Doosri Maa 28 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Doosri Maa Written Update 28 November 2022

The Episode begins with Yashoda inquiring as to whether he was in fifth sexually transmitted disease. He says OK and when he got 100 out of 100 imprints. Yashoda says issue is addressed, Krishna will help Nupur. Nupur says alright. Krishna says thanks to Nupur for consenting to gain from him. Nupur requests that he make sense of 10 partitioned by 2. Krishna makes sense of well. Nupur gets it. Aastha gestures no. Nupur says she didn’t have the foggiest idea. Krishna makes sense of once more. Aastha approaches them and tears Nupur’s book. Nupur inquires as to for what reason did you tear my book. Aastha requests that she ask Krishna, who has torn it. Amma sees all that and gets stunned. Krishna says I didn’t tear it. Aastha and Nupur go to Yashoda and tells her that Krishna has torn the book. Yashoda says she don’t accept and confides in Krishna. Aastha asks don’t you trust us? Yashoda asks Krishna. Krishna is quiet. Amma comes there and tells that she will get new book for nupur. She sends Krishna to rub babu ji’s feet. She then, at that point, tells truth to Yashoda that Krishna didn’t tear the book. She tells that Aastha and Nupur had torn the book. They deceived make him fall in your sight. She says your little girls are lying a direct result of him. She says I asked you to avoid a lot of social work and requests that she prepare to see how they will respond. Yashoda is stunned. Amma goes. Ashok takes a gander at Yashoda and asks what was the deal? Yashoda takes a gander at him.

Written Update Doosri Maa Today Episode

Nupur tells Aastha that Mummy didn’t chasten that kid. Aastha says Mummy doesn’t trust us. She says that kid probably told truth to Mummy and presently they will reprimand us. Nupur says Father is coming here. Aastha begins acting and tells that no one cherished us, and tells that kid torn your book, yet everybody is thinking us wrong. Ashok comes there and asks it isn’t that way. Aastha says we are your little girls, however who is he? Krishna asks I’m not connected with him, and asks Aastha not to cry, says he don’t believe that anybody should get injured as a result of him. He says he is a vagrant and vagrants don’t have anybody. He says Lady expressed this to me and asks Aastha not to cry, says he will remain here only for a half year, then he won’t leave and will ever return. He says I’m Worker of this house, your Mummy and Dad are not mine, they are only yours. He says in the event that you need, I can leave at this moment, however at that point the Police will inconvenience your folks. He is sorry to them. Ashok gets sad eyes. Aastha and Nupur check him out. Yashoda also hears him.Bansal gets a call from Lalita. She says opening somebody’s home door is difficult. He says he will sort the arrangement out. He talks by implication as Kamini is standing.

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Amma comes to Arvind and requests that he bring book for Nupur. She says Krishna was showing them and they had torn the book. Arvind says he is an informed kid and we made him Worker here. Bansal comes there and lets Ashok know that he came to get his recommendation. He lets Ashok know that he will spit paan and will tell him. He goes to the washroom and opens the window of the restroom. He then calls the thug. The thug calls Lalita and tells that the way is open. Lalita says I will tell in night, even legal advisor has barely any familiarity with the tempest which will come today. Later everybody sit to eat. Arvind acclaims the food. He asks what is in desserts. The children tell kheer. Arvind prods Mahua. Mahua goes. Aastha requests that Yashoda give them kheer. Yashoda says I didn’t make kheer. Aastha says I put everything out on the table for kheer. Yashoda says I didn’t make it. Aastha says I needed to have it. Ashok inquires as to whether you are feeling terrible? Aastha lets Nupur know that she is annoyed with her for lying that kheer is made. Yashoda requests that Aastha figure how Krishna would have felt hearing them lying. Aastha says even you deceived us. Yashoda says I didn’t lie and requests that Krishna approach them. Ashok requests that Aastha apologize to him. Aastha says sorry. Krishna inquires as to why? Yashoda says she knows why she is saying sorry and requests that he acknowledge it. Krishna says alright and goes. Aastha and Nupur take their kheer bowl and go to their rooms. Yashoda serves kheer in the dishes, and tells that she will give kheer to Arvind and Mahua, and afterward will take care of food to Krishna. Ashok is going to eat kheer, yet quits seeing Krishna collapsing the bedsheets while hungry. He gets weepy eyes and goes without having kheer.

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Precap: Ashok requests that Krishna approach him and asks him not to be terrified. He embraces him and says your dad is there. Later the thug comes inside the house. Yashoda asks who is there. Krishna is remaining at opposite side. The thug hides.

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