Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Written Update 8 December 2022

The Episode begins with Vivaan coming to Sameer and asks what has been going on with him. He says you have gotten rowdy with Profound Chachu. Sameer says you need to address me and requests that he keep it with himself. Anjali hears them. Vivaan shows the camera. Sameer says it is a similar camera utilizing which we had caught Ritesh in drug case. He inquires as to whether you have actually taken a look at my room. Vivaan expresses out loud anything that I did was with you. Sameer says you are doing this to finish your work. He says you need to charm Anjali and that is the reason doing this. He expresses focus on her, don’t address me. Anjali goes crying. Vivaan asks Sameer not to drag Anjali in this and tells that he is significant about her and truly like her. He requests that he attempt to act and says as of not long ago I upheld you, yet not any longer. Sameer says you have become Majnu, once your romeopanti closes, you will come to me. He says I have saved you commonly and requests that he return the camera. Vivaan declines and says this is the best way to emerge from the pit.

Written Update Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Today Episode

Indu remembers to ask Kamna for what reason she did this and afterward she will tell Ritesh. Anjali comes to her and embraces her. Indu inquires as to why you are crying? Anjali says she is missing Moj and Bounce ji. Indu requests that she share what was the deal? Anjali doesn’t say anything and asks her not to ask anything. Indu says alright, clm down and commitment that you will converse with me, and will let me know when you feel like. Ritesh and Rahul come there discussing film. Ritesh asks Indu what was the deal? Indu says she is missing Moj and Weave ji. Ritesh says Rahul will drop you. Anjali says she will go herself. Ritesh demands. Anjali goes with Rahul. Ritesh asks Indu what has been going on with Anjali. Indu says she will tell later. Ritesh and Indu contend. Indu figures she will converse with kaamna prior to conversing with Ritesh.Sunita requests that Vivek have food. Vivek says he will have food. Rahul brings Anjali there, who goes to room. Sunita requests that Rahul come inside and have food.

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Dolly requests that Zoon have food. She asks will I give you chocos with cold water. Kaamna says show began once more, your little girl not having food once more. Sameer says she isn’t my girl, however my better half’s little girl. Kaamna says judge made you father. Cart requests that Zoon have food with her, says she is her Chachi Dadi. Kaamna reproves her and asks her not to get connected with Zoon. She requests that she leave. Cart goes. Kaamna requests that Zoon have food with her hand. Indu comes there and asks how might you converse with Zoon like that. Sameer says she is difficult young lady. Kaamna says I’m showing her discipline. Indu asks could I at any point converse with you for 2 mins. In the room, Indu asks Kaamna for what reason you are doing this? Kaamna says we need to follow court orders. Indu says you are stressed as far as we’re concerned. Kaamna says OK. Indu says quit imagining and says on the off chance that Ritesh comes to be aware, he will toss you out from this house. Kaamna says you are compromising me in my home. Indu says this is my significant other’s home. kaamna lifts hand to slap her. Indu holds her hand and recounts all the story. She says we will eat with Zoon, in the event that you or your child object, I will show this tablet to Ritesh. Kaamna thinks she is coercing her, doesn’t realize that it is her game.

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Dolly requests that Sameer cause Zoon to have the food. Sameer requests that Zoon have food with her hand. She demands to have food with Indu’s hands. Indu comes there and tells that she will cause Zoon to have the food. Sameer helps her to remember the court orders. Kaamna requests that Sameer let Indu cause her to have food and requests that he accompany her. They go to talk. Indu requests that Ritesh feed food to Zoon. Ritesh says first juice.

Asha comes to Anjali and asks what was the deal? She inquires as to whether somebody expressed something to you, and says you can tell me. Anjali in a roundabout way gets some information about Vivaan. Asha comprehends that she is discussing Vivaan and says he is a hero. Anjali says now I came to be familiar with her honest and supportive side. Vivaan comes there and asks Anjali what was the deal? Anjali requests that he go. Asha requests that Vivaan come inside and she heads inside. Anjali lets him know that she heard his discussion with Sameer. Vivaan asks did you her what I shared with him. He says I went to let him know that I can’t help him in his arrangements, and tells that he needs to cover the existence venture with her. Anjali doesn’t trust him. Vivaan goes.

Sameer asks Kaamna everything that Indu has said to you. Kaamna says Indu mentioned me that she needs to take care of food to Zoon. Sameer says you dislike previously. Kaamna figures she won’t leave Indu.

Precap: Cart enlightens Zoon concerning the changed relations, says Indu and Ritesh are her Tai ji promotion Taya ji. Zoon says she needs Moj and genie dad as it were. Indu says just name will change and not love. Ritesh says our perspective matched some place. Indu says we had matched our contemplations and will give blissful family to Zoon.

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