Imlie 13 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 13 December 2022

Atharva meets police chief and urges him to play out his magistrate and companion’s obligation and rebuff an offender who attempted to kill Rudra. Official asks subordinate who is taking care of Rudra’s case. Imlie jumps into Rudra’s adversary’s Chandraprakash office and breaks things. A man focuses firearm at her and takes steps to shoot her on the off chance that she rehashes anything. Imlie says he ought to and expresses as opposed to going after her daddy, he ought to battle and overcome him in business. Man says he doesn’t have any idea what her identity is and what she is referring to. Imlie says she is Rudra’s DIL Imlie and inquires as to for what reason did he attempt to kill her papaji. A worker briefs him. Man says he is Chandraprakash’s child Rahul, his dad and Rudra uncle had business competition, truth be told he handles business now and his dad is in USA since 90 days for treatment. He shows his dad’s pics from USA.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Imlie apologizes him and says she gained out of influence seeing her papaji’s condition. She says she will compensate for the harms she made. Rahul says its OK as Rudra is motivation for himself and he gained business from his dad and Rudra. He wishes Rudra’s rapid recuperation. Imlie appeals to God for Chandraprakash’s wellbeing and leaves figuring who probably went after Rudra then. Chini sits in Rudra’s medical clinic room. Rudra inquires as to for what reason don’t she go from that point. Chini takes steps to kill Atharva assuming he opens his mouth. Atharva calls her all of a sudden. She smiles at Rudra and picks call. Atharva says he is in police headquarters and will certainly figure out the offender. He asks where is she. She says she is dealing with Rudra. Atharva says thanks to her. She composes a note that she cherishes Arto and will consume everything on the off chance that she doesn’t get Arto, shows it to Rudra, and leaves.Rupali calls Chini and illuminates that she has tracked down a kid for her. Chini says she ought to wed herself and take her endowments. Rupali says Chini has not developed so enormous that she can’t slap Chini and cautions her. Chini says her fantasies are huge and won’t fit in a little house, she and Arto love one another and she will wed just Arto. Rupali tells Arpita and Sundar that Imlie loves Arto’s cash and not him, they need not stress as she won’t allow Chini to destroy Imlie’s life and will persuade Chini for marriage. Imlie attempts to go into Rudra’s room. Shivani with Keya and Divya stop her and say she is a mobile abshagun and won’t let her close to Rudra until a babaji/pandit performs pooja on her. Imlie says she doesn’t have faith in notion. Devika joins her and says Imlie is right.

Imlie 8Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Imlie begins her jokergiri sits on floor and requests that they call babaji and allow him to perform pooja on her here and afterward Rudra’s treatment. Babaji strolls in. Imlie requests that Babaji perform pooja on her and treat her sickness. She requests every one of the 3 from them to click a photograph with babaji who can fix sickness with his jhad phook. Baba presents with Keya and Divya. Keya gets apprehensive and says she doesn’t put stock in him and settled on Divya and Shivani’s demand. She shoos babaji away. Devika reproves Keya and Divya. Imlie lets Shivani know that she realizes Shivani is stressed for Rudra, yet ought to comprehend that she won’t ever think awful for Rudra or her family and will continuously thing great for them. Devika reprimands Shivani for offending Imlie whom Rudra considers as his little girl and god’s gift.

Imlie Latest Spoiler Alerts 13 December 2022

Imlie questions Rudra why he lied that Chandraprakash went after him while he is in USA since 90 days. Rudra says he can foul up to safeguard his youngsters. Imlie give her commitment and solicitations to uncover guilty party’s name. He says he can’tfor her purpose and apologizes. Imlie conveys powerful discoursed to figure out truth herself and leaves. She asks god to help her figure out truth. Atharva joins her and asks with her. Imlie asks what did he implore. He says he implored god to satisfy her requests so she can continue to grin. Imlie says Seeta maiya’s endowments are consistently on her, she needs Atharva’s support.

Precap: Atharva lets Imlie know that in CCTV film, obviously she went after an honest individual and says she fell in hies eyes today. Chini smiles seeing that.

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