Imlie 13 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 16 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Imlie 13 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 16 february 2023

Atharva lets Imlie know that she isn’t the only one as her Seeta maiya is with her. He returns her Seeta maiya symbol. Imlie says Chini needs maiya more. She strolls into Chini’s ICU room and argues her to awaken. Chini opens eyes and apologizes Imlie and Arto. Keya sees Akash occupied over telephone and reprimands him. Akash says he is dropping Atharva’s London tickets. Keya says Rudra let examiner know that no one is going anyplace, presently Imlie and Atharva will inconvenience them now. Akash says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea why Chini endeavored self destruction. Keya says serenade Chini does nothing without an arrangement. Akash says she is like them, let us see what is Chini’s next plan.

Written Update Imlie 13 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Divya trusts Chini gets well soon as they are completely upset by her. Devika expresses empowering words. Rudra says one ought to deal with their concerns and ending it all isn’t an answer. Imlie calls everybody to come in soon. Everybody race into Chini’s room. Chini apologizes Rupali. Rupali gets profound and chastens her for endeavoring self destruction. Arpita says let Chini talk. Chini apologizes everybody for her slip-ups and lets Rupali know that she lost Heroji, Imalia, mamma, and daddy in youth, yet Rupali generally upheld her; she’s the most fortunate as Rupali, Arpita, and Sundar are her loved ones. She says I love you to Atharva before everybody and says that is her concern, Arto doesn’t required need to cherish her; she was superegositic and compressed Atharva, perhaps endeavoring self destruction was an ideal discipline for her. Atharva says its okay.Chini then apologizes Imlie for attempting to grab everything from her since adolescence while Imlie attempted to help her generally, she even spoilt Imlie’s marriage. Imlie requests that she stop. Chini says she was unable to worry about the concern of her wrongdoings and subsequently bounced from patio, it would be less regardless of whether she is sorry her entire life. She says Heroji should feel nauseated for her, however she believes him should feel glad for her. Rupali says Heroji and Imalia should be glad for her. Sundar says even they are. Rupali says they all adoration her immensely.

Imlie 16 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Back home, Devika inquires as to whether she realizes Imlie is venturing out from home. Rudra says he knows. Devika inquires as to for what reason don’t he stop her then, at that point. Rudra says its Atharva obligation to stop her, however when he isn’t understanding Imlie’s worth and halting her, he can’t help. Shivani enters and says they ought to stop Chini rather as Chini endeavored self destruction for Atahrva and in the event that she does same later on, fault shouldn’t come on Atharva. Devika says she is correct. Imlie gathers her sacks. Atharva enters and says this is the second time they are confronting what is going on and demands her to remain back. Imlie says assuming that destiny sends her back here once more, she will come. She requests that he deal with himself and leaves with her bag.

Imlie 13 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 16 february 2023

Atharva unfortunately watches her leaving. Hamari Adhuri Kahani.. tune plays behind the scenes. Imlie looks behind. Atharva stows away and figures she ought to be solid and not get powerless. Imlie believes its great Atharva didn’t come behind her or, more than likely she would feel feeble. Rupali, Sundar, and Arpita carry Chini to Rana house and illuminate that Ranas believe they should remain here. Chini says how could she after her such countless missteps. Shivani with her group strolls to her and says seniors excuse youngsters’ mix-up. Chini says Atharva and Imlie would be upset with her presence. Shivani says she can go in and question them. Imlie opens fundamental entryway. Chini asks where is she going. Imlie says she is going to her home. Chini inquires as to whether its not her home, she maintains that her should remain here. Imlie says she ought to scrutinize the relatives first. Chini lets Rupali know that let Imlie go as it would be hard for her to remain here, even she won’t remain here and will remain any place Imlie stays.

Shivani requests that Rudra stop Chini and reminds about her idea. Rudra says he understood is error and won’t affront youngsters’ choice, his little girl is leaving him without illuminating due to his mix-ups. Chini demands Imlie to remain back and says she might accomplish something which will hold her here until the end of time. Atharva supposes in the event that not him, she ought to remain back for Chini’s sake.

Precap: Anu acclaims Chini self destruction show and says no one looked into the rugs on floor. Chini says she will win Atharva named prize and will act more mahaan/extraordinary than Imlie. Imlie hears her discussion and inquires as to whether this was her plan.

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