Doosri Maa 14 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Doosri Maa Written Update 14 December 2022

The Episode begins with Babuji requesting that Yashoda toss the kid out of the house before anybody is familiar with it, else our nose will be cut. Amma says your Babu ji is correct, else this dark spot will destroy your girl’s future. She requests that she toss him out. Ashok asks Yashoda to avoid this and says I’m blameworthy, rebuff me however not this kid. Arvind says enough Bhaiyya. He says we can’t allow your ill-conceived child to remain here and ruin our regard. Mahua requests that she toss him out. Ashok requests that Yashoda hear. Yashoda pushes Krishna out of the house and afterward cries. Krishna says Maa did right that she didn’t get back to you. He says I used to abhor you, you are exceptionally modest, I will stay put however will ever get back to all of you. Mahua tosses his sack and Mala’s photograph outline requesting that he pick his stuff and leave. Krishna picks Mala’s pic and lets Ashok know that he didn’t just double-cross his mom, yet sold out his family moreover. Yashoda says the legal counselor battling for equity fouled up with two moms. Krishna begins leaving. Ashok asks him not to go and cries. It ends up being his fantasy. He is in Krishna’s room while calling him not to go.

Written Update Doosri Maa Today Episode

Krishna asks what occurred, I’m here. Ashok embraces him and says I can’t come clean. Nupur gets some information about Krishna’s dad. Yashoda says don’t have any idea where he is stowing away. Krishna lets Ashok know that he can’t leave before a half year. Ashok asks him not to regret anybody’s way of behaving and says one day they will adore you as you are exquisite and it’s not possible for anyone to be angry with you. Krishna says even Maa used to say this, yet I was unable to say her that I simply need her adoration and not every person’s affection. He says my mom’s adoration is past everybody’s affection, it’s not possible for anyone to have her spot, she has left. Ashok attempts to wipe his tears. Krishna says I will wipe it myself. He says you have accomplished such a great deal for me, and yashoda Lady gave regard to my mom and told that she was on the right track, that is the reason I’m exceptionally blissful. He says he is fine and requests that he go. Ashok goes out and remembers to take Mala’s pic. He thumps on the entryway. Krishna says he is fine and requests that he go. Yashoda requests that Ashok come, and says he converses with his mom before sleeping.Aastha tells dozing Nupur that she is his sister and no sibling can separate them. Yashoda and Ashok come there. Aastha claim to rest. Ashok lets Yashoda know that the children will be together, they will battle yet will get together. They rest in the youngster’s room with their little girls. Aastha figures she won’t ever allow Krishna to interfere with Nupur and her. Krishna sees his mom’s pic and reviews her words. He rests checking her photograph out. At the point when he gets up toward the beginning of the day, he don’t find the photograph edge and says where did my mom go. He runs out of the room. Ashok is remaining behind the entryway and figures God won’t ever pardon him for taking the pic from the kid. He runs out of the room. Krishna tells Yashoda. Kamini comes there and sees Ashok running, she comprehends and lets Yashoda know that the photograph can be taken. Yashoda actually takes a look at in the room. babu ji asks what was the deal? Krishna and Yashoda emerge. Krishna says my mom’s edge was absent. Kamini says it is taken. babu ji says it was a photograph of a lady whose transgression is infront of us. Yashoda tells babu ji that he will not talk about Krishna’s mom like this. Kamini admonishes Yashoda. Amma asks them not to contend. Arvind requests that he proceed to look through the pic. Kamini says your mom isn’t alive, so why you are doing tamasha about her pic. She requests that he fail to remember it. Krishna says that photograph is my mom. babu ji expresses out loud whatever sort of child you are, your mom headed off to some place and you was sleeping.

Doosri Maa 9Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Precap: Ashok attempts to conceal the photograph. Kamini extorts him. Babu ji composes something on Krishna’s brow and shows to Yashoda and Ashok.


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