Doosri Maa 26 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Doosri Maa Written Update 26 November 2022

The Episode begins with Amma coming to the room and requests that Nupur emerge. She asks did you take mew sound, as Dada ji and I was dozing. Krishna comes there. Amma admonishes him and tells that this is young lady’s room, you shouldn’t come here. She requests that Krishna bring garments from patio and asks Nupur not to make sound, else she will beat her. Nupur sees Mala’s pic and remembers to show to Aastha. She opens the entryway and lets Aastha know that game is over as Dadi sent Krishna to work. She asks who owns this pic? Aastha says don’t have any idea, however we will make mustache and makes her wear specs. Kamini comes there with Sonu and tells that Mahua told that there is show occurring here, however everybody is quiet here. Sonu asks what’s going on here? Aastha and Nupur tell that it is somebody’s pic. Kamini admonishes them and requests that Sonu grab photograph from them. Sonu and Kamini run behind them. Sonu grabs the photograph and runs. He slams into Ashok and drops the photograph on the floor. Ashok picks the photograph. Yashoda comes there. She asks Aastha for what good reason did she yell. Amma emerges and says these children don’t allow us to rest. Yashoda asks what was the deal? Ashok says his client photograph probably tumbled from the document. Amma and Babu ji come there and chastens the young ladies. Yashoda asks will I make ginger tea and furthermore pakoda. Babu ji says alright. Amma says she won’t take. Yashoda requests that Ashok have it and go. Kamini thinks she isn’t routine to make issue. Ashok goes to the room and calls Ashok.

Written Update Doosri Maa Today Episode

A fellow watches out for Krishna remaining from outside. Arvind asks who is he? The person takes off. Arvind lets Yashoda know that he saw a person watching out for them. Yashoda says he may be seeing the show. Arvind takes the garments collapsed by Krishna. Kamini hears Ashok saying he got saved. She lets him know that she feels that he is client and attorney too. Ashok says you won’t comprehend. Kamini inquires as to whether it will become difficiult for you. He says he is a decent legal counselor. Kamini says name can be demolished. Ashok says I will deal with case and my standing. Yashoda comes there and requests that she have pakoda. Kamini declines and goes. Yashoda serves tea and pakodas to Ashok. She tells about Arvind seeing somebody remaining outside and says assuming Krishna is in harm’s way. Ashok says he has risk with the family.Bansal chastens Kamini and requests that she have persistence and let the game played. Ashok takes keys from Yashoda, takes a gander at Mala’s pic and afterward keeps it in the almira. Krishna gives garments to Yashoda. She asks did you play? He says no and tells that Malkin came, as we recently began playing. yashoda says you will twofold appreciate tomorrow. She gives him pakodas. Aastha and Nupur come there. Yashoda requests that they study. They tell that they don’t need. Krishna says he needs to study. He completes the pakodas and come to Yashoda. Aastha attempts to make Krishna desirous and requests that Yashoda cause them to eat pakodas with her hand. Yashoda causes them to have it. Krishna grins and considers mala. Yashoda calls Krishna. Krishna says he is here. Nupur requests that Aastha show her, however she says she is occupied. Yashoda says Krishna will instruct Nupur. Krishna smiles.

Doosri Maa Today’s Episode Online

Precap: Krishna clarifies maths for Nupur. Aastha tears Nupur’s book. Amma sees her tearing the book. Yashoda asks Krishna. Aastha says he has torn Nupur’s book. Bansal opens the entryway and lets thug inside. Lalita requests that thug go about her responsibilities this evening itself. The thug comes to Krishna’s room.


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