Doosri Maa 5 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Doosri Maa Written Update 5 December 2022

The Episode begins with Aastha looking for Nupur in the room. Sonu asks what’s going on here? Aastha says Mithai and requests that he take from the halwai in the pandal. Sonu runs there. Bansal comes inside for puja. Amma asks where could Yashoda be? Babu ji says where that person ran off? Arvind tells that he has gone to keep the wooden sticks. babu ji flies off the handle. Amma asks him not to be behind Krishna. Babu ji says all of you will atone. Kamini gets some information about Yashoda. He says she may be looking through krishna. Yashoda comes there and tells that Nupur is missing. Aastha comes to Krishna’s room and inquires as to whether he saw Nupur. He says no, he came to his space to prepare. Sonu comes there and tells that halwai are missing. Aastha goes from that point. Krishna asks Sonu. Sonu tells that there are no halwais there. Krishna hurries to pandal and there are no halwai. Babuji ji comes there and attempts to stop Krishna. The rhythm is come by the traffic Police. The hooligans take the Controller to side while the other thug drives off. Krishna attempts to educate babu ji regarding Nupur’s seize, however he slaps him.

Written Update Doosri Maa Today Episode

Krishna chomps on his hand and runs out. He follows the beat. The beat stops as the vehicle comes on the way. The thug gets down and compromises the vehicle driver to move back. Krishna enquires with Smash babu, and afterward he sees Nupur’s dress emerging from the utensil. He runs and gets on the beat before it begins. He figures out how to climb it and tracks down Nupur in the utensil. He hits on the rhythm and requests that the hooligan stop the beat. Babu ji comes inside the house and whines about Krishna. Ashok gets up from puja. Amma requests that he sit. Pandit ji requests that he search Nupur first and afterward do the puja. The constable Smash babu runs behind the beat and tumbles down. Ashok requests that Aastha think and let him know whatever occurred? Aastha says they went to get the wood sticks with Krishna, then Phupha ji sent them to get it from Pandal. Bansal says he is getting some information about Nupur.Aastha says Krishna and I brought the stick from Pandal, however Nupur didn’t accompany us. Ashok asks where could Krishna be? Babu ji says he nibbled my hand and ran out. Ashok says how can this be. Babu ji says Krishna is engaged with this grabbing and was taking Nupur’s name. Bansal thinks plan was to captured Krishna why Nupur was grabbed. Kamini says Krishna has hijacked Nupur. Babu ji tells that Krishna has arranged this hijacking. Kamini tells that he nibbled Babu ji’s hand to get payback. Yashoda doesn’t trust it. Arvind tells that there is a point in babu ji’s colloquialisms. Yashoda says we will be stressed for the children. Kamini says Krishna’s attitude is like hoodlums as he remained with them. Ashok says why Krishna will runaway with Nupur. babu ji says call the police. Bansal says it is youngsters’ matter.

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The constable calls Ashok and tells that Nupur is captured. He tells that rhythm went infront of him, and Krishna ran and climbed the beat. Ashok inquires as to whether Krishna is involved. Slam Babu’s condition declines and says OK. He blacks out. Ashok and Yashoda are stunned. Babu ji says call the Police. Amma faults Krishna. Kamini says no one paid attention to me. Mahua says no one paid attention to me. Aastha embraces Yashoda and cries. Yashoda cries out loud embracing Aastha.

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