Doosri Maa 29 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Doosri Maa Written Update 29 November 2022

The Episode begins with Nupur inquiring as to whether she said sorry very much like that. Aastha says OK, and tells that she could do without that kid. Krishna requests that Yashoda go from that point and tells that badi child saw you here, then, at that point, she will blow up. Yashoda inquires as to whether anybody requested that you say this. Krishna says no. He tells her that Workers used to call kids as child close to his home. He requests that she see him as her Worker. Yashoda says I realize that they don’t act well with you, give them at some point. Krishna says you didn’t do a good job for causing them to apologize to me, I’m remaining in their home. yashoda says I didn’t give them awful childhood that they are lying, and tells that time will make everything fine.

Written Update Doosri Maa Today Episode

Yashoda explains to Ashok why God sent Krishna in my life. He says on the off chance that he believes me should improve his life, or needs to get storm my life because of him. She tells that she never cried, snickered, felt blissful, what she felt because of Krishna. Ashok thinks he is terrified to stow away this reality from her.Lalita’s thug slips in Krishna’s room through the window later in the evening. Krishna sees him and asks who are you? Yashoda listens to Krishna and happens to her room. She asks who is there? She sees the criminal and calls Arvind. She races to room and calls Ashok says someone went into the house. Krishna holds the hoodlum. Arvind comes ground floor and sees hooligan pushing Krishna. Krishna is going to run behind the hooligan and furthermore Arvind, however Babu ji stops Krishna. He faults Krishna for the burglary and tells that the hooligan may be his associate. He requests that Malti really take a look at her stuff. Arvind comes clean. Ashok asks Babu ji not to relate criminal to Krishna. Amma asks how could he go into the house? Babu ji says he could have opened the entryway or window. Ashok and Arvind feel awful. Aastha asks what was the deal? Babu ji says Krishna had called his accomplice for taking. Ashok requests that Yashoda make Krishna rest. Yashoda asks Krishna for what valid reason did you go behind the hoodlum, assuming something had happened to you. Krishna says on the off chance that I had gotten the hoodlum, Malik would have trusted me. Yashoda says you are not a criminal. Krishna smiles.

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Mahua blows up on Arvind for agreeing with Krishna’s position and communicates her scorn for Yashoda. She tells that this family’s most obscure truth will become unavoidable. Ashok inquires as to whether she had opened the window. Yashoda says no. He says he will go to PS and will stop the case. The hooligan calls Lalita. Lalita chides him for not taking care of her responsibilities. Ashok asks Yashoda, why you didn’t tell that Lalita had come there. He tells that for Lalita, Krishna is her foe as he got her business shut. Krishna comes there and requests his mom’s pic for now. Ashok envisions embracing him. Krishna converses with his mom’s pic in the storeroom and tells that he is terrified, and can’t turn on lights, as power is exorbitant. He tells that he don’t remain here as Worker, yet as the Sovereign. He says he got a major room. Ashok hears him and wishes to let him know that he is his Sovereign and figures how to guarantee it.

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Precap: Lalita incites Amma against Krishna. Amma requests that Yashoda give her home keys, and says I have no faith in you. Later Ashok illuminates Yashoda that babu ji went to PS to document grumbling against Krishna. Krishna is shocked.

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