Doosri Maa 2 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Doosri Maa Written Update 2 December 2022

The Episode begins with Ashok returning home and asking Amma for what good reason babu ji went to document objection against Krishna. Kamini insults him. Ashok asks her not to meddle in their issues. Babu ji returns home. Ashok inquires as to for what reason did you document protest against Krishna. babu ji says I need to reply in my home. Arvind tells that he has seen with his eyes that Krishna is blameless. Babu ji contends. Bansal comes there and tells about his fantasy. He says he has chosen to accomplish dharm work and for that he will do havan. Kamini inquires as to for what reason didn’t you tell me. Bansal asks when you stay at home. Ashok says havan is required here. Amma says they will do havan here and inquires as to whether he has some issue. He says no. Yashoda says I will accomplish basically everything. Bansal says why will I accomplish the work. He says Devi came in my fantasy and requested that I finish the havan, yet you individuals won’t allow me to spend the cash, so I will orchestrate the cook and Ashok will cover the bill. Ashok says alright. Assessor comes there. babu ji calls Krishna. He lets Assessor know that this is the lawbreaker. Examiner is taking Krishna to room. Yashoda lets Krishna know that reality can’t stow away and the falsehood can’t endure for a really long time. Ashok requests that Krishna come clean. Kamini lets Bansal know that hoodlum had come. Bansal asks how would you be aware? Kamini says criminal comes in night and Babu ji documented the objection. She says restroom window was open, so criminal came from it. He inquires as to why you didn’t tell me previously and gets stressed. She answers to him and goes. Krishna and Arvind give their statement.

Written Update Doosri Maa Today Episode

Bansal calls Lalita and tells that Assessor is here. Lalita says it is great, things will be simple as far as we’re concerned, Havan won’t be dropped. Bansal says he is anxious about the possibility that that somebody will realize that he had opened the washroom entryway. He turns and takes a gander at Yashoda standing. Yashoda says she will make food. He says he will orchestrate food provider. Lalita asks how is my casualty? Bansal says he is conversing with Auditor. Lalita says let him talk, after that… and giggles. Reviewer tells babu ji that he has enquired. Babu ji requests that he capture Krishna. Investigator says he sat idle. Mahua says who has opened the entryway. Investigator says he will be found soon. Babu ji says he will bring the verification. Monitor says then we will start the enquiry. Kamini requests that Krishna wash his clothes.Ashok gets some information about Lalita and Bablu. Overseer tells that Bablu is in prison and Lalita won’t challenge to do this. He inquires as to whether he will keep two Constables to monitor the house. Ashok says no. Overseer says assuming he will request that resigned constable watchman their home. Ashok says ok.

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Kamini lets Amma know that he will wear the saree and will come. Amma says she is lethargic like you. Babu ji insults her. Krishna converses with Mala’s pic and expresses how to effectively defend myself. Kamini hears him standing outside.

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Aastha and Nupur emerge from the room. Aastha requests that Nupur give chocolate to Krishna and become a close acquaintence with him. They see Kamini standing. Kamini says she is doing yoga. Krishna hears them and conceals the pic. He opens the entryway and Kamini falls. She asks where did you conceal the individual whom you was talking? krishna says I was conversing with my mom. She slips. Aastha and Nupur giggle. Krishna says we will regard them. Nupur asks will you get to know us.

precap: Nupur gets grabbed by Lalita-Bansal thugs. Krishna gets in the truck to save Nupur. He gets faulted for her hijacking. Yashoda says in the event that Krishna is liable, she will rebuff him.

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