair I saw. Assuming your energy is so low and moping it will ponder your life. I’m discussing individuals like Archana, Tina, and Stan. Assuming you’re frail and need to converse with me about your own focuses, I will not do that. You can take your negative energy. Presently there’s no staple. Pout more. Priyanka says they accomplished such a great deal arrangement. Archana left it. Everybody expresses sorry to Bigg Chief. Priyanka says to get your own battles far from the assignment right. They set forth such a lot of energy. Priyanka says food will be kept in the middle. Abdus as I’m the chief. Shalin says let it be Priyanka. Priyanka says Abdu won’t give us anything. This must be put here.

6:30 PM
Archana says I likewise show some care. I additionally feel torment. She hits the sack and says I don’t want to play. Archana says assuming individuals are anticipating that you should call the admission room. Nobody grasps me here. What’s up with conversing with you? Sajid says they’re bad individuals Stan.

Everyone battles about the basic food item. Shiv says how about we keep milk in like manner. Archana says to give one in each room. Abdu inquires as to whether everybody is alright in the event that him giving chicken to Shalin. Nimrit says then, at that point, give all veg things to Soundarya. Sajid says let Abdu talk. He leaves in anger.

7 PM
Sumbul shares with Stan say sorry and end the battle. He says I will not. She depicted it wrong to me. I could never say sorry. She says you’re miserable on the grounds that you understood you were off-base. He says however my explanation is alright. Priyanka and Shiv contend. We said to keep it here. Shalin says I need to attempt to make you look terrible. Priyanka says show that in your activities. he says I can sit alone. Priyanka says your activities are unique. Tina says Priyanka is correct. Shalin says did I say you’re doing this for film? Priyanka says I needn’t bother with the recording. Tina says you generally trait it to benefits. Priyanka expresses pay attention to your words in a single sentence. Tina says your words and activities are never in total agreement. Priyanka says I could talk despite your good faith. It was something I needed to explain with you. Tina says now you get it? Sajid says they’re made Shalin a canine. Sumbul says he’s a man. They laugh.

7:30 PM
Sajid tells Stan you’re doing excessively. Nimrit says to let your responsibility out. It wasn’t your staple. Everybody did staple undertakings. Abdu says Tina additionally let one go. Sajid gets out whatever sort of commander you’re everybody took food from you? nobody paid attention to you. Does Abdu get out whatever do I do then?

Abdu shares with Shiv Sajid saying individuals aren’t paying attention to me, I’m not a decent chief. Shiv s

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