Faltu 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Faltu Written Update 14 January 2023

The Episode begins with Charan and Pratap coming to the workplace to find a new line of work. Sid comes there. He takes the prospective employee meetings. Charan says you can’t be here alone, accompany me. The man says let her stay here, you both go. Faltu says he is correct, don’t stress for me, I won’t move from here. Charan says fine, we will proceed to come soon. Tanisha sees the slick food. Dadi says its unique nourishment for you. Savita asks Tanisha what occurred. Tanisha says I remembered to begin my eating regimen. Savita says eat it now, you can have diet from tomorrow. Tanisha says I m sorry, dietician requested that I follow the eating routine, I will arrange something, I think all of you ought to likewise switch the food. Dadi says no, I m currently great, we are constant to this food. Janardhan says change is fundamental with time, Tanisha you can definitely relax. Kanika says compelling reason need to arrange food, I got it. She gets the food package for Tanisha. Savita stresses. Ayaan checks him out. Sid takes Charan and Pratap’s meeting. He calls the director. He says instruct work to the chose individuals, request that the leftover individuals work, we don’t know a lot of individuals. Ayaan asks what occurred. Savita says I have made this food, however Tanisha didn’t eat it. She feels awful. Ayaan reviews a second with Faltu. Faltu gets stunned hearing Sid’s voice. She stresses. Kanika says I was remembering to send my cook here for Tanisha. Ayaan says yet cook’s food will not have the mother’s touch, mother has made the food today. Kanika says no, really Tanisha likes an assortment of food. Ayaan requests that she take food in her plate and eat, she can’t squander food, she is an informed young lady. Kanika asks him not to express anything to Tanisha when she is eating. Janardhan requests that Ayaan center around his food. Faltu stows away from Sid. Sid goes.

Written Update Faltu Today Episode

Ayaan converses with the administrator about Sid’s off-base move. Administrator says I will send you the rundown of employed staff, Sid asked me not to upset you, he marked many dismissed bargains records. Ayaan says I will converse with him. Charan searches for Faltu. Faltu asks somebody for the organization name. The man says JM store. Charan sees her. She says its Janardhan’s office. He asks how could you know this, did Ayaan come. She says no, Sid was here.Tanisha says Ayaan, I had zero desire to hurt mother, I will proceed to apologize to her. He says no, its OK, I could have done without to see her once. She says we will go out for a film this evening. He says no. She says please, for what reason are you giving a reason, we are going out, today, its your delightful spouse’s order.

Faltu 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Ayaan considers Faltu and Tanisha. He thinks Faltu is not welcome in my life. Faltu, Charan and Pratap return to the lodging. Faltu feels awful. Charan supports her. She asks him to continuously accompany her. Pappi comes whistling. She hears it and gets some information about the whistle. She says its Pappi’s whistle, I m sure. Charan says I will see. Pratap says he can do anything, we ought to leave. Faltu says no, we won’t take off, Matarani maintains that us should battle with this villain, figure out in which room is he remaining, call the police, we will end his story today. Charan calls the police. Pappi is in his room. Faltu requests that Charan call the police. Charan says I won’t let you be and go. She says kindly go. They hear the entryway chime and stress. Charan sees Pappi’s man at the entryway. He says we can’t go out now.

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Faltu says Charan could have come. Pappi gets them. He requests that Faltu come. He hauls her.

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