Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Written Update 29 November 2022

The Episode begins with Vivaan asking Kaamna what’s happening with she? Kaamna says she is going out. Vivaan inquires as to why? Kaamna inquires as to whether he didn’t do that Sameer had abducted Asha, and is presently in prison. Vivaan says I truly don’t have the foggiest idea. He tells that Sameer doesn’t converse with him since Kadambari came in his life. Kaamna tells that she can’t see sameer’s life demolishing as she has guaranteed Didi. She cries. Vivaan says you are my mom. Kaamna requests that he help her. Vivaan is quiet and asks her not to go. Kaamna takes her pack. Indu requests that Ritesh prevent Kaamna from leaving and tells that he can’t converse with her like that. Ritesh inquires as to for what reason will I stop her, and tells that this could not have possibly occurred assuming that she had chastened him at his most memorable misstep. He says he won’t allow Sameer to deliver. Indu tells that she can’t pardon herself if Kaamna di leaves, and tells that she has raised you up, and resembles your mom. Ritesh disagrees. Cart calls Ritesh and Indu and tells that kaamna is leaving, yet alone. She says she is taking Zoon. Zoon tells that she would rather not go with her.

Written Update Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Today Episode

Indu comes there and asks Kaamna not to go, says she can’t allow this house to break. Cart likewise asks her not to go. Kaamna chastens her and says she was inept when she came here, and she showed her beginning and end. Indu says Cart chachi knows all. She asks her not to go. Kaamna inquires as to whether she can get Sameer emerged from prison and tells that he is in torment. She requests that she request that Asha reclaim the protest. Ritesh says we won’t reclaim the case. Indu says she will attempt to get sameer out. Kaamna requests that she swear keeping her hand on Zoon. Ritesh says Sameer will be in prison. Kaamna requests that she swear and incites her to guarantee. Indu swears keeping hand on Zoon’s head that she will bring Sameer home from prison. Kaamna expresses gratitude toward her and says I will always remember your approval. She says I realize that a mother can figure out other mother’s torment. She lets Zoon know that they will remain here because of her Moj. Cart inquires as to whether she understands what she has done. Indu expresses out loud anything I have done is for Zoon, I will make Ritesh understand.Zoon inquires as to for what reason did you chide my Moj? Kaamna mumbles that she will toss them out. She tells that she didn’t chasten her. She lashes out on her. Zoon begins crying. Kaamna tells that Indu isn’t her Moj, however Kadambari is her Moj. She undermines her platitude she will remove her from that point, in the event that she disagrees. She asks whom you will comply? Zoon says yours. She pee on the floor. Kaamna flies off the handle and calls Worker to clean it.

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Ritesh is annoyed with Indu for promising Kaamna. Indu says she guaranteed her to stop Zoon. He says he will ponder his home and tells that Kaamna tricked her with profound discussions. He says Sameer’s return doesn’t make any difference to him and tells that Zoon is enough for him. Indu cries. Cart appeals to God to make Kaamna comprehend. Indu comes to Cart and tells that Ritesh isn’t understanding. She says she guaranteed Kaamna for zoon. Cart says in the event that Sameer returns, he will go to any degree. She requests that she comprehend. She tells that Kaamna and Sameer can do anything. Indu requests that she think according to Kaamna’s viewpoint and tells that she cherishes Sameer as his mom. She says she needs to get Sameer liberated at any rate. Cart tells that she is with her. Indu converses with Meghna and tells that she has no choice. She requests that she send the legal counselor’s number.

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Vivek calls Indu and tells that he has sent case related record to her home. He tells that Sameer is in prison, and shows his displeasure for him for anything he has finished with Asha. Indu tells that she wants his assistance and requests that he rescue Sameer. Vivek asks what is she talking about and inquires as to whether she failed to remember how he has managed Asha. He tells her what could occur in the event that Sameer emerges. He says you are protected in that house with Zoon, as Ritesh is there. Indu tells that she is powerless and lets him know everything. Vivek asks what Ritesh needs? Indu says Ritesh doesn’t believe he should emerge. Vivek requests that she take a shrewd choice and says Ritesh really focuses on Zoon as you do. He asks her not to lament for her decision.

Precap: Ritesh tells Kaamna that Sameer is a demon, brutal and tells that in the event that you have seen how he had managed Asha, would have feel embarrassed to call him as your child. Kaamna says I’m not visually impaired and knows well. She says I’m a mother and will effectively take my child out. Later Sameer comes to Raina house. Asha opens the entryway and gets shocked.

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