Faltu 3 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Faltu Written Update 3 January 2023

The Episode begins with Pappi and thugs battling with Ayaan. Ayaan gets Pappi. Faltu says your life is more pixie. Ayaan says my commitment is more pixie. Ayaan holds Faltu’s hands and strolls around the havan kund. Ayaan beats the thugs. Pappi hits on his head. Ayaan tumbles down. Faltu stresses. Ayaan requests that she leave. Pappi hears the police alarm. He leaves with his thugs. Ayaan asks Faltu to simply go. The sindoor from his hand gets in his maang. Janardhan asks Savita policed arrive at Ayaan or not, Unforgiving didn’t find out. She says Cruel and Govind have gone to find out. Kanika says on the off chance that Ayaan doesn’t come today, then, at that point, our relations will break until the end of time. Savita asks her not to say.

Written Update Faltu Today Episode

Ayaan swoons. Faltu yells and requests that he get up. She sees the sindoor in her maang. She gets up. Her vision gets obscured. She reviews the specialist’s words. She gets hit by the support point and swoons down.Tanisha expresses quiet down, he will return on time. Kanika says you are believing Ayaan a ton, I m frightened that Ayaan could break your trust. Tanisha requests that she unwind. She says you know Ayaan, he is a man of words, he will save Faltu and come to wed me, sit back and relax. Savita says Tanisha is correct, all that will get fine, I will ask Cruel to call the police. Sid says OK, you can definitely relax, I will follow through with something. Ayaan’s helper gets the police. He sees Ayaan and thinks where is Faltu. The visitor gets some information about Ayaan. Cruel says you need to partake in the food, come. The woman says it looks bit odd. Cruel handles the guests.

Faltu 3 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

The visitors say we need to leave, express sorry to Ayaan and Tanisha from our side. Savita stresses and asks Brutal over Ayaan. He asks her not to stress, Ayaan will come. He requests that Kumkum take Savita to the room and call the specialist. Unforgiving calls the magistrate. He asks did your officials arrive at the sanctuary or not, OK, much appreciated. Ayaan is taken to the clinic. Monitor says you are harmed. Ayaan reviews Faltu.

Faltu Latest Spoiler Alerts 3 January 2023

He asks where is Faltu, her life is in risk, I came to save her. He yells. He stresses. Sid calls Pappi. Pappi says police has reached, so we are taking off. Sid requests that he follow through with something. Cruel says police is bringing our Ayaan. Tanisha says I told you, Ayaan will come. Brutal says don’t stress now. Sid asks is Faltu fine. Kanika inquires as to how could she come here, Ayaan saved her, presently she will turn out well for her. Sid says I mean he took care of his responsibilities or not. Bua stresses for Faltu. Janardhan says just Ayaan matters. Police brings Ayaan. Ayaan is harmed. Savita asks how are you. He gestures. Bua asks are you alright, where is Faltu. Dadi asks what occurred there. Ayaan says Faltu and I were together in the sanctuary, I held her hand. He tells them everything.

Tanisha does the guide to Ayaan. Investigator says we didn’t track down Faltu or Pappi there. Ayaan stresses for Faltu. Reviewer says we will see as her. Janardhan says leave this, attention on your marriage. Ayaan reviews Faltu. Kanika asks what are you thinking, the mahurat is passing off, come. He thinks where are you, Faltu.

Faltu cries and says I can’t allow my life’s obscurity to get in your life. Ayaan prevents from filling sindoor in Tanisha’s maang.

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