Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 15 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Written Update 15 December 2022

The Episode begins with Cart calling Indu. Indu inquires as to whether Zoon is fine. Cart tells that Kadambari pushed Zoon and she was going to fall when Ritesh held her on time. Indu returns home and inquires as to whether she is fine. Ritesh says I have reached with flawless timing and says assuming she had tumbled down. Indu says it was the arrangement. Ritesh asks what plan, to make her tumble down or to take a chance with her? Indu tells that she realize that it is hard to presented to you a kid and realize that Kadambari will get drained, get worn out lastly she will handover Zoon to us. Ritesh says you are utilizing Zoon. Indu says I’m her mom and won’t allow anything to happen to her. Profound says I will deal with Zoon. Indu inquires as to whether she is prepared. Zoon says she is ready.

Written Update Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Today Episode

Sameer requests that Kadambari rest and unwind as Zoon hasn’t arrived. Indu brings Zoon there. Sameer asks what is this show, your better half informed that the young lady will lay down with you both. Indu says my better half had failed to remember that Zoon’s folks are you both and not us. She says how might guardians rest without their youngster. Kadambari gets out whatever garbage, that is the reason I would have rather not brought forth her. Sameer requests that she shut up, and asks her not to say anything. Kadambari says I don’t have the foggiest idea why guardians bring forth the youngsters when they would rather not bring them up. Indu says precisely, when they can’t bring them up, why they give them birth. She says when the child comes in the mother’s lap then the mother’s reality forms in the child. Kadambari says she would rather not hear her talk. Indu says even I would rather not address you. She requests that Zoon lay down with her folks. Sameer says we have given one more space to her. Zoon says she gets terrified there. Kadambari says you showed her beginning and end. Indu says goodnight and goes.Ritesh requests that Rahul arrive at court for the trial at 10 am. Kaamna comes there and apologizes to Ritesh for thinking him wrong. She says I used to give you counterfeit love since your experience growing up, being eager about your cash and remembers to lead on the house. She says I fouled up with Indu and Zoon. She says Sameer whom I think as mine, was utilizing me. She says now I comprehended that relations don’t become with cheat yet with adoration. She is sorry. Indu calls Ritesh. Ritesh lets Kaamna know that he doesn’t realize right or wrong, however her telephone generally gave him mental fortitude and says I love you. Kaamna says I love you too from my heart. She says she will serve nourishment for themselves and goes. Indu lets Ritesh know that she is terrified. Ritesh requests that she take a gander at Zoon’s eyes and says your solidarity will multiplied seeing her eyes. He says my certainty expanded seeing Zoon, I ensure that God will accompany us. They say all the best.

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 10Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Kadambari flies off the handle on Sameer for not opening the care case call. Sameer says I didnt realize that case will open in the future. Kadambari says she came to be aware from attorney and tells that until this case will go on, legal advisor will figure out how to take stay on the property. She says we are not ready for the case.

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Latest Spoiler Alerts 15 December 2022

Sunita goes to the God and says Vivek and Asha went to court and appeals to God for Zoon’s care. She comes to Rajendra and says I have kept my hands all over and thought not to think anything until our kids take a choice. Rajendra says you are correct. Sunita says I have taken a choice and says she feels that Asha and Vivek like one another. Rajendra expresses similarly as things get fine, I will converse with Vivek and you will converse with Asha.

Vivaan comes to meet them and says I understand your opinion on me. He asks did you believe that I am like Sameer. He says Anjali and I love each other a ton and I will deal with her. He asks them to agree.

Zoon asks Gannu bhaiyya to help Genie Ritesh and Moj. Kaamna comes there and inquires as to whether I can petition him. Zoon says he is of everybody and hears everybody. Kaamna apologizes to Ganapati Bappa and says I have harmed this young lady. Zoon says my Moj says that on the off chance that we cry, we will get feeble. Kaamna says these tears are making me a superior individual, and apologizes to Zoon for disturbing her.Zoon says I used to be terrified of you, however not currently. Kaamna says you have excused me. Zoon says OK and embraces her. Kaamna appeals to God for Ritesh and Indu’s victory.

Dolly tells Kaamna that Indu told that the court decision will come after the break. She says she likewise said that kadambari got a call and ran indignantly from the court. Indu and Ritesh come there being stressed over Zoon. Indu requests that Zoon have food. Zoon asks did you win the case. Kadambari lets Sameer know that this legal counselor is distraught, and I will lose everything. She says presently case will go on property and such cases will go for a long time. She inquires as to whether we will bear this youngster for quite a long time until we get the property. Sameer says we have no choice, I have such a lot of credit to clear, and tells that Kaamna went to their side, and he has no expectations from Vivaan. He says Father got comfortable unfamiliar and changed his number. He says we are gravely suffocate. Kadambari says I have a way even at this point. She emerges and advises Indu that she don’t have to sit tight for court decision, she has concluded that Zoon will be content with (her) Indu, so that is the reason she will remain with her. Indu says really your legal advisor let you know that the property case will happen for a really long time, because of the stay on property. She says you are frightened and that is the reason returning. Kadambari says I would rather not battle. Indu says until the property decision comes, Zoon will finish her schooling and will get hitched by then.

Indu says you were unable to deal with her for an evening, how you will deal with her all life, that is the reason you are giving over Zoon to me. Kadambari says when we need to take off from in similar house, we will not battle. Kaamna requests that Kadambari leave from that point with Sameer and says simply get out. Indu says Kaamna di. Kaamna says this is the point at which I can redress my slip-up. Indu lets Kadambari know that she can meet Zoon at whatever point she needs, assuming her nurturing love stirs. Kadambari leaves. Indu gets Vivek’s call and comes to realize that they have won the care case. They get cheerful. Indu says there is another uplifting news, Moj has acknowledged Vivaan and Anjali’s collusion and coming here to talk. Cart says they will take the family pic. Ritesh and Indu present with Zoon. Cart and Kaamna grins seeing Ritesh and Indu’s blooming sentiment. The title melody plays… .They all posture with Zoon.

The Show ends.

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