Doosri Maa 3 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Doosri Maa Written Update 3 December 2022

The Episode begins with Nupur giving chocolate to Krishna and requests that he get to know him. Krishna takes the chocolate and says thank you and sorry as well, as I felt that you both disdain me and won’t ever converse with me. He opens the covering and gives chocolate parts of Aastha and Nupur. Nupur says it was for you. Krishna says in fellowship, sharing is mindful, this is for our companionship. Nupur asks do you know English. Krishna says OK, a tad. Aastha says you can’t know like me. They go to room. Aastha tosses the chocolate piece given by Krishna. Nupur inquires as to for what reason did you toss? Aastha says she won’t have chocolate given by messy kid. Nupur eats the chocolate piece. Yashoda takes the keys from Amma and requests that Krishna come. Babu ji asks do you maintain that this kid should see all that and plan to take. Yashoda goes. She makes the courses of action. Smash Babu comes and lets Ashok know that he is the his new neighbor. He asks him not to stress. Pandit ji comes there. Amma requests that Ashok take his endowments to get the beneficiary. Pandit ji takes a gander at Ashok and says you have the heir.

Written Update Doosri Maa Today Episode

Kamini comes there and asks your meaning could be a little clearer. Ashok says he is saying for Sonu. Kamini says you are perfect. Bansal comes there. He says halwai accompanied his truck. Ashok tells that Pandal is set behind the house. Bansal says he will do the plans. Smash Babu inquires as to whether any capability is going on. Bansal answers to him. He comes to the utensils and thinks this is Krishna’s Chariot. Krishna inquires as to whether he really wants anything. Pandit ji asks who are you? Krishna says he is Worker. Pandit ji asks him not to feel terrible and tells that no work is little. A person requests water. Krishna says he will give. Yashoda gives him water. Aastha gets a plan to make him tumble down. She keeps the vehicle while heading to make him tumble down. Krishna tumbles down and the water tumbles down on the havan wood. Amma, Babu ji and Kamini reprimand him. Ashok assists him with getting up. Kamini requests that he secure him the kothri. Bansal asks how my work will happen then. He then, at that point, says our work and requests that he get the dry wood. Amma says it is on porch. Aastha and Nupur proposition to go with him. Krishna goes to the patio while they go behind. Bansal goes there and keeps the wooden logs elsewhere. Krishna couldn’t track down the wooden logs there. Bansal requests that he go to Pandal as wooden logs are there. He calls his man who is acting like halwai.The fellow says our chase is coming. The hooligan pours a few drops on the desserts. Krishna comes to the Pandal and requests the wooden logs. The hooligan requests that other thug really take a look at in the truck and requests that they have desserts. Krishna rejects. The thug demands. The other thug who had blended the medication, give the desserts to them. Krishna asks them not to eat, and tells that his mom used to say that they will not eat the thing given by stranger. Nupur says they are halwai and not more interesting. She eats the desserts. Krishna takes the wooden logs and lets Aastha know that he will give, as she can’t run quick. Aastha flies off the handle and runs behind him, leaving Nupur. Nupur tumbles down and blacks out. Yashoda requests that Krishna prepare. She gets some information about Nupur. Aastha says she was with me. Yashoda looks for her, and requests that Aastha mind porch. The hooligans lift Nupur. They keep her in the large utensil. The top gets moved, however they conceal once more. Yashoda comes there and inquires as to whether they saw a young lady. The thug says no. Yashoda says she is wearing white dress and asks where you are taking this utensil. The thug says it is extra so keeping it in the truck. They keep it in the truck.

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