Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 3 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Written Update 3 December 2022

The Episode begins with Indu let Ritesh know that somebody pushed her. He asks did you see anybody? Indu says before she could see, she had blacked out. Ritesh requests that she unwind and requests that she hydrate. Rahul comes there. He inquires as to why you didn’t tell me? Ritesh says now you will deal with everything. Rahul welcomes Indu and asks how is she? Indu says its alright, all will be great. Rahul says Cart chachi enlightened me concerning Sameer’s bail. He says I realize there should be an explanation for your transition to get Sameer bail. Ritesh gives case related papers to Rahul. Rahul requests that she leave all concerns on him and take care to Indu. Anjali, Asha and Vivek come there. Asha asks how are you, and taps all over. Indu says oof. Vivek asks how could you tumble down from the steps. Indu tells that somebody pushed me down from the steps. Vivek inquires as to whether Sameer has done this. Ritesh says ofcourse and says I need to toss him out the present moment. Vivek says Sameer will take Zoon with him. Ritesh says that is the reason he is quiet. He says we need to painstakingly do everything. Asha requests that Indu converse with Sunita. Sunita asks Indu how is she? Indu says I’m fine. Sunita apologizes for lashing out. Indu says I know why you was furious. She tells nothing to Sunita, about how she tumbled down. Sunita inquires as to whether Sameer is behind. Indu says no. She says you are like Zoon to me. Entryway chime rings. Sunita opens the entryway and embraces Rajendra. Rajendra asks what occurred, seeing her crying. Sunita informs him concerning Indu and questions that Sameer is behind it. Rajendra says he is a modest fellow and will get a spot even in damnation. He asks everything she might want to have and says to that he will make nourishment for her.

Written Update Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Today Episode

Vivaan says we need to cause him to lose shrewdly, so he don’t assault and lose as well. Indu says we have less time. Anjali says we will make him tumbled down from the steps, or will captured him. Vivek says we can do nothing unlawful thing. Vivaan says we will get evidences against Sameer. Vivek says a terrible individual. Ritesh says a terrible dad. Indu says we will evidence that Ritesh is a decent father.Vivaan comes behind Anjali. Anjali says thanks to him and requests that he become entertainer like Ritesh. Vivaan says alright. Sameer comes there and inquires as to whether she came for child sitting, tells that they have numerous Workers and don’t require extra. Anjali is going to answer to him, when Vivaan stops her, and says that on the off chance that they blow up then they won’t get any data from Sameer.

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Anjali goes to meet Zoon. Kaamna affronts her for meandering around Vivaan. She affronts and requests that she go. Sameer remembers to utilize Vivaan to send his message to Ritesh and Indu. He inquires as to whether he is as yet charming Anjali. Vivaan requests that what do. Sameer lets him know that Ritesh and his associates are arranging against him, in the event that anything occurs, Zoon’s guardianship will go to child care. Vivaan goes. Sameer figures now he will proceed to tell Ritesh and Indu.

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Anjali lets Indu know that she is leaving. Indu requests that she focus on her investigations. Anjali doesn’t enlighten Indu regarding Kaamna offending her. Vivaan tells Rahul anything Sameer said. Anjali comes and says she needs to do pressing as she is leaving. Vivaan comes to Zoon to persuade her to stop Anjali. He makes bloom on the dress. Kaamna remembers to stop Vivaan. Vivaan inquires as to whether she upset Anjali. Zoon says no. Vivaan thinks why she is vexed. Kaamna comes there and requests that he avoid the hobos. He says one Raina is sufficient, and tells that she made Anjali comprehend. Vivaan says that is the reason Anjali is vexed. Kaamna says Anjali like young ladies charm rich folks like you, to improve their life. Vivaan asks her not to meddle in his matter, says he understands what he is doing.

Precap: Ritesh enlightens Indu concerning Sameer’s application. He tells that Rahul conversed with Shivangi and she is prepared to meet them. He says we need to address all problems.

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