Imlie 1 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 5 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Imlie 1 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 5 february 2023

Atharva lets Imlie know that the film was exceptionally intriguing. Imlie says OK. He says I don’t have any idea however who has grumbled about us. Imlie figures Chini would have done this. Atharva checks for the taxis and says there is no taxis close by. Imlie recommends that they will go via auto. Atharva says I never sat in the auto. Imlie says it will be enjoyable. Atharva says I will search for the auto. He requests that the auto stand by. Imlie chuckles and requests that he say noisily, and tells that auto driver won’t feel awful. Rudra lets Chini know that assuming he comes to realize that they have experienced any misfortune as a result of you, then no one will be terrible than me. Chini requests that he compromise another person, tells that she is unique and she had done likewise which Imlie did, tells that Imlie had ruined her arrangement with Atharva and that is the reason she has ruined their arrangements and doled out the retributions. Rudra cautions her. She tells that fate is something major, whatever is foreordained will occur, regardless of what you feels, fortunate or unfortunate. Bua comes there and inquires as to whether all is well. Chini tells it would be all the more great as Atharva is with Imlie. Bua requests that she come as Abhishek is hanging tight for her. Rudra remembers to call Imlie and Atharva.

Written Update Imlie 1 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Imlie whistles and stops the auto. Atharva checks out at her and grins. The auto driver stops the auto. Imlie says gives up. They sit in the auto. Atharva says we will arrive at home toward the beginning of the day, along these lines. He requests that driver ride quick. The auto driver tells that he is having injury and that is the reason riding slow. Atharva feels terrible and lets Imlie know that they will get down and take a taxi. The auto driver asks him not to get down and tells that their auto run due to the travelers. He says he will ride quick. Imlie gets a thought and gets down, and sits on the driver seat. Rudra gets stressed when they don’t pick the call. The driver tells that it was my work. Imlie requests that he call her little girl and tells that it is work for you, however dream for me. She requests that the auto driver satisfy her fantasy. The auto driver says alright. Imlie begins riding the auto.Atharva gets shocked seeing her riding quick and requests that she watch out. She asks don’t you trust me. He expresses more than any other person. She requests that he take it all in and on the off chance that he gets frightened, hold Kaka’s hand. Atharva says she jokes a lot. He requests that she ride the auto with her open eyes. She says alright. He shuts his eyes and partakes in the auto ride. The auto driver says your fantasy probably satisfied at this point and requests that she come to the rearward sitting arrangement. Imlie says young ladies are not behind anybody now, and will make you both have delhi outing. She takes Atharva to Shivam golgappa slow down, and afterward takes him to Sanju’s widely popular Cantina. She tells that Sanju styles the hair like film star. She stops the auto and requests that the vender give 3 golas. Atharva requests that driver come and have it. Imlie tells the inclination. They partake in the ice gola. The melody plays as Imlie envisions Atharva as the gola merchant. Atharva gives her inflatable. Imlie races to the juice truck and they drink juice. Imlie rides the auto and stops at their objective. The auto driver tells that interestingly, he tracked down his little girl. Atharva gives him cash, yet he will not take the cash. Imlie requests that he take the cash and gives it with her hand. The auto driver takes the cash and goes. Atharva lets Imlie know that he is a big name, yet she has more fan following. She inquires as to whether he is desirous. He says he is extremely cheerful, it was a decent day and he delighted in completely. He says my arrangement was with Chini, however she didn’t arrive at there, I didn’t miss her and infact had failed to remember her. She says whoever we adores, remember, what I used to feel for her, don’t feel it now. Imlie asks him not to overlook what he is thinking. Atharva inquires as to whether you are with me, then, at that point, tell Chini. Imlie says I’m your companion and needs to see you winning, and tells that carrying out on your choices is a finished triumph. She says you will get all the kudos for triumph. She says the triumph can’t be acquired from somebody, so do it without anyone’s help. He says he will converse with Chini.

Imlie 5 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Keya asks Chini where she caught Atharva and Imlie. Chini says at a point, where Atharva will understand his mix-up and will get back to me. She requests that she pause and watch. Chini tells Shivani and says at whatever point Atharva goes with Imlie, he doesn’t return on time, inquires as to whether there are in any difficulty. Shivani says another person other than me, feels something similar. Chini says Abhishek and I are investing energy here with everybody, except when Imlie is with Atharva, don’t have any idea where is he occupied. Abhishek asks what are you talking about. Bua inquires as to why you are concerned. Chini says she is concerned, they may be in some difficulty. Atharva and Imlie return home chuckling. Atharv lets Rudra know that it was Imlie’s error, she was riding auto slow. His mom inquires as to whether she ride auto. Atharva lets them know that his vehicle key was missing so she had ride auto. Shivani inquires as to whether you was in a difficult situation. Atharva says when Imlie was with me, I don’t feel inconvenience regardless of whether I’m in a difficult situation. Abhishek requests that where document application for auto ride. Imlie welcomes Abhishek and asks how you are here? Abhishek says I’m not free like you, and doing my better half’s doing. He says I’m sorry Chini, I’m kidding. He tells that Chini had called her, her taxi halted on the way, so I brought her home.

Imlie 1 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 5 february 2023

Imlie thinks Chini hasn’t let Abhishek know that she doesn’t adore him. She comes to Chini and asks until when you will exploit Abhishek, else you would have let him know truth. Chini says until I need. Imlie inquires as to whether you are not finished by harming me that you are doing likewise with Abhishek. Chini tells that she will do likewise as she is unique and tells that Atharva will fix up with me soon, so allows Abhishek to appreciate my conversation. Imlie tells that she won’t let her make use’s benefit and says you need to make Abhishek ji as your insurance contract, until Atharva gets back to you. She inquires as to whether Atharva doesn’t get back to you, then, at that point? Chini says I will grab Atharva from you. Imlie says he isn’t a thing which will be grabbed and tells that he thinks by heart and takes wrong choice less. She says your time closes now as I will tell your reality to Abhishek ji. Chini lashes out. Imlie goes to Abhishek and says I need to let you know something since numerous days, and on the off chance that I can’t see you even today then can’t pardon myself. Chini tells that she is going about as superwoman and tells that she will go after her the way, she won’t be saved.

Precap: Chini lets Atharva know that she will do the Mata chowki and wedding customs with him and not with Abhishek. Pandit ji requests that every one of the ladies shower the sindoor on the new couple, so their relations stay until the end of time. Chini figures she will have sindoor shower with Atharva and signals Keya to go about her responsibilities. Keya pushes Atharva. Atharva falls with Imlie and the sindoor falls on her.

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