Doosri Maa 13 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Doosri Maa Written Update 13 January 2023

The Episode begins with Gayatri requesting that Yashoda give her cash before the party else she will come there and will take the cash. Yashoda asks her not to return home now, as they are anticipating party and will be concerned. She says I will return your 1 lakh Rs. Kamini hears her and says she will make her life damnation because of that 1 lakh Rs. She inquires as to whether she saw her face. Mahua snickers and requests that Yashoda come there, as they are making arrangements for her commemoration. Yashoda says I got Gayatri’s call, and going to drench chana in kitchen. She goes to alternate way. Ashok gets dicey. babu ji asks when the family needs to accomplish the work, then where cash is spent. Arvind says on Pandal and so forth. Kamini says it is enjoyable to perceive how she will orchestrate cash. They chuckle adn says issue will be made. Mahua says it will be fun, you are correct. Yashoda goes to her room and figures how I will orchestrate 1 lakh Rs. Ashok asks what was the deal? She thinks will I tell him. Ashok says you said that you are going to kitchen, however came here and asks what is wrong. She fakes grin. He gets a call and tells that he will pay Aastha and Nupur’s charges and requests 10 days time. He lets Yashoda know that the issues come simultaneously, and says they have home costs alongside school charges to be made due, however they have less cash. He inquires as to why you are concerned. Yashoda says there was numerous things in lady’s brain and thinks I figured what you will wear in party so came to room. She requests that he pick his garments and her garments as well. She says she will wear saree of his decision. She figures he doesn’t have cash to pay the fees.

Written Update Doosri Maa Today Episode

Nupur inquires as to whether she has arranged. Krishna comes there and asks what will I do tomorrow? Aastha says we have done the courses of action according to our affections for our folks, you will design according to your affections for them. He says I will watch you and think. Nupur says you can’t see, as it is a shock. She shuts the entryway. Krishna is remaining outside. babu ji chastens him and adulates them, and says they are the girls of the house and can astound their folks, however what your identity is, you have quite recently dead mother and criminal record. He embarrasses him and goes. Krishna figures his mom will continuously be alive in his memories.Gayatri figures she will call her in the future for cash and thinks she has underestimated sufficient freedom and underestimating her. Yashoda supposes in the event that she will ask Arvind and, figures she can’t ask him. Gayatri calls Yashoda once more. Yashoda tells her that Ashok doesn’t have cash and even she doesn’t have and requests that she give her sometime.Ashok chooses garments for Yashoda and him. Gayatri says you call us family and celebrating there on our cash however we are in a difficult situation. Yashoda says I will organize. Ashok comes there and hears her. Gayatri asks how might you organize the cash without telling Ashok. Manoj comes to her facility and hears her. Yashoda says I can’t inconvenience him, and will organize alone. Manoj inquires as to whether she was not feeling embarrassed to ask cash from yashoda. Gayatri says I’m not asking advance and asking my cash. Manoj says you are ruining my connection with Ashok. Gayatri says I’m upset because of the costs and asks him not to meddle and allow her to do what she is doing, else she will make tamasha of his kinship and our relation.

Doosri Maa 13 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Ashok thinks about Yashoda’s words and figures I will give cash to Manoj definitely. Mahua inquires as to why you are standing like this. Ashok requests that she give saree to Yashoda and requests that she finish launder. He says he is going to office for some significant work. Manoj calls Ashok. Ashok says I will make everything fine. Mahua hears and says you can’t make anything fine this time. She comes to Yashoda and gives her saree. Yashoda gets some information about Ashok. Mahua says he went to office.

Doosri Maa Latest Spoiler Alerts 13 January 2023

Ashok comes to his office and takes out his gold awards. He says it requires numerous long stretches of hardwork to acquire this gold decoration, however I will sell it, as Yashoda ji’s loev and regard is a higher priority than my confidence. Yashoda takes a gander at the hereditary neckband and figures she don’t believe that anybody should address Ashok, so she will sold this jewelry and will give cash to Gayatri. Manoj comes there and inquires as to whether he has gone frantic. He says you won’t sell this, I will make Gayatri comprehend, she has gone frantic nowadays. Ashok says she is likewise right, until when you will be stressed for myself and requests that he sit and says he will bring the cash. Manoj says don’t go. Ashok says triumph is significant and not the method for arriving at triumph. He goes. Manoj attempts to stop him and feels defenseless. He figures he won’t ever excuse Gayatri for this. Yashoda wears the neckband and says it isn’t simply jewelry, when a mother by marriage gives jewelry to her bahu, it is her affection and her progenitors favors. She thinks Amma made her wear it with such a lot of affection and it is her obligation to defend it. She feels sorry and says your yashoda can’t deal with the neckband given by you. She says when you come to realize then you will be vexed and furious with me. She assumes she has no alternate way. Mahua hears her and gets shocked.

Precap: Yashoda comes to the diamond setter and home loans the jewelry. She goes out. A thug takes it and runs. Yashoda slams into Krishna and tells him. Krishna runs behind the thug and sees him going to Kamini’s home and giving her money.

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