Imlie 17 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 17 January 2023

Atharva sees Keya deliberately dropping tea on Imlie, runs, and bears the a hot tea on his hand. Imlie applies water on his hand and inquires as to whether his consuming diminished. He says OK. Chini holds Atharva’s hand and says Imlie is fine, he is harmed all things being equal. Atharva draws his hand away. Everybody stand checking each other’s face out. Abhishek says thanks to Rudra and Devika for serving him exquisite food. Devika says its their pleasure. Chini strolls towards Athrva who is in the middle of visiting with Sundar and Rajeev. Atharva disregards her, leaving Chini smoldering. Arpita tells Imlie that Atharva saved her from a hot tea and is concerned for her. Imlie says Atharva loves Chini. Arpita says a worry will transform into adoration soon, very much like her folks who were in constant conflict and afterward fostered a solid holding, she ought to consider it. Chini exhaust before Anu that Atharva overlooked her.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Next morning, Devika serves tea to Rudra and says he should be blissful seeing Atharva’s anxiety for Imlie. Rudra says he will send them for a supper date today and clarifies his arrangement for her. Keya hears their discussion and illuminates Akash about it. Akash exhaust. Keya says now is the right time to separate Imlie’s administration and remove her from Rana house. She calls Chini and requests that she assist her with getting Imlie out of Rana house, illuminates that Arto and Imlie are going on a supper date. Chini lets Anu know that she figured out how to get Atharva back in her life, she calls Chini and plans a supper date with him at the equivalent restaurant.Atharva takes Imlie to an eatery. Imlie asks where are other relatives. Atharva says he thought Rudra booked table for everybody, lets eat together at any rate. Imlie reluctantly concurs. Abhishek with Cheeni strolls in there and seeing them strolls to them. He says for what reason don’t they every one of the 4 eat together. Chini says they will meet Imlie and Atharva some time later and sits in a close by table where she shows her PDA to Abhishek. Atharva quietly watches. Chini thinks Arto isn’t responding and wipes Abhishek’s face with Atharva’s talented scarf. Atharva reviews the occasion. Chini discards scarf saying she needn’t bother with this old scarf. Atharva asks Imlie for what valid reason is she not having food and feeds her with his hand commending her to make Chini desirous. Imlie flies off the handle detecting his aim and leaves. Chini grins.

Imlie 17 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Atharva demands Imlie to remain back. Imlie inquires as to whether she needs to remain back to assist with causing Chini to feel desirous, he is so childish and stressed over himself, her tears are not modest to such an extent that she ought to squander on him once more; she remained with him to get him out of his distresses, however he would rather not receive in return. Atharva apologizes and says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what befalls him at whatever point Chini comes before him. Imlie yells to figure out then, at that point, and gets back to eatery to pick her handbag. Chini on mic attempts to sincerely trap Atharva by saying I love you, will you consume our time on earth with me. She shows a ring and asks Abhishek will he wed her. Everybody applaud them. Atharva stands sorrowful. Abhishek acknowledges Chini’s proposition and embraces her. Chini smiles at Atharva. Atharva diminishes as Imlie said, he ought to do anything his heart says. He stoops down and looks for Imlie’s hand, proposing her. Chini thinks her arrangement blew up, Arto is proposing Imlie instead.

Imlie Latest Spoiler Alerts 17 January 2023

Atharva lets Imlie know that god gave him a caring family, however he figured out how to follow connections by means of Imlie. He commends Imlie and inquires as to whether she will be his actual companion everlastingly as he can live without anybody yet can’t without her fellowship. Imlie reviews Atharva’s treachery and says turning into a companion is difficult, one needs to help his/her companion in the two distresses and bliss; she followed every one of her obligations towards him, yet he frustrated her and consequently she dismisses his kinship. Atharva gets demoralized. Abhishek feels miserable for them. Chini thinks she postponed attempting to trap Atharva as Atharva is Imlie’s fan now.

Atharva and Imlie get back. Rudra asks Atharva what occurred. Atharva doesn’t say anything. Rudra says blood connections don’t break on the off chance that their perspectives don’t coordinate, a dad can sympathize with a child’s aggravation. Atharva uncovers what occurred in the cafĂ© and says he realizes he fouled up to Imlie. Rudra says Imlie did well, its everybody’s slip-up that they generally sold out Imlie. Atharva asks what will he do then. Rudra proposes him to keep on rectifying his misstep and become friends with Imlie by acquiring her trust; its difficult to acquire Imlie’s trust, yet he needs to at any cost.

Precap: Dacoits prisoner Imlie and Atharva in a gem dealer. Imlie conveys her weighty exchanges. Atharva attempts to grab weapon from dacoits. Slug hits Imlie.

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