Doosri Maa 30 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Doosri Maa Written Update 30 November 2022

The Episode begins with Amma inquiring as to whether he is heading off to some place. Babu ji says he will treat the difficulty. Amma asks what you are talking about? She asks what he needs to have in breakfast. Babu ji says give me some toxic substance. He says we would have passed on yesterday, necks would have cut yesterday and adornments would have taken. He tells that group of thugs’ had come yesterday. Amma says Krishna, and tells that Yashoda and Ashok won’t give asylum to any crook. He says he will document argument against Krishna, and tells that he isn’t apprehensive about Ashok or Yashoda. Ashok tells Manoj that Krishna is a decent kid and expectations everything is fine.

Written Update Doosri Maa Today Episode

Inspector calls Ashok and tells that his dad has come to document grievance against Krishna. Ashok is stunned and requests that he give call to Babu ji. Auditor gives call to Babu ji. Babu ji accepts the call and tells that he will do what he saw. Ashok lets the Monitor know that Krishna is in harm’s way. He shares his uncertainty on bablu and Lalita. Controller says he is recording case for the present. Lalita converses with Bansal and tells that the arrangement didn’t work. Bansal says he will make such a trick that everybody will be Swaha. Amma implores God that she would rather not hurt anybody in her life, however the second she sees Krishna, she chides him for not washing the garments. Krishna says he was trusting that everybody will scrub down. Ashok calls Yashoda and illuminates her about Babu ji documenting objection against krishna. Krishna says I haven’t done anything. Yashoda says nothing will happen to her. She inquires as to whether she had known. Amma says OK, and says let Police come and all that will be demonstrated. yashoda says he isn’t a criminal. Amma says babu ji is doing this to safeguard his home. Bansal calls Lalita and requests that she be cheerful. He says he has a smart thought and tells that they will do havan. Lalita says she isn’t in that frame of mind to joke. He says I’m keeping havan at home and will call everybody. He inquires as to whether she comprehended. She says the previous work will be finished and calls him genuis. Bansal says I want to say something similar for you.Kamini asks Amma for what good reason she didn’t tell her. Amma inquires as to whether we have called you, then what you have done. Kamini asks how the thug went into the house. Yashoda says through restroom window. Kamini says this person will destroy the house and requests that she see. Krishna is washing the garments and is miserable. Yashoda says Krishna is exceptionally frightened. Kamini says in the event that this killer got your neck cut by that thug, I would have cried. She says he would have killed Babu ji as well. She says he would have cut everybody’s neck and afterward would have took off with everything. She asks Krishna, how could he give data to the thug. She requests that he say. Yashoda acts the hero and requests that Kamini leave him. Kamini says yashoda is standing like chandi and lets Amma know that she is stressed for her. She tells that elderly folks individuals are the thugs’ objective. Krishna holds his ear which Kamini had turned. yashoda requests that she stop it. Kamini affects Amma and says this kid will ran off with all the stuff, and you will simply sit. yashoda says Krishna isn’t that way. Kamini says this kid won’t leave you, and he will grab your satisfaction and harmony else my name isn’t Kamini. She says you have the keys of the house. Yashoda asks so what? Kamini requests that Amma take keys from yashoda. Amma requests that Yashoda give the keys. Yashoda says Amma. Amma says I have little to no faith in you. Krishna gets mournful eyes. Amma requests the keys. Yashoda gives her keys and goes from that point. Krishna runs behind her. Kamini calls him. She lets Amma know that he didn’t wash her clothes.

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Krishna comes to yashoda and says I realize you are crying as, Malkin took the keys from you. yashoda says I’m not annoyed about keys, but rather irritated as no one sees that you are constantly over-burden with work and your hands are scratched with work. He says he don’t get injured with their insults, yet gets injured seeing her crying. He says you realize me well, they know me now and trusts me. yashoda says they trust you and that is the reason didn’t think even once prior to griping about you. Krishna says then genuine lawbreaker will be gotten and you will be blissful. She says you contemplate my bliss. He says I’m terrified of Police. Yashoda says we won’t allow anything to happen to you. Krishna says I know and smiles.

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Precap: Bansal requests that they keep the havan. He sends Krishna to the pandal. The thug indisguise of a cook make Krishna, Aastha and Nupur have desserts. Then, at that point, they keep oblivious Nupur in the huge utensil. Yashoda comes there.

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