Doosri Maa 6 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Doosri Maa Written Update 6 December 2022

The Episode begins with Krishnna requesting that Nupur get up. Nupur acquires cognizance. Krishna embraces her. He removes her from the utensil and requests that she sit. Nupur asks where we are? Krishna tells that they are captured. Nupur says hijacked. She is going to fall on the utensil and get injured, yet Krishna keeps her hand on the utensil and he gets injured. Ashok converses with the Police Controller. Yashoda says she will proceed to look through her little girl. Ashok requests that she handle herself. Yashoda expresses how to deal with myself, they removed my little girl. She embraces him and cries. Arvind tells that he can’t figure out that krishna… .Babu ji says he is a lawbreaker. Yashoda says how might that kid do this? Nupur asks where they are taking us and for what good reason my head is shaking round. Krishna says the hooligans had blended something in the desserts. He makes her hydrate to diminish the medication power. Nupur holds his hand and says you got injury. Krishna says he is fine and tells that Yashoda Lady will apply treatment when they return home. She asks when we will return home. Krishna says we need to leap off from the rhythm. Ashok converses with Manoj and requests that he enquire with the hooligan whose case he had battled. Arvind tells that he will proceed to look through Nupur. Mahua attempts to stop him. He yells requesting that she stop and tells that the matter is about their home little girl. Aastha apologizes to Yashoda and says she had requested that Nupur watch out for Krishna, so they can get evidence against him to provide for Dada ji. Yashoda says nothing will happen to her, as Krishna is with her. Aastha says he took Nupur with him, I can’t stand him. Manoj lets Ashok know that he conversed with the hooligan and he is looking through her. He tells that he is likewise looking through her and tells that he can hardly imagine how Krishna can do this. Ashok inquires as to whether he came to be aware of his dad, whom he can’t stand a lot. Yashoda comes there. Ashok says he is my blood. He then, at that point, sees Yashoda and says Nupur is my blood. yashoda embraces him and cries. She takes her school pack and embraces it, reviewing their minutes. Ashok cries seeing her.

Written Update Doosri Maa Today Episode

Krishna requests that Nupur prepare to hop. Nupur says in the event that we bounce down, we will get injury. Krishna says we will leap off similarly as the beat eases back down.Babu ji requests that Bansal follow through with something. Kamini requests that Babu ji hydrate and not to take strain. Bansal believes on the off chance that Nupur saw them capturing Krishna and…

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Amma implores Nupur. Arvind looks for Nupur showing the photos to individuals. Arvind calls Mahua and inquires as to whether they got any news. She says no. He asks how is Yashoda? She requests that he call her and inquire. She closes the call and tells that just sanctuary will be made. Kamini inquires as to whether she doesn’t ponder Yashoda and Krishna’s union. Amma tells that she is correct now stressed for Nupur and goes to implore. Bansal calls Lalita and gets some information about Nupur. Lalita says it was the arrangement. Bansal is stunned. He tells that Ashok is in injury and the Police is examining the situation. He tells that he will advise all that to Police. He tells that Ashok and the Police will get him. He tells that he had called the halwai, however you sent the hooligans. She tells that she has done great preparation and nothing will happen to both of them. Bansal closes the call and thinks she is extremely cunning lady. Sonu comes there and says Police is coming.

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Krishna attempts to persuade Nupur to leap off from the rhythm. Nupur says she will get injury. Krishna gets some information about Yashoda Lady and tells that she should be concerned. He says you hold my hand and hop. Nupur says she is apprehensive. Krishna says Yashoda Lady should cry there. Nupur inquires as to whether it is basically impossible. Krishna says we need to leap off before they take us. He says on the off chance that I can’t save you then the way in which I will confront Yashoda Lady. He says please. Nupur embraces him. Krishna requests that she trust him and tells that he won’t allow anything to happen to her. Nupur says alright. He says thank you Choti baby.

Babu ji chides the Assessor for not accepting him when he questioned Krishna. Kamini says when the relatives having such a lot of trust on Krishna, then what Monitor could do. Babu ji tells about Smash babu’s call. Assessor calls Smash Babu and his telephone is out of organization inclusion. Krishna and Nupur clasp hands to bounce down.

Precap: Monitor gets some information about the halwais, and asks who brought them here. Everybody check Bansal out. Krishna and Nupur run while thugs are behind them. Lalita comes infront of them.

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