Faltu 4 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Faltu Written Update 4 January 2023

The Episode begins with Faltu reviewing how she left Ayaan and disappearing. She says assuming you realize I have lost my vision, you won’t let me be, I would rather not divide you and your loved ones. FB closes. Faltu expresses sorry to leave you like this and disappear, I had no choice, you would have failed to remember the marriage and Tanisha assuming you knew this, I can’t see that, you did a great deal for me, I can’t allow my life’s obscurity to get into your life, I will go extremely distant from your life. Ayaan thinks did Faltu disappear from me herself. Janardhan expresses gratitude for causing me to feel pleased. Ayaan and Tanisha sit in the mandap. Tanisha says this is so invigorating. Pandit requests that Kanika do the kanyadaan. He requests that Ayaan forward his right hand. Tanisha gives her hand. Faltu is still in the wilderness. Kanika does the gathbandhan. Ayaan and Tanisha take the wedding adjusts. Ayaan goes for it. Kanika prevents the gathbandhan from breaking. Ayaan and Tanisha complete the rounds. Ayaan is lost and pushes forward. Cruel says the rounds finished. Faltu says I lost my visual perception, how might I get saved from Pappi now. She stresses. Pandit requests that Ayaan take sindoor and fill in Tanisha’s maang. Dadi and Savita ask him not to make them stand by. Ayaan reviews Faltu. Tanisha asks what occurred. He says Faltu.

Written Update Faltu Today Episode

Faltu can’t go across the street. Tanisha asks Ayaan what is he thinking. Ayaan thinks where is Faltu. She requests that he respond, say something. He doesn’t say anything, I m sorry. He takes sindoor. He stops and considers Faltu. Tanisha says everybody is holding up Ayaan, apply the sindoor. Kanika says he is as yet considering Faltu, right, he isn’t here in any event, when he is here. Savita says don’t say this. Tanisha says OK, we understand what circumstance he is managing, we ought to comprehend. Kanika inquires as to why, mightn’t he at any point figure out us. He says you are gambling with your marriage for Faltu, I m not certain that she has gone with Pappi by her desire, she was with you for cash, I m sure Pappi could have given you some eagerness, so she took off with Pappi. Ayaan yells enough. He safeguards Faltu. Kanika says I let you know that he is sitting with my girl in the mandap, yet he is safeguarding that Faltu.Janardhan says stop it, we won’t quarrel over that young lady, Kanika please. He requests that Ayaan complete the sindoor rasam. Ayaan says sure. Tanisha says don’t stress Ayaan, Faltu would be fine. Ayaan fills the sindoor. Everybody applauds. Faltu arrives at some truck. The driver sees her and says there is some young lady there. The other man doesn’t trust him. He says you need to get back home and help me in my sister’s marriage. She hears them and thinks they look good individuals, I can ask their assistance, they can take me to the emergency clinic. She goes to them. Bua asks Ayaan for what reason did he wed Tanisha when he stresses for Faltu to such an extent. Ayaan stops her. Dadi asks are you fine, we will call specialist. Bua says he is harmed yet doesn’t need a treatment. Dadi says its not right. Bua says I m making sense of him the equivalent. She thinks I realize you’re not content with this marriage, your heart is elsewhere. Dadi says you got hitched to your lifelong companion. Unforgiving says I was unable to find Faltu anyplace, police thinks she has gone with Pappi by her desire. Ayaan asks what junk, how might she go, Faltu and I had beaten the hooligans, Pappi has gone after on me. Faltu requests that the transporters help her. They offer her water. They ask might you at any point see, how could you come here. She requests that they call her father. A man sees Faltu and grins. Ayaan says I will track down Faltu. Cruel requests that he sit. He says you can definitely relax, I m here, we will track down Faltu. Ayaan says I feel she has stowed away herself, I will proceed to view as her. Dadi asks her not to go anyplace, Kanika will fly off the handle. He cries and says I have let Charan down, I had guaranteed him, what will I answer him now.

Faltu 4 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Faltu figures I didn’t figure I will have Ayaan’s sindoor. Ayaan sees her with sindoor and inquires as to for what reason did you wed Pappi. He chides her and says I can’t stand you. She says I want to say how vulnerable I m.


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