Doosri Maa 20 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Doosri Maa Written Update 20 December 2022

The Episode begins with Ashok keeping Mala’s pic in his sack. He says he will keep it in his chamber. Manoj says we will consume it like consuming the letter. Ashok says no, I will return Mala’s photograph to Krishna, and says I can’t return his mom to him, father’s affection and so on. Manoj says I supplicate that you will tackle your life issues as well. Ashok says I trust it is simple for me like case, I wish.

Written Update Doosri Maa Today Episode

Ashok returns home and lets Yashoda know that he has brought shoes for Krishna. Yashoda says it is great. He says I came to realize that Mahua requested that Krishna come to her school to take the books, and says it is 3 kms away. Yashoda requests that he bring lehenga for Aastha and tells about her. Aastha hears and thinks even Dad is his ally. Yashoda lets Ashok know that she feels that she missed something in her childhood and says assuming Aastha comes to realize that Krishna’s shoes came and not her lehenga that it will be inconvenience some. Ashok asks what do you believe that I will fail to remember her lehenga, I need to amaze her.Krishna converses with his Mom and says he will look through Piece Shipper. Yashoda and Ashok come there. They show him shoes and make him wear it. Krishna says I needn’t bother with it, and says bade malik and malkin will reprimand you. Ashok says don’t think. Aastha says Mummy and Father have done a misstep, Krishna’s shoes will be singed and you will consumed it yourself. Krishna expresses gratitude toward them and says goodbye. Ashok tells Yashoda that Krishna may be blissful, we will see his face joy. Krishna figures he will stroll in style wearing it. He practices to stroll in style and says he can run wearing it. He runs.

Doosri Maa 15Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Aastha checks Krishna’s joy out. She comes inside his room and says how could be you so cheerful who doesn’t have his mom and have barely any insight into his dad. Krishna says my Maa used to say that nothing is grabbed before you get something different. Aastha faults him and tells that Father was going to get lehenga for me, however he brought shoes for you all things considered. He says you are blissful and I’m miserable. Krishna says I will request that he purchase lehenga for you, then, at that point, just I will wear these shoes. Aastha says they are my folks and faults him for grabbing her folks. Krishna says I can’t think like this. Aastha says you maintain that they should keep you here for eternity. Krishna swears on his mom. Aastha asks him not to swear on his mom. She says in the event that you are saying truth, take off your shoes.

Doosri Maa Latest Spoiler Alerts 20 December 2022

Yashoda educates Ashok concerning seeing Mala’s photograph with the piece purchaser. Ashok asks did you get it? Yashoda says no. He says you could have misconstrued. Yashoda expresses out loud whatever anybody will get, by taking that pic. Ashok says Krishna is glad to get the shoes. Aastha requests that Krishna go out and consume the shoes infront of Yashoda and Ashok, then just she will trust him. She gives match sticks in his wife.

Ashok and Yashoda discuss Krishna’s dad. He says might be he didn’t know about Mala and Krishna. Yashoda says no, he could be aware. Aastha incites Krishna to consume the shoes and let them know that he doesn’t require anyone.

Yashoda tells that on the off chance that Krishna’s dad is hitched and have kids, he is off-base. Krishna battles with his feelings reviewing Aastha’s words.

Ashok lets Yashoda know that men get frail in the relations battle and says he is extremely glad for her. He says you are his doosri maa in my sight and asks her not to leave him halfway. Somebody thumps on the entryway. They open the entryway and find Krishna consuming the shoes outside their room. Aastha is stowing away and looks happy.

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