Doosri Maa 13 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Doosri Maa Written Update 13 December 2022

The Episode begins with Yashoda let Krishna know that he is the bold child of a courageous mother. She says you will get equity for her, off-base thing have occurred with her. She says individuals will address you and will get drained one day.She requests that he keep his mom’s pic in the stand so everybody can see and his mom can see with whom he is. Krishna cleans the rack and keeps Mala’s pic in the casing and keeps it. Kamini lets Ashok know that she isn’t ongoing to make issue and says on the off chance that Mala’s photograph is hanging adjacent to Yashoda and your photograph, what will occur. She says on the off chance that the relatives come to realize that I had some awareness of you, what they will think about me. She says you have done a transgression and I will bear it. Ashok says I didn’t play with anybody, Mala left me without telling me. Kamini says I will tell everybody. Ashok argues infront of her not to tell anybody, and says I will do anything you say. She requests that he get up and says she won’t make issue. She says she won’t exploit her sibling’s powerlessness. She says your jija ji has lost huge amount of cash in betting, and in the event that he don’t return cash then they will cut him into little pieces. She says we have a little child, we need to make him concentrate on in a decent school. She again says that she will come clean to the family. Ashok stops her.

Written Update Doosri Maa Today Episode

Nupur cries and grumbles to Yashoda about Aastha. Yashoda embraces her. Babu ji lets Aastha know that the sisters will not battle, pariahs could make use. Amma requests that Aastha apologize to Nupur. Aastha says sorry and goes. Amma says we will get you a major frozen yogurt. Krishna says OK, Nupur child. Babu ji chastens him and takes Krishna with himAshok argues infront of Kamini. Kamini calls Yashoda and says she needs to give her gift, a gold bangle. Yashoda is astounded. Kamini says I came to realize that you are perfect and that is the reason I will be going to arrange adornments to make bangle. She goes.

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Kamini presses Bansal’s hand. He requests that she leave his hand and inquires as to whether she needs to kill him. He says you had quick for me few days back. Kamini says she needed to check until when the difficult nerve can be squeezed. She says I will press Ashok’s difficult nerve to get what I need, and says Krishna is his shortcoming. Kamini says Ashok sees his child in Krishna. He says she has gone frantic. Kamini says you bet the entire day and says you can’t get me. Bansal says you can’t get me, as the cash moneylenders are looking through me. He requests that she proceed to get cash from her sibling and father. She requests that he thank god that she is his better half. He says he is miserable about that. Kamini says Ashok will be appreciative that I am his sister, and says Ashok will be adjusted to fear now, the more she gets cheerful, the more he will be frightened. Ashok comes to Krishna’s room and sees Mala’s photograph outline there. Yashoda comes there and says I requested that he keep her photograph here. Ashok thinks until when I will lie and will tell truth to her. He asks her to come.

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Ashok takes her to room and says I love you. Yashoda asks what was the deal? He says the person whom you was looking is me, Mala’s darling and Krishna’s dad. Yashoda asks Mala had composed letter to you. Ashok says I had come to meet Mala there in medical clinic. He says I misled you when I saw you. Yashoda chuckles and says you are lying, as you are thoughtful for Krishna and Manoj had wouldn’t take on him so you are lying so Krishna can remain with us. She says you are lying. Ashok says I’m saying reality and expresses swears on her.

He says Mala had left him much before their marriage. He needed to tell her, however was apprehensive. He is sorry. Yashoda declines and says you can’t get mercy for this and will be rebuffed. She yells calling Krishna. Ashok says lets sit and talk. Yashoda says you have lost the opportunity long back. Krishna comes there and asks what was the deal? Everybody comes there. Yashoda says the krishna whom I had brought here against everybody’s desires, my better half was thoughtful for him, he is my sautan’s child. Mahua asks your meaning could be a little clearer. Yashoda requests that she ask Ashok. She requests that Ashok say, how Krishna is connected with him. She requests that they ask who was Krishna’s mom. She says her name was Mala. Everybody was shocked.

No Precap.

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