Harphoul Mohini 3 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Harphoul Mohini Written Update 3 December 2022

Scene 1
Balwant focuses the firearm at Devi. She says don’t cross your cutoff. He ventures towards her. Devi is once again at the celebration. Devi says see you can’t step toward me. Devi purchases chocolates with Mohini. Mohini wins it for her. Devi says I will eat it. Divyani gets back home. Banwari shouts. He says she got an electric shock. She had a go at contacting Devi yet held a wire all things being equal. Balwant says where could that young lady be? I will shoot her. He says where did she go? She was here.

Written Update Harphoul Mohini Today Episode

Devi says we had a great time. A man says Divyani held enlist wire and said Devi.. what’s more, got a shock. Banwari asks what occurred. Balwant says I will kill that young lady. banwari says kindly stop. harphoul says Divyani probably seen Devi. Mohini says for what reason would she say she was after Devi? According to he, my loved ones.. Mohini says this is my family as well. I don’t leave in the middle between. I won’t ever harmed this family. Banwari says we must watch out. Balwant breaks things out of frustration. He says I will end this game for eternity. He shouts holding his heart. He tumbles to the ground. Banwari holds him. Balwant shouts. Banwari says is he having a heart attack?Scene 2
Saroj calls Mai and expresses come to my town. I’m here, how about we meet. Mai says we will all go there. Banwari cries outside. He says see what has been going on with Balwant. He plays a video. Balwant is in clinic. Banwari says this Harphoul si answerable for this condition. Harphoul says don’t charge me. Mohini takes Devi from that point. Devi says you will be OK. She contacts his video. He begins improving. Mohini says is this Balwant’s discipline? Devi says I need milk. Mai says we should prepare Mohini. We will proceed to meet Saroj. Harphoul says I’ve something significant. I can’t go. Does Mai say who sick take us then? Santok says for what reason would you confirm or deny that you are going? He says I have work. Santok says I will make it happen. You go.

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Devi prepares Mohini. She says I would rather not go. Mohini says why? Devi says I have numerous things here. I will play. You go, I will remain here. Harphoul is here as well. Harphoul says take her. Mai says deal with her. Mohini gives Harphoul’s milk. She says don’t let her be. Harphoul says continue to insult me. Mohini says I’m not provoking. Harphoul says take her. Mohini says she needs to remain here. Harphoul says don’t lament on the off chance that anything happens to me. Mohini says assuming that anything happens to me my life would be sorted.

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Mai and Mohini leave. Mohini leaves. Harphoul checks her out. Devi gives him a string from Mohini’s saree. Mohini breaks the string. Harphoul ties in on his hand. Individuals ask Mohini for what valid reason is Harphoul not coming? She expresses he’s with Devi. Abhi slips on a girlk. He says sorry. She specifies she can’t talk. Her father says I don’t have any idea what will befall her when I pass on. Kid ask where could devi be? Mohini says she’s remaining hom.e The driver drives quicker. Santok says Devi is such a gift. Mai says I have gotten joined ot her. Her folks will take her. Mohini feels like her heart is sinking. A few men have firearms pointed on the bus.

Episode ends

Precap: Harphoul’s family gets captured and is at serious risk. Harphoul is concerned for his family.

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