Harphoul Mohini 13 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Harphoul Mohini Written Update 13 December 2022

Scene 1
Balwant fires, and Devi pushes his weapon. Harphoul battles with him. Mohini runs out so she can save everybody’s lives. She says sorry amma I did everything I could. She comes to a precipice. Harphouls hours and hurries to her. He says Mohini stop. Mohini expresses stay there. He says don’t hop. Mohini says this bomb can impact any moment. He says I can’t survive without you. Mohini says just 5 minutes are left. Return home, they need you. Harphoul says I really want you. I can’t let you be. He says trust me, come here and let me help you. Mohini expresses go from here. He I love you Mohini. if it’s not too much trouble, stop. I love you a ton. I need to go through my time on earth with you. I will kick the bucket without you. Try not to leave me, please. We will pass on together. Mohini says I won’t allow anything to happen to you. We will live together.

Written Update Harphoul Mohini Today Episode

Harphoul sees the bomb. He attempts to break the lock. Mohini says we don’t have time, go from here. He says I don’t rehash that error. He removes the chains. Devi appeals to God for them. Haprhoul removes her coat and tosses it on the precipice. Mohini and Harphoul faint. Harphoul wakes up. everybody is concerned after impact’s voice. Harphoul wake sup Mohin. She doesn’t open her eyes. Harphoul says Mohini. She’s not relaxing. He shouts Mohini. Harphoul gives her CPR. She doesn’t open her eyes. Harphoul says you can’t let me be. Mohini wakes up. Harphoul says would you say you are alright? she says OK. Sukha comes there. He tells Mai they’re okay.Scene 2
Balwant runs. Santok hits him. They all stand around him. Mohini reviews what Devi came for. Devi remains with them. Devi holds Mai’s hand and sees her past. Balwant had hit Harveer on the head and said you can’t see anybody I likewise had a girl who I killed. Harveer said somebody will stop his sits. he killed harveer. Harphoul says this Balwant killed my father. Santok and Harphoul embrace Mai and cry. Balwant attempts to run. They all toss rocks at him. Balwant falls. Harphoul hits him. He says I didn’t see my father, my mother experienced all as a result of you. Balwant says he was asking for his life. My heart was so blissful when I killed him. Harphoul hits him. Balwant says to kill me.

Harphoul Mohini 8Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Harphoul says I won’t kill you. A young lady will. He tosses him at Devi’s feet. Balwant says you will kill me? She strolls and steps her foot on his chest. Mai brings Trishul. Mohini gives it to Devi. Devi comes in her genuine clothing. Everybody is stunned. Devi cuts him. Balwant passes on. Everybody cries. Devi says I need to go at this point. I will return to meet all of you. She disappears.

Harphoul Mohini Latest Spoiler Alerts 13 December 2022

Scene 3
Moms later..
Harphoul causes Mohini to eat desserts. She says why? It’s not my most memorable day. He says I maintain that your consistently should be commended. Mai gives her facility’s records. Shalini says the milk is finished. Santok comes in. He says I will get ti, our property is our own at this point. His leg is additionally mended. Mohini’s little girl comes in, she is like Devi. She says I need milk. Harphoul gives her a glass. She communicates in Mohini language. Harphoul picks her. He says how about we return home. Shalini brings her pack. They are glad to see all young ladies going to the school.

Episode ends

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