Doosri Maa 9 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Doosri Maa Written Update 9 January 2023

The Episode begins with Kamini getting back home and yells calling Amma and Babu ji. She says you are having food here calmly and there, child and girl in regulation are battling. She tells that Yashoda was crying. Krishna inquires as to whether she cried once more. Babu ji asks Kamini. Kamini requests that babu ji ask them what is wrong? Mahua requests that Amma converse with them. Amma says I won’t leave them. Kamini figures I will see, how you won’t give me 1 lakh Rs, in the event that you are compressed from all sides. They hear Ashok and Yashoda returning home snickering. Ashok asks jiji you are here, and inquires as to why all of you are here. Arvind says jiji told that you were battling and bhabhi was crying. Ashok inquires as to whether she cried. Yashoda says no. Ashok says jiju gave strain to everybody. Babu ji asks Kamini not to make any issue and requests that she keep her eyes and ears open. Everybody go to their rooms. Ashok calls Kamini and tells her that the fire lit by you, is set off. He lets him know that all her arranging is squandered. He says my significant other is a Devi. A fb is shown, Ashok lets Yashoda know that she could have cried hearing it. Yashoda grins and says I felt pleased that you urged somebody to study. She says I attempted to help just Krishna, however you helped many individuals. She says I got solidarity to work on something for Krishna and make him capable. She says you may be honored by many individuals. He asks don’t you need to be familiar with that lady. Yashoda says she entrusts him with satisfaction and there is no question. fb closes. Ashok lets Kamini know that their connection is limited by trust and he won’t ever deceive Yashoda. Kamini remembers to copy their trust.

Written Update Doosri Maa Today Episode

Yashoda appeals to God to show her some way so she can defend Krishna. Ashok lets Manoj know that they couldn’t find the cart puller who took Krishna and Chotu to the medical clinic. Manoj says we will begin all along. He says we will go to shelter. They go there and sees Bansal requesting that gatekeeper let him head inside and that he is close assistant of Lady. Ashok calls him and asks what work you have with lady. Bansal says you are legal counselor, however stupid. He says he needs to give noble cause. Guardian says you don’t need to meet lady for giving foundation. Bansal says he would rather not give good cause and goes. Ashok and Manoj get far fetched and remember to find out.Aastha lets Nupur know that she can’t make the task because of her. Nupur gives her idea. Aastha rejects and tosses the outline. Krishna comes there while holding milk glass plate and requests that they keep things securely. He offers assistance. Aastha figures the reason why will he help her, whom she detests. Krishna requests that they drink chocolate milk and says he will make project. Nupur requests that Krishna drink half of the milk. Krishna requests that she drink. Yashoda comes there and requests that Krishna have milk, given by Nupur. Krishna completes it. Yashoda feels better to see them dealing with one another. Amma comes there and requests that Yashoda accompany her. yashoda asks what was the deal? Amma inquires as to whether all is great among Ashok and you. Yashoda says OK. Amma says Kamini told about your battle, and afterward Krishna said that Lady cried once more. She requests that she tell obviously. Yashoda says there isn’t anything, krishna’s affirmation is havingb issue. Arvind comes there and says Bhaiyya and Bhabhi are ideal couple. Arvind gets some information about her commemoration party. Yashoda says financial plan is tight this time, and says they will have topic party later. He gives 30000 Rs to Yashoda. Kamini figures she will get it. Arvind asks them not to tell Mahua or Bau ji. Yashoda doesnt need to stow away. Amma says let him do it.

Doosri Maa 9 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Manoj gets some information about Bansal and his home. Ashok tells that Bansal had come a day prior to the grabbing and had utilized the washroom. Manoj says jija ji had arranged the havan. Ashok says we need to get him red handed.

Doosri Maa Latest Spoiler Alerts 9 January 2023

Precap: Kamini calls and extorts Ashok deeply. Ashok brings Bansal and tells her that he was behind Nupur’s kidnapping.

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