Faltu 11 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 15 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Faltu 11 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 15 february 2023

The Episode begins with Janardhan saying its not appropriate for Ayaan and Tanisha on the off chance that Faltu stays here. Kanika says no, Ayaan is over Faltu now, she can’t interfere with Ayaan and Tanu, Tanu is certain. Faltu comes and says sorry, I had confessed all the room. He requests that she stay away. He chides her. She is sorry to the worker. She rehearses cricket. She feels hungry. She gets a bunch of rolls and sits to eat. Sid and Sumitra look on.

Written Update Faltu 11 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

They attempt to fill her ears against Ayaan. They offer assistance to Faltu. Sid says I m astounded seeing your boldness, you’re not taking anybody’s approval, I regard you more, could we at any point neglect and become companions once more. Faltu thinks. She says unfortunately a worker and a supervisor can’t be companions, gratitude for the food. Sumitra says Sid, give her some time, take the food, eat it well and rest. She embraces Faltu and grimaces. Sid and Sumitra leave.Faltu implores. She sits and eats the food. They look on. Its morning, Faltu plays cricket with a kid. Ayaan awakens hearing the batting sound. He looks outside and sees Faltu batting. The person says I will not go to get the ball, I got drained. She says I ought to get worn out, in light of the fact that I m a young lady and can’t play cricket. He says I committed an error, young ladies can play cricket. Ayaan grins seeing her appearance his stunt to the kid. Ayaan reviews her words. Savita requests that Janardhan eat. He says I can’t make the financial backers stand by. Faltu stirs things up around town. The ball breaks the vehicle windscreen. Ayaan, Janardhan and Savita look on. She stresses. She says now he won’t leave us. The kid says just you, I m taking off. Janardhan asks who did this. Faltu says sorry. He says you did this misfortune, I got late likewise, much appreciated, how did this kid come inside. She says I needed to rehearse cricket, I had nobody to play with me. Tanisha comes. Janardhan requests that Tanisha hear out. He reprimands Faltu.

Faltu 15 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Ayaan says we ought to comprehend how are modest individuals like her. Janardhan says I will take a taxi and go. Ayaan requests that Savita fail to remember it. Ayaan says I would rather not ruin the day. He goes. Tanisha inquires as to for what reason did you play here. Faltu asks what else was there to do. Tanisha says you will lose Ayaan and cricket moreover. Savita gripes about Faltu. Tanisha requests that Faltu eat with them. Faltu says I will have it later. Tanisha says come and have food first. Ayaan comes and put-downs Faltu.

Faltu 11 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 15 february 2023

He says advise her to go to workers’ room and have food with them. Brutal asks what are you doing, she is here. Sumitra says we can’t bring them close, our arrangement will slump. Savita requests that worker take Faltu for feasting. Faltu cries and goes. Tanisha says she would have felt terrible. Sumitra says you used to remain by her previously, presently you generally affront her, how did she manage you. Savita says he said right, in the event that she is the house cleaner, she ought to know her place. Faltu sits to have food. Sid sends the worker out. He says Faltu, I figured you will not eat food subsequent to paying attention to Ayaan. She inquires as to why, I don’t affront food. Sid sits conversing with her. She says I will repay the cash and leave. She requests that he leave. Sid goes. She thinks I have no right on Ayaan’s consideration. Faltu cleans the house. She asks Dadi did she take her prescriptions. Dadi doesn’t answer. She searches for the versatile charger. She feels torment. Faltu asks what occurred, are you alright. She calls everybody. Everybody comes and asks what occurred. Dadi says I feel winded. Savita requests that they call Janardhan and specialist. Ayaan says specialist will come. Faltu asks where are you feeling hurt. Dadi says chest. Savita asks are you a specialist, disappear. Faltu rushes to the kitchen and made a kada. She requests that Dadi drink that. Ayaan says my Dadi won’t drink this. She says it won’t hurt any. She takes care of it to Dadi and asks how are you feeling now. Dadi says better.

Faltu applies the sindoor. Tanisha sees this and contends with her. She says Ayaan is only mine. Ayaan strolls in and asks what’s happening here.

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