Imlie 16 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 16 January 2023

Imlie sees Chini sitting in Atharva’s vehicle. Atharva tells her that Chini is going with them as Abhishek previously left without Chini. Imlie gestures OK and sits alongside Atharva. Chini thinks she entered Atharva’s vehicle and before long will enter his life in the future. She escapes vehicle and requests that Chini proceed to sit behind. Imlie says she did same till currently, its the ideal opportunity for her to assume responsibility. She says Abhishek is sitting tight for herself and consequently she ought to go with him, there is a bad situation for her here. Chini enters Abhishek’s vehicle raging and shows her disappointment. Atharva apologizes Imlie for giving Chini access his vehicle and says in the event that she feels awkward seeing Chini, he will make an effort not to.. Imlie says he is misconception, he helped her yesterday and today she saved him from Chini; its not in her control he meets Chini, so he, at the end of the day, needs to attempt to continue on overlooking his past. She implores Seeta maiya for help.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Abhishek drops Chini to her home and apologizes her for the previous occasion. Chini smiles and leaves. Anu meets her, shows her phony worry that she needed to invest energy in Pagdandiya on account of Abhishek, and conditions her to grab back Atharva from Imlie and wed him all things being equal. Chini concurs. Imlie with Atharva gets back and illuminates Rudra that Chini and Rathore family is coming to welcome them for Chini’s wedding. Rudra reminds what Chini did. Imlie says they ought to set things free and continue on. Rudra acclaims Imie for her more extensive reasoning and inquires as to whether a gift check he sent for her cause occasion contacted her. Imlie says no. Rudra says he gave check to Keya.
Atharva says they got no check. Akash and Keya get back in the wake of shopping. Rudra inquires as to whether they sent cause check. They say no and they will send it to another cause occasion. Rudra lashes out on them and says he is remembering Imie for his organization and she will care for organization’s records from hereon. Imlie says she can’t do equity to her understudy work and Rudra’s business, consequently she believes that him should include Atharva in his business who will definitely help Rudra in each step.Rathores stroll in with Abhishek and Chini. Chini invites them. Rudra concurs and illuminates his administrator that Atharva would deal with organization accounts from hereon and not Akash. That’s what chini hears and thinks this propels her much more to wed Atharva. Rudra invites visitors next. Sundar offers him Chini’s wedding card. Imlie garments to kitchen to plan tea and bites. Atharva strolls in to help her. The two of them set it up grinning at one another. Itti Si Kushi, Itti Si Hasi.. tune plays behind the scenes. Imlie then requests that Atharva proceed to serve tea and snacks to visitors like the manner in which he set it up excitedly. Atharva leaves kitchen. Chini stops him and inquires as to whether he is furious, he said nothing even in vehicle, will she help him. Atharva expresses profound gratitude, Imlie set it up everything, essentially he can help her. Chini exhaust seeing him overlooking her. She sees Imlie remaining behind and restlessly says she came to take something here. Imlie says nothing remains for her here, so she ought to leave. Chini figures she will take Atharva from chini at any cost.

Imlie 16 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Atharva serves tea and snacks to visitors. Sundar asks where is Imlie. Atharva says she is still inside kitchen. Akash remarks that Imlie transformed his sibling into a housewife. Rudra says some do monetary fakes and get discipline some serve others and get endowments, its ultimately depends on Akash now what he needs. Akash apprehensively says clearly endowments. Imlie brings different tidbits and says she will bring desserts. Atharva says he will carry them and strolls to kitchen. Chini goes behind Atharva and attempts to genuinely trap him once more. She sees him dissolving out and sentiments great from the inside. Atharva sees Keya deliberately dropping tea on Imlie, runs, and bears the a hot tea on his hand. Chini, Rudra, and Devika get worried for him. Imlie applies cold water on his hand. Shivani attempts to fault Imlie to no one’s surprise, yet Rudra quiets down. Atharva inquires as to whether she is harmed. Imlie says no. Atharva requests that Devika inquire as to whether she is harmed. Chini holds Atharva’s hand and says Imlie is fine, he is harmed all things considered. Atharva draws his hand away.

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Precap: Chini proposes Abhishek for marriage before Atharva and trusts he gets envious and return to her. Atharva proposes Imlie all things being equal, leaving Chini jealous.

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