Imlie 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 18 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Imlie 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 18 february 2023

Chini illuminates family that she has organized valentine’s day occasion passes for everybody. Rudra says they don’t praise valentine’s day. Chini says they ought to for the wellbeing of Atharva and Imlie. Ripu says very much like they feel enticed seeing cake during birthday celebration, Imlie and Atharva will likewise get enticed to communicate their adoration for one another. Arpita says she needs to perceive how young people express their adoration and asks Chini how might she go with them with her physical issue. Chini says she would rather not join in and cause Atharva and Imlie to feel off-kilter. Family arrives at valentine’s day festivity setting. Atharva and Imlie walk independently. Sundar requests that they walk holding each other’s hands. They check him out. Sundar apologizes and leaves holding Arpita’s hand. A watch selling young lady named Jhumki ghadi wali talks with Imlie and Atharva and says they look pretty together. She attempts to sell them couple watches and makes sense of that assuming they press a button, their accomplice will realize that they need him/her. Keya shouts at the young lady to disappear as Imlie and Atharva are not a couple and won’t get her modest watches. Atharva stops her and purchases watches. Jhumki says they ought to continuously be together and leaves.

Written Update Imlie 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Atharva weears watch. Imlie says he can eliminate it in the event that he needs to as one shouldn’t keep things strongly with them. Atharva says he loves it and Jhumki will feel terrible in the event that he eliminates it. Arpita passes by and insults them that there would be a shower of adoration on them. The two of them check each other’s face out. Sundar takes entire family along to mess around. Imlie lets Devika know that she will call Shivani and figure out Chini’s condition. Shivani is in the middle of talking with her sweetheart and lets him know that they can’t praise valentine’s day. She sees Imlie calling, separates her beau’s call, and shouts at Imlie for calling her more than once. Imlie says she called to check assuming Cghini is fine. Shivani shouts assuming she is so stressed over Chini, she ought to have been at home dealing with her. She separates call, proceeds to open Chini’s room entryway, and finds her resting shrouded in cover completely.Chini seriously visits scene with an arrangement to hurt Imlie. Sundar purchases slow down tickets and illuminates Imlie to pick her ticket at the ticket counter. Chini hearing him girns with an insidious arrangement and replaces ticket with a tourist balloon slow down ticket. Imlie arrives at swell slow down. Atharva sits tight for Imlie. Keya insults him that he is going about as though they are genuine couple, Imlie would have contacted him assuming she truly focused on him. Chini ges into tourist balloon and sits tight for family. Chini penetrates expand wires and expectations Imlie stays away forever. She turns on swell switch and makes it fly while administrator is occupied in another work. Imlie yells that her family hasn’t as yet come and she is feeling apprehensive. Chini figures family won’t contact her. Imlie frenzies and thinks she isn’t the only one as her folks and Seeta maiya’s gifts are with her. Swell rope begins breaking.

Imlie 18 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Imlie squeezes watch button flagging Atharva for help. Ripu illuminates Atharva that his watch is blaring. Keya derides Atharva. Atharva reviews Jhumki’s words and hurries to help Imlie. Chini cheers seeing Imlie’s condition. Atharva knocks on Chini and without seeing her face says sorry and keeps on looking for Imlie.

Imlie 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 18 february 2023

Precap: Imlie loses her memory after sight-seeing balloon mishap and advises Atharva that they need to perform postwedding customs as they wedded just yesterday. Specialist illuminates family that Imlie lost her memory post her wedding.

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