Harphoul Mohini 29 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Harphoul Mohini Written Update 29 November 2022

Scene 1
Divyani sees Harphoul coming towards Devi. She stops. Harphoul comes to Mohini and sees her purchasing a dupatta. Mohini says you wouldn’t come? He says there’s a group here, I would have rather not let Devi be. Divyani says remove Harphoul. Shalini requests that the blossom dealer go to Harphoul.. He comes to her. Harphoul reviews Mohini likes them. He gets them for Mohini. Mohini says I don’t need it. Shalini says you like blossoms. Devi says Mohini it will look great on you. Get it with Harphoul. Shalini says she’s right. You both go, I will deal with the children. Mohini says Devi how about we get inflatables. They go there. Divyani asks Devi let me get you expands. She puts a sheet on her. Divyani picks Devi and takes her.

Written Update Harphoul Mohini Today Episode

Harphoul makes statements are so off-base. Mohini says all is great. Devi maintained that us should snap a picture, we should accept it. He says I would take it assuming that you need it. Divyani takes Devi to the tent, it’s a few different children. He shouts. He hits Divyani and runs. Divyani is stunned at how the youngster has changed. Devi is playing outside. Harphoul and Mohini come to her. Shalini says we should et chaat. Divyani gives kids candies. She says goodness this juice spilled on you, Devi. Confess all it. Divyani picks Devi once more and takes her to the tent. Shalini sees it. Divyani removes the sheet. IT’s as yet another youngster. He expresses out loud whatever do you need. She watches out, Devi is playing. Shalini says I’m coming. She goes to Divyani and says you can’t pick a girl.Scene 2
Devi comes to Mohini once more. Divyani says Balwant will kill me in the event that I don’t snatch her. Balwant comes there, he expresses time for good news. Mohini plays with the children. Divyani gets her and takes her to the tent. Balwant comes there with his weapon. He says nobody can save you from me today. He removes the intensity. It’s against the other youngster. Balwant is stunned. He says I asked you tp pick Devi. The youngster says do you want to take on me? What is it that you need? Balwant says you can’t do one thing right. In the event that you don’t bring Devi or I will kill you.

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Balwant returns home out of resentment. He sees a youngster messing about. Devi is there. Balwant is stunned. Devi says will you play with me? Be that as it may, you could fall flat. She expresses out loud whatever do you need? Devi gets out whatever home do you need? He says would you say you are here to terrify me? Devi says you look terrified. Balwant says this is my displeasure. Devi says this is your trepidation. He says you ought to be frightened. I’ve killed numerous young ladies like you. You will confront similar results. She says I’ve done no wrongdoing. Do you know a heathen? You get rebuffed for your transgressions. You will know your discipline soon.

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Episode ends

Precap-Balwant says a young lady can’t overcome me. He gets a heart attack.

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